Say goodbye to the old CrackBerry... the new CrackBerry launches today!

Cooking up a new CrackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Mar 2013 10:06 am EST

Today is the day CrackBerry Nation! We are literally minutes away from beginning the rollout of our long awaited and much anticipated "CrackBerry 10" website upgrade!

This is a MASSIVE push for us. It has been over two years since we have given the site a visual refresh and is the first time in our 6+ year history that we are upgrading our backend content management platform. 

During the upgrade we will be taking the CrackBerry homepage and article content offline.

While you wait... 

Take note, you will still be able to purchase goodies at and browse and post in our CrackBerry Forums.

Site Relaunch Forum Contest: While the blogs are being upgraded, you can win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry! Jump over to our CrackBerry site relaunch contest thread and leave a post - this is your last chance to enter!

ShopCrackBerry Site Relaunch Sale: Jump over to and use coupon code NEWCB at checkout to save 15% on ALL BlackBerry Accessories! Sale ends tonight at midnight PST.

What happens next?

Once we take the site offline, expected downtime is approximately 4 hours. Be sure to follow @crackberry and @crackberrykevin on twitter and we'll keep you in the loop as we work through the process.

As we bring the new site online things may be a bit messy for an hour or two as we get everything in place. Once the relaunch dust settles, the next article you see from me will be a quick note welcoming you to the new and improved! Let's Rock & Roll This!!

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Reader comments

Say goodbye to the old CrackBerry... the new CrackBerry launches today!


...In the mean time, we will be downgrading Android Central, iMore, WPC, and WebOS Nation, to bring them in line with their outdated OS's

I Bleed Black & Berry

Android Central will be flooded with malware; iMore will have only one clickable link, all users must return to the home page before visiting any other pages; WPC will automatically update your OS to look exactly like the site, despite reducing productivity; and WebOS Nation will no longer be supported or updated with new material....

Congratulations at finally doing it! Can't wait to see what you've come up with! Go Team CrackBerry and BlackBerry!!

Been checking every day multiple times expecting to see the new vision. I hope Kevin isn't too exhausted since he vowed no sleep until the new site is finished.... about 5 days ago!

And I LOVE Breaking Bad!!!

To be honest... we're all pretty messed up right now.. tech, design and editorial team have pretty much going off three hours of sleep a night for the past week. Going to be worth it though!

I hope the first article posted on the new site is a surprise as well (USA availablity, new apps, new Z10 updates and features, etc). That would be freaking awesome!!!!

Bring it.

Right on, thanks for your input, effort and support through the years. I'm loving my Z10 and Crackberry 10 as well. addict.

Excited, can't wait for the new rebuilt, redesigned and reinvented CrackBerry homepage. Best of luck, will be waiting anxiously for it to come online. Goodbye and hello to some more memorable times. All the best.

That graphic scares me just a bit. Please tell me this is not tiles (as in Window's 8 style). That would be unfortunate.

Talk about "Cooking Crack!" #ZING

You left yourself open with that one; especially with the Breaking Bad theme. Regardless, congratulations and I'm loving the cleanliness of it all. I reckon "sophisticated" would be well suited to describe the new CB - love it.

Continue to mature and grow - cheers.

Nice eye candy Kevin, lots of work done here but...

The old CrackBerry was never PlayBook friendly and the New CrackBerry is worse.

Opening blog from the forums logs you out and you have to wait through another painfully slow page load just to sign back in.

Seriously there needs to be a minimal hardware standard to target average performance like a 1 Ghz system like the PlayBook in its current form.

Typing this comment is very laggy. Please streamline and make it PlayBook friendly.

hate the new layout and format, love the old one. Everything is all over the place. Old one was just alot more clean

Was taken back when the site popped up I wasn't expecting it. Looking Good. Its modern, but still crackberry. Me likey. Nice one CB crew