Lil E lays down a new tune and remixes an old favorite

"No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10" was made to get Team BlackBerry excited for BlackBerry 10

Lil E lays down a new tune and remixes an old favorite
By DJ Reyes on 8 Mar 2013 01:32 am EST

One of my favorite BlackBerry fan made songs is 'No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10' by Lil E. It is still a song that can get stuck in my head and I haven't got tired of it yet. But Lil E has been busy in the studio. A month ago he brought us 'BlackBerry 10 Keeps Moving', inspired by the BlackBerry project of the same name. Now, Mr. BlackBerry 10, has laid down another track called 'I Rep BlackBerry 10'.

If you're a fan of Lil E's songs, you'll love this one too. It has the Lil E sound and his signature pronunciation of 'BlackBerry Tin'. If that wasn't enough, Lil E has also remixed his 'No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10' tune. Reason being, although BlackBerry 10 is officially out, it is not yet out in the U.S. (hang in there, it's coming soon) so, it's kind of still no sleep until BlackBerry 10 for those in the U.S.

As usual, if you like what your hear, give a shout out to Lil E, he's on Twitter as @BTBREPRESENTA. Check out Lil E's latest song I Rep BlackBerry 10 above and the No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10 REMIX below.



How come I can't see the videos anymore ?


I know, it's the same for me. Youtube is konked out. Crackberry needs to have a TEXT link of it below the embed like old times.


Gotta be honest. NoSleepTillBlackBerry10 was good and catchy, but the rest of the others are pretty meh.


Just stop...

WhiteBerry by choice


Thus ones pretty good, especially after watching the Google employees Google play video at Google in nyc, it was an epic fail.

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Lol....this is hilarious! If your making a song as a one off ok that's cool but to keep going with it, that's just funny.

Good luck though, we laugh while guys rapping this junk sign record deals!

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Believe me these rappers laugh even more then you, at people like you, signing a 4.5 million dollar contract record deal is well worth it.

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for some reason when i try commenting on my crackberry 10 blackberry 10 app it displays a message saying user banned. Team Crackberry can you please look into this for me.


Way to keep it real DJ Reyes! M8 here keeping it hot! Can't wait for Lil' E to bring the next tune.


....and maybe when I get a Z10 I can use this track as one of my ringtones????????


Youtube videos aren't showing up at all anymore... That sucks. Can't view them with my bold 9900.


Can't see videos on here no more