Kindle app coming to BlackBerry 10 in March

Kindle App
By Adam Zeis on 7 Mar 2013 11:34 am EST

While we anxiously await the US release and some big name apps that should come along with it (we're looking at you, Skype) we did get word today that the Amazon Kindle app will soon be heading to BlackBerry 10. We've been told that the Kindle app will be available this month, so it won't be more than a few weeks before it hits BlackBerry World.

The free Kindle app is one that many will be delighted to see available even though those that wanted it bad enough have already side loaded the Android version. No word on if the app is straight-up BB10 or a port of the Android version, but with something like Kindle it shouldn't really matter - we'll take it however we can get it.

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Kindle app coming to BlackBerry 10 in March


Ya, I hope this isn't like the playbook app with kindle. Maybe when bb10 comes to the playbook, it will be apply there to and I can ditch the buggy android side load.

Fingers crossed that you can still sideload your own books with this version, unlike windows phone and iphone, If it cant, I shall be sticking with the sideloaded android app.

Windows Phone 7 and iOS had locked-down file systems (i.e. can't use the phone as a USB). You couldn't drag and drop any file you wanted off your PC - you had to open some stupid program and be limited to transferring only very specific media formats.

Android and BB don't, so I'm sure you can sideload books because the app will be able to access the file system properly.

You can effectively sideload books to any Kindle app using Amazon's "email this book to your device" feature. Simply email the mobi and it shows up in the cloud and/or gets delivered directly to the device. Its more convenient than sideloading as you do not even have to tether anything...

I have Kindle app in iPad, Nexus 7, and iPod Touch. All registered to the same Amaxzon account. With WhisperSync on top of the email feature, its a pretty sweet solution!

Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. They dupped us into believing it was coming to the PlayBook... The article title says BB10, but the amazon site has a Bold 9000???

I've bought a lot of eBooks with Kobo as well and so I'm hoping to see Kobo develop a version of the app that's compatible with BlackBerry 10 as well.

Kobo answer to Sam´s Tech Blog question at march, 01 ( ) :

“Thank you for contacting Kobo Customer Care. We are sorry to inform you that, at this time, the Kobo app is not yet compatible with the Blackberry 10 smartphone. Since the smartphone was recently released, our Development team are currently in the process of making the app available on this device.

You will be notified as soon as the Kobo app is ready for this device.
Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.”

So, Kobo app is arriving too!

This isn't like the Skype app where you make a call and you just sit in front of the device and video chat. The Kindle app has to be a native app since it will involve a lot of interaction with the app.

Does it have to be native? Even the Android version doesn't use many Android controls and as such it wouldn't look much different.

Even if its not native ,its not like they won't have it optimized to run great. This won't be a simple apk to bar conversion all us PLAYBOOK owners know so well.

They will have it working nicely either way.

Nice I so can't wait to actually see and hold a  10 device here in the next couple of weeks. Right now I'm going for a Q10 and I'm delighted to read that it will likely launch with 10.1

Its finally becoming real for us Americans.

I have never used the Kindle app before so I am not really missing anything. I do use Kobo Books and I love it. Simple, easy to use, always supported BB etc... Again this is my $0.02

I wonder what the ratio of Kindle users to Kobo users is??

Think BB would be much better off with a Kindle app, but having both shouldn't be a problem.

Skipping the BBOS 7 a and PlayBook all together now actually making it to BB10. About time. Hopefully not the same version I have side loaded on my PlayBook. But it works. Hopefully this one will be better optimized.

Obviously native would be better. But I've been running (along w/ many others I'm sure) a sideloaded Android version on the Playbook for over a year. It works just fine. I don't see anything lacking but then I am not a power Kindle user.

Forgive my ignorance but instead of sideloading why not just go with an Android or IPhone? Edumicate me please.

I wouldn't even touch those devices. My blackberry smartphone and playbook satisfy me, I don't need those others. ;)

BB10 is continuing to look promising. I am still debating whether I am upgrading when T-mo releases it in the USA. Great app to have on the platform!

I use Kobo and other apps that fill in my needs. I never worry about a specific name. If Netflix, Skype, Whatsapp, and instagram never come, I will never miss them. BlackBerry more than meets my needs and the z10 with BBM and the hub is too much to give up for any app.

With the time they're taking, it had damn well better be native! Pity that Skype will be an android app as well. Even though I understand they're modifying it to integrate with the hub etc, it shouldn't take them this long to release the Skype app. And man do I wish that would be a native app too! Native is a much, much better experience than Android apps in most cases, especially until we finally get the Jelly Bean runtime! 2.3 Gingerbread apps are starting to feel very old on a brand spanking new OS

[sigh] Hope it's a native app. I'm not a fan of Android ports, because they don't feel like they're integrated into the rest of the system.

I've been in dialog with the support people since October, as well as several screen shots of the app side loaded. Never an issue. It's one Android app I wouldn't mind on my BlackBerry. That, and Google Maps.

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