Optus Australia opens up BlackBerry Z10 preorders, delivery starting March 25th

The BlackBerry Z10 is now available to preorder online on the Optus 4G network, and will start shipping and be available at Optus stores beginning 25 March

Optus Australia opens up BlackBerry Z10 preorders, delivery starting March 25th
By Bla1ze on 7 Mar 2013 09:02 pm EST

We've known for quite some time now the BlackBerry Z10 would launch in March for Australia but now Optus has opened up their online preorders for the first BlackBerry 10 device. You can head on over to their website, fill out your information and you'll be all set to go come March 25th when the the devices will start shipping and be available in Optus retail stores.

Device pricing on Optus will depend on the plan you choose with the outright purchase cost coming in at around $432 AUD but higher tiered plans offering the device for free. As expected, preorders will close on March 24th so if obtaining a BlackBerry Z10 is high on your priority list, you'll want to get your order in as soon as possible. You can find more rate plan details and device pricing options online at the Optus website by clicking the included link below.

Learn more about the BlackBerry Z10 on Optus

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Optus Australia opens up BlackBerry Z10 preorders, delivery starting March 25th


It's about time.
Now just to wait for Telstra to come to the party...... as Telstra say "you don't want a smartphone on a dumb network." and I want my Z10 to work.
Sorry Optus even if you release it first I'm going to the big T

just pre-ordered mine and got a bonus gig of data per month thrown in ...Never used Optus before so we will see how it goes ... but cant be any worse than VodaFone

You can either pay a monthly fee for the device or an upfront fee of $432. If you work out the monthly price over 24 months its the same amount....

Lucky Aussie ! When you're a being vacation on Bali (Indonesia), you can bought one (unlocked) by March 15th. By the way, Would you please send my regard to my lovely Kylie Minoque.. ”Can't get you out of my Head, boys.."

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Australia is all in with iphone and android. The few who carry around the Z10 will have some serious bragging rights.

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If we can get some local Apps it will do well. Business clients still need and want apps. Banking Apps, AFL (Sporting) Apps, etc.

I may be mistaken, but I don't think you can pay $432 to Optus and they will give you the phone. It must be attached to a plan of $30 a month for 24 months minimum (at this stage). The outright price will come out later .. And it'll be in the vicinity of $699.00

You have that right Vijit. I just got home from a three week vacation in New Zealand and Australia. I saw only 4 BlackBerry phones (and I was looking at everyone's phone). One Torch 9810 and a Bold 9900 being used by people walking, one Torch 9860 (like my 9850) sitting on the center console of a work truck, and another older Bold owned by a businessman being downmouthed by an iPhone using coworker in a pub. 98% of the rest of what I saw were iPhones (mostly 4's; very few 5's), the rest Android phones. I saw only one Windows phone. Every child in Sydney had an iPhone, some as young as 13. BlackBerry has a lot of promoting to do to make any headway there.

Guess it depends on where you are/were, i live and work in Melbourne cbd, and i see plenty of BB's, given, it might be because i'm so BBbiased, but i do see lots of them. i mean, they don't outweigh Iphones and droids, but they aren't dead out here.

It's a very nice phone. Bought it in Canada unlocked through crackberry. Now using vodafone sim. Too bad no 4G on vodafone network yet :( sold my SIII :D

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Take this with a grain of whatever you may, but i spoke to my tech guy at Telstra icon store(the biggest in AUS) and he told me he's doing his testing on the 17th so they should have it(for sale) that day, or within the days following. Also said that the BB rep told him, that playbook 10, will be within the same week, or no later than first week of April.

im surprised the rep was even talking about them getting playbooks or anything bb for that matter, telstra dont really promote bb and especially given that the main store in the city on bourke st has a freakin android playground up stairs!

Yeah, it's ridiculous up there. I only know that because I used to work there, so I know which staff like and would ask about BB. The reps would come there once a month and I would speak all the time. But since the original Bold, they haven't done much advertisng(if any). Their business clients never needed the adverts, but it would definitely help with the consumers.
I'll be getting mine and spreading the word regardless of any advertising. #TeamBlackberry.

I've had it with Optus and after some 18 years am waiting to join the darkside when existing contract runs out in September.
I'm sick of their website,helpdesk and phone menus....... and no coverage out of major towns.

REALLY sick of 3 minutes to load a page on my BOLD........browsing is a waste of time.

Not sure if that's down to Optus or the BB server but now we don't need the BIS any more I'm going to fly with the big T. Never thought I'd see the day ...........