Positive indicators on the Z10's one month anniversary

Thorsten BB10
By Chris Umiastowski on 5 Mar 2013 06:42 pm EST

Today marks the one month anniversary for the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 in Canada. Tomorrow the team will posting their 'Z10 - one month later' thoughts, but today I felt it would be useful to recount the positive indicators we've been seeing in the marketplace, as reported by a variety of sources. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I think it captures the most important points.

On January 30th, when the launch even first happened, we got our first positive indicator coming from the executive team during the Q&A session with the press. Executives said that pre-orders for the Z10 in Canada were coming, in large part, from people who were not currently BlackBerry customers. I mentioned this in the 3rd last paragraph of this article. I know that Todd Cowpland of CIBC wrote about this in one of his research notes, but I'm not sure how many other analysts noticed this data point.

The very next day the device hit UK stores. We started seeing some reports of stock outages pretty much that same morning. So far we don't know how much inventory stores had, but it is better to see stock outs than full shelves with no customers, wouldn't you agree?

Within a few days we had the official Canadian launch of the Z10 on all major carriers. BlackBerry issued a statement the next day saying that the launch results were 50% better than any other prior launch day for the company. Of course this could have been because it was a well co-ordinated launch across multiple carriers, or because everybody with a BlackBerry 7 device has been dying for an upgrade. But the positive indicators continued.

Before February was half way over the UAE launch happened. The media in that country was all over the idea that demand outstripped supply.

When demand is tight, stores start holding back on sales of off-contract phones and prefer to sell to people who will sign a contract. This has been happening in Canada and the UK for sure, as pointed out in this forum post.

At this point it would again be fair to ask the question, "So was this really just a case of BlackBerry not shipping enough phones?" I definitely believe they would prefer to manufacture some scarcity to have the psychological perception of a strong launch. But it seems they genuinely got caught off guard with the big demand.

Check out this Google translation of an interview Thorsten Heins had with a German news outlet. In a nutshell, Heins says that they had a fairly ambitious plan and have seen higher demand then they expected. He sees sales numbers every day and is quite pleased with the success of this Z10 launch. As a result, they've had to increase manufacturing production.

Closing in on the end of the first launch month, Canadian retailer GLENTEL reported that the Z10 was the #1 selling smartphone across its store base in February. So for people who thought the sellouts were really just driven by poor supply rather than strong demand, think again. Obviously the iPhone and Android are not in short supply. Yet the Z10 outsold them at GLENTEL owned retail locations such as WirelessWave, and in Costco wireless kiosks.

Getting hard data would be nice. But getting comparable sales data across competing products is at least better than hearing about sellouts. It tells you very clearly that the reason for a sellout is not JUST weak supply. It's a sign of strong demand. Period.

Finally, over the last few days we've started to see some public commentary by BlackBerry executives about the ability of the Z10 to suck people back into the BlackBerry family. As I just wrote about recently, Rick Costanzo said about one third of Z10 buyers are coming from outside of the BlackBerry customer base across the 50 markets they've launched in so far. That's awesome.

So there you have it, folks. A handy summary of what I think are some of the most important positive indicators of the strength of the Z10 launch so far.

And it hasn't even hit US soil yet ...

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Positive indicators on the Z10's one month anniversary


How are sales of the Z10 doing in the US, following all the money that was spent on the Super Bowl commercial? :)

no he/she didn't it was a point coming from someone that did no research and thing it only aired in the USA and that it wasn't rated the highest SuperBowl commercial. it did what it had to do it got the word out that the Z10 was here and BB means business, weather it is for sale in the USA or not

To post that comment in a "positive for BBRY" story, shows that he is just trying to start trouble. There is no need of that kind of crap around here. There's enough of it everywhere else on crackberry.

And for the record, I agree the commercial was wasted money. IMO, If the phone had been available shortly after that commercial then maybe it would have been ok. I thought the commercial was very forgettable and therefore didn't do what it was supposed to do.

You may be missing the point of that ad. It wasn't meant for the public so much as it was a corporate statement to tell the rest of the industry "we're here and we're ready to spend good coin to market our new phone".

The BlackBerry ad was arguably better than Samsung's, which while amusing had even less to do with its intended product.

Exactly. If you watch the 'behind the scenes' to make the commercial, they realized they just didn't have enough time to show off the features of the phone.


The commercials the US will get (that are now airing in Canada) are cool and very appropriate for those ready to finally buy the device. Catchy music, nicely showing off the phones features.

And regarding the BB vs. Samsung... I'd say the BB commercial was far more entertaining AND they did in 30s vs. the 120s Samsung had. Perhaps the extra money Samsung spent to have an extra long Super Bowl ad explains why the Galaxy S IV will have a crappy plastic casing again, unlike the polished Z10. ;-)

Of course they had enough time to show off the features. They have been talking about them for the most part of the 2012. It's a great device, a great OS but it was a lousy commercial. Finally they have features that mobile users should know of and the commercial focuses on things you cannot do? It's like a car commercial showing someone that flies to the moon and saying our cars cannot do that.

It seems BlackBerry is on the right path and if the sales numbers are that good this will be a turnaround that the business schools will lecture for years.

Im not quite sure if it was wasted $$$. It did cause a lot of attention B4 & after the superbowl. It's good to have a product talked about).....I'm not saying that it's a good thing that the USA was/is so delayed. I think it would have been better if they had launched in the USA a couple weeks ago, but nothing you can do about that now.

It may seem like a "positive for " story to you; but it just serves to remind me that the z10 has been out for over a month, but we in the US still don't even have a launch date...

i don't know if you know this or not but the commercial didn't only air in the US we got it here in canada also as well i'm sure other countries did as well. we also saw an ad from Bell about the Z10 on their "largerst" LTE network.

the money for the ad did not go to waste and it was rated the best superbowl ad
moral of the story is you're a dumbass and should shut your pie hole because you really don't know what you're talking about

Chris i know you don't often like to say this but would you lend a prediction as far as stock analsys goes and you're predictions. ScotiaBank has an out perform rating on the BB stock yet my dad had one of their advisors tell him today that it won't get past $25 which the way i see it is just a short term prediction

You say it was the best rated Super Bowl ad. Do you have information to back that up? A link to an article (by someone other than CB)? A page on the NFL's website? Something on YouTube? Anything??

See yo have to understand that mobile platforms are going to be bigger than they are already. This is a fight for trillions of dollars of market. There are 4 platforms, and 3 are US based -- Google, Apple and Microsoft. BBRY, the only non-US based mobile platform, of course has a very solid platform but really big money is behind those 3 platforms and this is not a fair game. BBRY needs to align itself with a strong US partner, not fair but such is business.

BlackBerry generates around $1 billion in cash flow per quarter. That Super Bowl expense is a drop in the bucket.

thats just on service fees, if the Z10 is a hit like we all think it will be then sales figures for this device will make it look even smaller.

lets for argument sakes say the Z10 sells 10 million units a quarter and that BB makes $250 a unit thats $2.5 billion a quarter.

the way i see it 10 million Z10s should be achiveable since BBOS7 devices would sell in the 7 million range per quarter

How long ago was the super bowl. I can't even remember who was playing but people won't let me forget about that BlackBerry commercial. Wow talk about successful advertising.

If this is the case then for those who do not live in the YouTube world be great to see some adds, commercials, anything new would be great.

Now you want ads again before the phone is available! The very complaint about the Superbowl commercial...

If Canada is any indication, there will be plenty of ads once the product is on the shelves. Turn on the TV or head to a shopping mall, ads for Z10 all over the place in Canada. (At least Rogers and Bell -- haven't seen much from Telus.)

Yes and what is the ASP of a phone in those markets? In case you haven't noticed once BlackBerry focused on low-end, high growth markets, and basically ignored their established markets and left them to the competition, they started losing money on hardware sales because they were losing money on low end 9310/9320 phones. So they lost money on phones, to get money in service revenue. Now with BB10, that service revenue will be going away, with only BES CALS to make it up for them from end phone users. Also Africa is not a country, it is a continent. Of the 6 launch event countries, the US has a greater population than the other 5 combined.

You guys can say they don't need the US all they want and huge markets where the majority of the people can't afford a $600 phone will save them, but history has shown that as their US sales declined, so did their profits!

Nice article. Everything sounds good for bbry and bb10. Hopefully these smaller market launches are an indicator of how the USA launch will be.

N4BB is reporting that AT&T will be releasing the Z10 on March 15th. Any truth to these fellow crackberry family?


Al Kuqo

Personally I hope it's true, but at the same time the article states that the white Z10 will be Verizon exclusive, which Crackberry informed me is not true.

The head manager for latin america also stated this in an interview, first will launch on the 15th in the US, then it will launch in latin america !

Thank you Chris. Loved your other story about the fat guy by the way.

Without hard numbers about expectations and units shipped (or sell through) it is very hard to judge whether BBRY is doing well. Heck, still not sure what "well" is...good enough to protect the cash balance? good enough to grow profits? good enough to drive shares up?

I am intrigued by Peter Misek's comments about BBRY's MDM opportunity. He flattened a Bear on Bloomberg a couple of weeks ago by stating that BBRY's MDM platform would win in the market and is a key reason for its $19+ target. What do you think? Is doing "ok" selling phones but crushing MDM worth a $19+ a share?

its sad after so much fanfare that a month later the US carriers still haven't given us release dates. (Rumored dates don't count). Most likely the March timeline is true, but it would have made sense for the carriers to give a date a few weeks ago to keep the buzz and build anticipation, rather than swirls of rumors, guessing, and whispers where some users will just give up and move on to other devices.

I agree. It really is too bad. Hopefully people have waited(I believe most have waited because they knew it is coming soon, and there hasn't been any other phones released that would have "stolen" the sale).

Here is a link to the T-Mobile launch date of Z10


Confirmation is from VP of Global Sales Division of BlackBerry. Not from rumors. Enough said.

"In the month since BlackBerry’s global rollout of the Z10, the first smartphone running on its new operating system, began, BlackBerry has built a steady stream of hype about its daunting would-be comeback, with reports coming in that half of Canadian buyers and one third of purchasers in the UK are switching over from Apple or Android.

At HIMSS in New Orleans, Vice President for Global Sales Paul Lucier confirmed to MobiHealthNews that the new phone, which comes to the US on March 11th via T-Mobile USA, is showing strong sales so far, including a number of Apple and Android converts.

“We think it’s an indication that there’s fatigue out there and people are looking for something new,” he said.

Lucier also said that going forward the company will be open to licensing its operating system to run on third party devices, like Microsoft does.

Speaking about the Z10 itself, Lucier highlighted security features like BlackBerry Balance that would make the BlackBerry stand out as a smartphone for health providers. Balance automatically partitions the smartphone, storing work and personal data separately and allowing each side to be remotely wiped or locked in isolation.

“On the enterprise side, Balance is going to be a huge factor,” he said. “We have a trusted, secure model people are interested in and comfortable with. We get a lot of good feedback. We certainly want to ramp up the focus on healthcare, make sure we have a solid ecosystem built up around it. There’s a lot of opportunities to get deeper into vertical strategies.”

BlackBerry India ups sales forecast for new devices by 40%

45% of BlackBerry Z10 Owners in India Came from Other Platforms


while we (US customers) are waiting to get the Z10 and nobody knows when we will get it, the Samsung is getting ready to release the octacore phone which put us ( the diehard blackberry funs)
behind for another year. If you ever done a business in US and after in Canada you probably will understand why Blackberry is so slow.

The days of hardware determining smartphone performance are long gone. The Z10 with a dual core blows the S3 with4 cores out of the water. So to be competitive, Samsung has to move to 8 cores. Get ready to measure battery life in minutes.

It has already been done and you can find it on YouTube. Results are pretty convincing. Z10 blows by both i5 and the S3 and does a far better job at rendering content. Time to open you eyes.

I cant find any deep comparison test. I am not talking about HTML or Ring test i am talking about the website loading test.

Go to YouTube and use the search function. It isn't that hard. As noted above, the comparison were done on content heavy sites. Sorry but it is over for the iPhone5 and S3. Sort of sucks when your can't keep up to BB

If the Aristo comes out with 4 gb of RAM...everybody else can just pack up and go home...


Aristo? are you kidding me. we haven't got the Z10 yet. Aristo will not be out till Q4 of 2013 or even worst Q1 2014

Umn, BB has already been showing it next smartphone (beyond the Q10) at its developer conferences. Participants have to sign a nondisclosure form in order to view it. The Aristo is quite real.

The specs for the "Aristo" leaked out October 2012. When it's released in Q4 of 2013 do you think it'll have the exact same specs and design? Come on.

People who actually care that much about specs dismissed BB hears ago. Why buy a Z10 when you can get an SGIII with almost identical hardware, and unlike the BB you can root it?

The vast majority of users don't care much about specs. When they look at a Z10 they see a gorgeous screen and a lag-less UI.

If specs made that big a difference then HTC wouldn't be teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

I get the argument about apps (though I suspect that situation will improve in time for the US launch), but what's wrong with the platform? It's a beautiful UI and it performs great.

You could make the argument that it isn't as necessary. For instance, when the PlayBook upgrades to BB10 it will have its own native BBM client, so why go to the effort of making a Bridge function for it when it would only be used for a couple of months?

Bridge isn't unfinished, it's the PlayBook that's behind now.

I See your point.
My 9810 is not competitive phone as well as my playbook, but as soon as I combine those. They beat all other platform combinations (if any).

PlayBook came out with less than 1000 apps and the Z10 has over 100,000 in the first 3 weeks. Sorry but you have lost the argument. Done like dinner.

Here in this forum we are all Blackberry lovers, but in the mean time we need to be honest when we are making a comments, so if something is missing (apps for instance) we cant argue we need to take it as reality, otherwise we will become someone like a blind Isheep follower.


Did not care for this story from UMI and that's rare for me. I feel as he felt the need to write nothing but positive pictures the last few days and seems to be going out of his way to not acknowledge serious questions that remain. This in spite of absolutely nothing but NewSpeak from BBRY.

Is there any wonder that the only 2 countries that supported the PlayBook got the Z10 first? BlackBerry had to paint a positive picture on launch and knew there was enough pent up demand after not having a new phone for some time that they were guaranteed a positive narrative no matter what. Perhaps driven by concern about drawing down cash before the launch, or trying to improve on the narrative (Chris is right it's better to have sell outs than too much inventory) there is no question they under filled the channel. They were also relatively certain that there was enough BlackBerry expats in those 2 countries to fuel the "coming from another phone" narrative.

Already there are reports that the stock is replenished well in the UK and starting to do so in Canada. It's vital that BB get another good launch in the States, but here again there is enough pent up demand they should continue to paint a good picture through the next quarter.

The "tell" or the key quarter IMHO will be the following one Q3 -- when pent up demand will be removed for the most part and the phones will stand on their own reputation. Can BB continue to lure converts from Android and iOS? For certain there will continue to be a trickle of expats who left reluctantly from OS7 and it's limitations, coming back after their iPhone and Android phone contracts expire. In order to get real movement from the more avid iOS and Android users, BB will have to make a serious dent in the "app gap" and get on board in a good experience the apps that are obvious by their absence. We've heard from BBRY about carrier and dev enthusiasm but here in the States the deviation from the story line continues for the carriers - until it doesn't. If BBRY can change that narrative finally it would go a long way to taking away a large part of the problem that comes from "does it.....". It's absolutely necessary for a BBWorld logo to be next to the Play Store and iTunes logos on every app that folks want to use on a cell phone (and I understand in many instances this is out of BBRY's hands - ie Instagram and Netflix).

We are well past the initial surge phase and guess what people are still buying them in droves. Even that goofball for canaccord acknowledge this and he is a bear. You need to keep up with the times.

There's only so much substance available right now, and that's intentional. The idea is to build some pressure and interest in the company AND The product. Keeping a lid on numbers is an effective way to do that.

Personally, I have to try to look at this dispassionately. I'm an investor and if I thought BB were in trouble I'd have to pull my money out. What I see is a lot of quiet but positive chatter, and even some third-party confirmation in the way of commentary from retailers. For the most part, negatives have been almost entirely speculative and almost entirely came from analysts who have been bears on BB historically.

As for the app situation, I still think this might not be as bad as many try to claim. One customer segment I can see being very interested would be users who are maybe just finishing up with an early iPhone or Android, and are realizing they really weren't into apps so much. I don't think this is a trivially small group, either. I agree that choice is good, but I don't think that the Z10 is only 10% as desirable as an iPhone because BB World only has 10% of the apps that Apple does.

We'll have a much clearer picture in a few weeks, for sure.

I don't think we disagree much here. My point is that BBRY knew where they would get good early buzz and concentrated the early launches in those places to drive a positive roll, and that they would find enough pent up demand to drive early sales in most of the major markets.

Once that goes, they have to find a way, when a buyer goes into a carrier store and has a GS4, IP5s and Z10 on the counter, trying to decide on the next phone - BBRY has to be capable of doing whats important to that person, and the best way to do that is to be as capable. You are right number isn't important but remember BBRY said they would have 90% of the top 600 - but if the 54 apps are in the top 100 - that's not going to be helpful at all in the end.

I hope whatever people in the US carriers who decided they should hold off on this find themselves on the unemployment line. Anyone with a pulse could see this would be the biggest phone release coming out this year.
Android phones come too fast and furious to garner that much enthusiasm.
iPhone is old hat by now to most people and iOS, while it has a lot of good features especially in its software library (aka ecosystem) it has a big snake in that ecosystem that I think a lot of people are starting to see which is Apple itself either by denying or delaying your app or simply by releasing their own which will always better integrate into their services like Siri than other developers will be able to do. Plus, it is an OS that has been tacked together at this point to add features it didnt have at the start (remember when iOS had no cut and paste, no multitasking).
WebOS was sabotaged by its owner HP just as they got a great phone on the right track ready to go out to the carriers, the Pre3.
Windows Phone keeps stalling out of the gate.
Blackberry is all thats left out there, and they have a great looking OS, a great looking phone and are a tried and true phone manufacturer. They've had their issues (Storm, BB10 taking so long) but all in all they pulled the rabbit out of their hat. I am overjoyed to see BB10 with just one phone (no Q10 yet) doing better than anyone imagined it would. With a US release and a second phone this can only go up from here.

Now we just need to get this Z10 in my hand! Comeon AT&T! Wake up! you could have been selling these phones for weeks now, making a mint and gaining subscribers back you were losing to Verizon when they got the iPhone too. I truly hope March 15 is the date and am eagerly awaiting the US release like a lot of us are doing who want not "A" smartphone but want "THIS" smartphone.

Thorsten and Blackberry have been playing it SMART the way I see it...
...RIM's reputation was really good in those areas the new devices launched.
...This extra time gives BERRY the added time to shore up the reason it lost Mkt share!

The U.S. ( because of Demand ) was critical of RIM because it failed to supply THAT demand...
...This isn't the case in Africa and many other areas RIM is still strong in.
...So it was perfectly smart for RIM to stage things the way they did.

Thor is looking smarter every single day that the Z10 isn't availible in the market most critical to Blackberry!

Thor, the Z10 is begining to remind me of the PB. While the OS is more complete than the PB was at launch, it is still very lacking. On one level the Z10 is your typical smartphone much like the iPhone and Samsung but on another level with all the apps that are missing or are coming or can be ported but might not work, who really wants to be bothered with this crap, especially having gone through the same with the PB. And Kevin who puts a positive spin on everything BB needs to take off those rose colored glasses. I think BB did well not to have released the Z10 in the US and I know the US is in decline and no longer drives the market bla bla bla, but they do scream the loudest. Listen out for those screams soon.

Like he11 it is. No LTE - this isn't 2011. 16GB storage with no expansion. I'll take an LTE phone with better storage from an OEM any day before I buy that Google Phone. Want your "stock android" fix? Go get a Nexus Tablet instead. The only ones who say Nexus 4 is the best are people who've already bought one. And honestly compared to LTE androids... they really haven't sold many.

The Z10 supports expansion but you can't move apps to the memory card. That's something that's lacking compared to Android.

What seems to be the issue with your Z10? You complain yet don't say what its lacking? What apps are missing for you?

Lets see...every banking app, Skype, Instagram, WhatsApp (coming but not here yet), Netflix, Shazam, Kijiji, TuneIn Radio, Cineplex, eBay, Pinterest, Speedtest.net, Kik Messenger, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Yellow Pages Canada, Bad Piggies, The Score, The Weather Channel, POF, Accuweather, Flipboard, Words With Friends, Dictionary.com, TSN Mobile, Bible, PayPal, Wikipedia, SoundCloud, Uno Free, Talking Tom Cat, TripAdvisor, NYTimes, Urbanspoon, Paper Toss, Future Shop, Deer Hunter Reloaded, Best Buy Canada, Realtor.ca and CNN

Any others?

You need an app for Future shop, best buy and realtor.ca. Boy, talking about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Most of us use a browser for this sort of mindless junk. Wiki is available, accuweather and flipboard. NYTimes has an APP along with cineplex. Others are available as noted below including several versions of Uno.

My favorite app of all OS's is BlackBerry Bridge. Being mobile with out a Bridged tablet seems like not having a smartphone in 2004.

It's nice to read that the world is appreciating aspects of BlackBerry like the UI, Hub, and typing (what I've always loved) even though much less than a million third party apps are currently available.

Just let me buy a Q10 already.

How do YOU have POF (Plenty of Fish) and the Bible app on the same list? That's how I know you're full of s#it buddy!

Let's just use PayPal as an example: ON THE PayPal "Apps" page (https://personal.paypal.com/ca/cgi-bin/?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=m...) it clearly lists the supported apps AS WELL AS:

Mobile Browser
Type this URL into your phone's browser: m.paypal.com

You can also use PayPal Mobile through text messaging. Check It Out


Is it secure?

Yes. Every payment is confirmed by a PIN or password, so there’s no need to worry if you lose your phone

H O W E V E R !!
As Droid has been PROVEN to be EASILY keystroke-tracking-hackable, originally by Google recording EVERY keystroke, EVEN of non-completed actions (i.e. dial-aborted phone-calls), there is NO EFFIN' WAY IN HEck that using ANYTHING claimed to be secure from the App's side actually IS on the phone's side.
Until BBx is proven just as much a sieve, I'd rather have a little more inconvenience or slower completion (different login, more screens & data entry) via Browser on a BBYx than some ultra flashy& easy App "just to impress a pal or gal sitting beside me at a SBUX."

Lets see ....

Cineplex, ebay, speedtest.net, kijiji, yellowpages, futureshop, weather channel (got lots other weather apps including great one comes preloaded), the score, dictionary.com, tsn, paypal, wikipedia, tripadvisor, nytimes, urbanspoon, bestbuy, realtor.ca and CNN ALL have websites that load GREAT with the Z10. The reason apps took off so much is because the iPhone couldnt load many of these sites very well. Get a Z10 and try them !!! Work great (in many cases better than ios app). Heck, some of them even show they are websites in the name !!!

Then save the bookmark to your homescreen and there you go ... an 'app'

This arguement is like complaining you dont have a tsn/futureshop/etc app on your laptop.

TuneIn Radio, Cineplex, The Score, Dictionary.com, Uno, The Weather Channel, Accuweather have native apps and work much better than in iOS or Android. The ones that I have sideloaded and work are Flipboard, eBay, Wikipedia, Tripadvisor, NYTimes, Urbanspoon. I was not interested on the other apps that you have in your list but probably you can sideload most of them. The important and still missing apps are Skype and Whatsapp and both will come soon, official communication from Whatsapp say that in March.

Haha rim shot!

Yeah they need to try a little harder with the whole demand generation thing however pretty confident they'll sort it out and start seeing some of those z10's being shown off in the right US markets. C'mon bb baby.

I own a blackberry Z 10 and it really is as amazing as the fans say it is. After a few weeks of use it has a really good handle on the words I like to use the most and where I hit the key board. The HUB is just perfect and I find myself going there for no reason sometimes just because it's fun to check. They really did nail this one out of the park. That being said, I am also an invester (bought shares after having the playbook for a few months and realized that they really did have something special) and i'm getting tired of the stock price going down every day because bearish analysts get to say what ever they want with no real reaction from Blackberry. I am sure the sales figures are much better than the 300,000 predicted by some but until blackberry actually throws some actual facts out there, these guys get to keep driving down the share price.

BlackBerry stock is a long play. Don't worry about movement on no news or rumors. March 28 is the first step towards the stocks revival.

Remember what Thorstein Heins said at the last call, they expect another operating loss, cash will decrease due to the Z10 rollout but should be north of $ 2 billion. Given that the launch has exceeded their expectations expect better results on the 28th.

You find it amazing because you have accepted its limitations just as Thor and his group think they have done such an amazing job.

Refreshing, Chris :
with all that mis-information out there, your overview is great, now we spoil the USA market with a great Z10 phone, the best Physical smartphone period with the Q10, add in the popular APPs when they port , THOR has delivered.

Chris how about any cash forecasts or BES fees forecasts ???


It seems as though something is trying to hamper and manipulate the BB10 Z10 launch release in the USA??????
1) Verizon Wireless stated they are only carrying the White Z10, not the Black - WHY?
2) Sprint states they are only carrying the Q10, and not the Z10. - WHY?
3) Netflix (No big deal, but the media and people make it into a big deal) stated they have no plans for BB10, yet they provide one for WP8, despite its low sales.

NB44 reports 45% of Z10 buyers are from none currnet BB users in India, the trend continues everytime the Z10 is available in a country. It's been reported that Sprint not releasing a Z10 model is because of Apple.

That's not a dent...thats a dimple.
By the way - I've got a bird for you...his name's Ben Dover.


Windows Phone 7 had Netflix very early on. WP 8 had it at launch. Yet it's nowhere to be seen for PlayBook and BB10. Explain?

There's something political going on with Netflix. You're right, they've supported other platforms, but look at WHICH platforms: WP/WinRT and Amazon, both of which have a lot of money and influence.

The situation with BB goes way beyond Netflix. 2 years ago every company was saying get their Android, iOS and BlackBerry App. Now absolutely no company says get their BlackBerry App, absolutely none. BlackBerry has dug themselves in a hole so deep to the point of no recovery. They are not even able to write apps for their own OS, where is BB Travel, Traffic to name a few? Have they completed the Bridge app for the Z10? The situation is very reminiscent of those co-CEO's that promised everything and delivered nothing.

BB Travel is very nearly done, and should be out literally any day now. Bridge is likely now limited more by the older PBOS than anything else; we're likely to see some of Bridge's functionality when the PB is updated to BB10.

There's growing evidence that apps aren't crucially important to absolutely everyone, especially now that many sites have decent mobile versions and the Z10 has such a fantastic browser.

WP8 had less than 10K of Apps when it launched but the store has built up nicely over the last 5 months. Netflix won't support BB10 until they sell units in the US. Let's face it Netflix's next to useless in every other country around the world.

The answer to your question is very simple. Netflix uses Silverlight video player which was developed by Microsoft. Microsoft supports Silverlight player which is discontinnued right now.

1 Verizon is carying both colors. White us exclusive to them.
2 T MOBILE is only carrying the Q10 not Sprint. The reason while not actually stated is obvious: they see enough promise in BB10 to offervitvto their existing BB customrs as an upgrade option bur notvenough to get on board with it fully and invest lots of resources in it. There are 4 more devices in the pipeline. In expect TMobile to offer more models when the platform proves itself a little bit.
3. Im personally getting tired of all of the bru ha ha over Netflix. Itsbone app and while important its not going to make or break the platform. They say they have no plans for a BB10 app butvthst does not mean that won't change once the platform proves itself and grows

they were sayign they expected over 100 000 by march. boatloads come each day so i'm not surprised if they hit this number

You've gotta mine a lotta sh*t to find an ounce of gold...for instance, I read your comment, and now here's this one. =O


you you're telling me all 700000 iOS apps are gold? funny i'm sure 95% of those apps are the same shit, i'm sure they're downlaoded but how many do you think are the same type app and how many are actually popular.

you're logic is total garbage and your comment was pointless

It's "your" not "you're". Your point about the Apple App Store is correct. But that doesn't make it right for BlackBerry.

never said it was, but at the same time its a new platform and developers are still coming, iOS has been out for 6 years and in that 6 years have developed the app ecosystem they have BB10 has been on the market for a month, should they have delayed the release until developers built apps for them so they can compete with iOS and Androids ecosystem?

once again your comment was pointless and now you're trying to attack my grammar to defend yourself

Does anyone know how many "Level," "Flashlight," "Calculator," "Compass," and "WiFi Finder" Apps there are in Fruitworld & Droidworld anyway?

I'm willing to bet that, if you eliminate all the heavily stacked apps, you're left with 100,000 games, plus 100,000 "important" ones.
For everything else, there's YOUR BROWSER!!!

Why isn't ANYONE compiling this data with the time saved by NOT having to stand in line-ups like the i- and droid-sheep?

Just an anecdotal comment here. I have a friend who's son was hired by Blackberry in Kitchener about 6 weeks ago just before the Z10 launch. I talk to him (my friend) at least once a week and he says that his son has been working non stop and getting overtime whenever he wants it.

I think we'll be seeing good numbers come March 28th.

Its just fantastic news for Blackberry and the Z10! ... it will make a strong impact in the USA, as it has done in ALL markets it has launched to date!! .. its THE Smartphone to have in 2013!

Z10 owner (Tokyo)

Funny that's the only website that ranks it #1. Actual quote from that story:
"We should note that a lot of voters came from CrackBerry.com, the BlackBerry fan web site." LOL!

I agree with you that quality not quantity is what's needed in BlackBerry 10's app catalog.

It is unfortunate that you are unable to accept the fact that Blackberry has a great product!
The difference between Blackberry users and the "i" fanatics is that as a loyal Blackberry user
I would never argue that my previous phone (a Torch 9800) is better that an iPhone 4, 5 or 6
in most aspects "Except for Security"! But the ignorant "i" user refuses to accept that their product has now hit a dead end and it is clearly behind the times. What is next for the great "i" company?
A watch? What a joke. They should make a car that looks like an apple:) Or better yet a chip implant...LOL! Where do ya want the implant?

I really don't see how the Z10 will make a convert out of iPhone and Android users. Don't get me wrong, I think the new UI is pretty slick but I think that's where the fun stops. Aside from a few games and social networking apps (which I really don't use that often anyways) there is very little useful apps that I can see offered for BB10. For instance for banking I use BoA and ING Direct neither of which show up in BB World, what about my e-trade app I use to trade equities with when I'm on the go, not there. I did a quick search to see if some of the other frequently used apps I have on my iPhone show up in BBWorld and the answer was almost all if not none showed up.

Here are a few of the apps I searched for:

1. Netflix
2. Google Maps
3. Amazon
4. Amazon streaming
5. Paypal
6. CNN
7. ABC News
8. Honeywell Wifi Thermostat

I'm sorry but if I was a customer in need of a new phone, I'm not really sure why I would short change myself and go with a BB10 phone.

One other thing I wanted to touch on was that I see a lot of comments here suggesting that somehow it is the carriers who are dragging their feet and delaying the launch of the Z10. Everyone who knows anything about the US phone industry knows that ATT/Verizon have the strictest entrance criteria's for a new device. It could take weeks for ATT/Verizon to test and approve a device and it doesn't matter if your an Android phone or iPhone, every phone must pass this. Now if Blackberry is not able to provide a fully developed phone with enough buffer time for the carriers to perform their certification tests then it's really not fair to say the carriers are dragging their feet.

ING Direct in Canada has an app already. Don't know what the US plans are.

As far as converts, there are a great many relatively non-techies coming off of contracts on early iPhones and Androids who will go nuts just over the BB10 keyboard. The people I've got in mind here would be a little on the older side and weren't really "into" apps. Yes, I think there actually are buyers like that out there.

ING Direct also has a Windows Phone app. They see it right, to not shun any current or potential customers on any platform.

Right you are, mobile_phone_freak, because watching 8-25 year-old HD up-converted movies showing in pseudo-Surround Sound 5.1 on a 4.2 inch screen with earbuds is something every moviephile has wanted to do since the introduction of large-screen HDTVs and 1000W home theatre amps. There go points 1 & 4.

ALL the other items you list - except #8 - better be browser-accessible, so who needs their friggin memory-hogging & security threatening "app"?

Smartphones HAVE browser SW for a reason; if ABC and CNN can't deliver HTML(x) content to YOUR phone in a usable and meaningful manner, I think you should be focusing your energy on something other than shooting down a device that DOESN'T NEED another app to do it.

I'll bet I can even functionally use PayPal on my Torch 9800 using its regular standard browser. Again, "why" use an app for that?

Maybe you should ask SIRI to help find the answers and use Apple Maps to get you there. Or, install an antenna-booster to call a friend for both.

And DON'T get me started on 'Droid, THE most insecure & hacker-prone platform ... EVER!! I mean, people used to nail Windows to the wall (HA, get it? pun intended!!) for being a hacker, virus & security threat, but Droid makes the ol' Win 98-NT look like a Fort Knox. I wouldn't trust my PayPal account to ANYTHING on a Droid phone. Period.

Good point, however, re: carrier rules. OR ... could it be that different rules exist for different phones, different manufacturers, & different platforms? Does suspecting a "4 month for BBY," "10 week for WP8," "8 week for Droid," and "don't worry about it for IOS" timeframe/policy make me a conspiracy theorist?
Don't expect an "audited" statement or the truth from the carriers on that. Fact is, does anyone really know - and whether one has to follow these rules to the letter?

Remember, when you go pointing fingers of deficiency or blame at others, there's a bunch of your own pointing right back.
Finally, next time you work up a "Top 10 List" at least give us 10.

Ok i'm not sure what type of content they allow you to watch up there in Canada but the content I like to watch when i'm on the go is not 8-10 years old, it's more like a week old, yes amazon streams week old TV shows, plus most of the latest movies on dvd are available to rent or buy which I can stream to my device or my LCD over airplay ( no wires needed, welcome to the future ).

You mention how you don't need an app and everything can be done on the browser, I think this is the same statement that co-ceo jimbo made a few years back wasn't it? and how did that work out for RIM er, Blackberry? You can deny the fact that the App phenomena is very real, i'm not sure what the dollar value is but I'm pretty sure it's in the billions of dollars.

The lack of apps in blackberry world only means one thing, lack of developer support because they don't see it as a viable ecosystem. Now this may change in the future but currently it is what it is.

1) you can buy or rent movies and TV sows from BlackBerry World. iF you weren't a troll you'd know that

2) You can stream media to many devices over wifi on the Z10, Xbox, Playstaion, Smart TV's etc. If you you knew how to read and research, you'd know that.

Keep drinking your kool aid.

I Bleed Black & Berry

Oh wow welcome to the club, and how is this actually going to make a convert out of Android and iPhone lovers, when they already had these features years ago????

By the way I don't need to by or rent tv shows, it comes included in my $79 prime membership at Amazon which not only gives me free instant streaming, but also gives me free 2 day delivery from amazon.

"plus most of the latest movies on dvd are available to rent or buy which I can stream to my device or my LCD over airplay ( no wires needed, welcome to the future )."

^^ Your words troll.

And Z10/BB10 IS making converts out of Android and Apple "USERS". Are you too thick to understand this? The "LOVERS" will continue to drink the Kool Aid and refuse to accept that the game IS changing

I Bleed Black & Berry

Praise God for the success thus far. Let’s give Him the glory. I know the community impact of BlackBerry in Waterloo will continue to raise people calling on God for success of the new efforts.

Praise God for the success thus far. Let’s give Him the glory. I know the community impact of BlackBerry in Waterloo will continue to raise people calling on God for success of the new efforts.

I love my Z10 but I think I may be leaning towards a Q10 but I do love this thing. :)

And don't forget ..... the German government placed their order for 5,000 of the beautiful Z10 BlackBerrys.

I' ver read it but can't believe that 40,000 is right... I think there is a "0" to much and they wanted to write 4.000 (and I think this are 5.000 mentioned above).

40.000x$3100 = $124.000.000 ... i really love BB, but that's much too much

Anyway, 4.000 or 5.000 is a great deal for BB, especially for BB in Germany :-)

I'm a soon-to-be former Android owner who will have a brand spanking new Z10 in my hands by the end of this week. I went to a local big box retailer today to look at their selection of cases for the Z10 and while I was there one of the sales reps walked up next to me, asked me if I was buying a holster (to which I said no) and then he proceeded to grab every single one on the shelf. He said a local business was buying BlackBerry Z10s and needed holsters. Anecdotal, but proof that the phone is definitely selling well in my neck of the woods.

To all the doubters out there z10 is here and selling well it is brill but also new and will definitely improve, Q10 is on its way and loads of regular bb fans and others will want and love it at the same time bb gett their fingers out with the apps!! And give it a couple of months and give everyone real bridge compatibility = happy days indeed

While it really is impossible to tell what is happening with Blackberry IMO from what I read things seem to be great.

I mean you see something like BB losing Home Depot, reposted reports from September on the DOD in the USA be in the news cycle for 6 days that says something. It means the powers that be (Apple, Samsung) are probably using there influence to keep these stories running.

On the flip side stories of the OS upgrade lasted two days plus I bet there wasn't one person who did a review make a story about how they improved things they did not like. While this isn't ideal BB reminds me of that quite kid in the class who one day just wrecks the loud bully, they are quite but it is for a reason. I feel BB will slowly start to take market share back, not all at once but over time, this is just the start.

I have to admit if it wasn't for a Samsung commercial making fun of BB (who I thought was dead) I would have never bought one, it made me pay attention because lets face it Samsung makes fun of Apple not Blackberry ... and that got my attention.

So thank you Samsung because I have never been happier with a phone in my life. It's UI is smooth and responsive, the lack of buttons makes any other phone seem outdated, the browser is lights out and lets face it it has the 10 apps I use and the one it doesn't (Royal Bank) I use the browser with ease. I am a converted iPhone user anyone really wants to know.

Blackberry can't manufacture quickly enough to keep up to the demand for the Z10 ..... and with the USA set to launch ... going to be very impressive ... PLUS .. Q10! .. another super phone to launch in a month or two ... I have not had a smartphone as so compelling in a long time as the Blackberry Z10 I now own!

I am one of those 30% coming from outside the BB community with my contract up in a few months. So many choices. Hoping the Z10 launch in the US is wildly successful.

The big news today is the BlackBerry 10 support from one important UK Enterprise in the Health Care sector. This is an area where platform security is absolutely critical. The organization is the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust (BSMHFT) which announced that it will deploy 1,800 BlackBerry Z10 smartphones across the organisation. BlackBerry is also hosting the BlackBerry Experience Forum for the enterprise community in London today. More than 1,000 UK enterprise customers and developers have registered to attend the full day event. So, expect more Enterprise announcements like this in the weeks ahead. This is also nice run up publicity before the US launch in less than 2 weeks. The BB management decision to hold off the US release could well be planned to allow this sort of endorsement from business users in other countries.

It's very obvious the carriers in Canada believe that the z10 is a viable phone. Although Canada is viewed as a BlackBerry stronghold, that was shown not to be true both by the consumer and the carriers. BlackBerry was virtually mocked by Bell, Rogers, Future Shop, Best Buy, Walmart etc as shown by there poor displays and sales representatives in the stores. What a change. I was in at Best Buy and the Z10 is everywhere on display. They are the best looking phone by far. This shows me the z10 is viewed as a serious contender by the carriers.

Samsung Commercial making Jokes of BB10 was really works.. Unfortunelly not for Samsung shake.. People has curiosity for What Happening. They think must be Something and Why don't they give it try. Well ..it works ! Thanks for that Ad, Sammy.

I can simply tell by the carrier support here in Canada that the z10 is going to be a hit. Rogers, Bell, Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, and Future Shop all have nice displays