Sign documents straight from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone with SignEasy and save a tree!

By James Richardson on 5 Mar 2013 11:31 am EST

Have you ever received a document on your BlackBerry that required you to sign it. I for sure find it a real pain in the butt having to print paper, sign it and then either post or scan and email back. Luckily I don't have to do that anymore thanks to SignEasy for BlackBerry 10.

The app is an Android port so things aren't not quite as smooth as with a Built for Blackberry app but do not fear as this one works just fine. So upon opening the app you have the option to enter your signature and initials which are then saved and can be inserted into any document. You can alter at any time so if you suddenly want to change your name for example you can - maybe one for secret agents!

When you receive a document that requires your signature you just insert it wherever you need to. You can make your autograph larger or smaller to suit the document and essentially thats it. If you watched the above video you will see that I learnt something new about the app once I had finished recording the initial part. As soon as I switched of the camera I got an email from SignEasy containing my signed document. From here I then had the option to share it via the BlackBerry Hub. As this was just a test I just stuck it into my Remember app which would be a great place to store things if you don't use cloud storage. This final feature impressed me greatly. SignEasy is an awesome application.

There is a free version for you to test it out and after that the app will set you back $19.99/14.00 so it isn't cheap but think of all the time and hassle you can save. And trees! Grab the free version below and let us know what you think in the comments.

More information/Download SignEasy (free) for Blackberry 10

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Sign documents straight from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone with SignEasy and save a tree!


Great idea. I use something similar on my PC but at that price, it's one of those apps that I will buy only when I have to.

Agreed. Sounds like good functionality but the price is a little steep for me.. but more importantly, it's a good sign to see true productivity apps like this that will appeal to business people who need to get things done.. and $20 aint really that big a deal to corporate types who make $50-100/+/hr and therefore saving 30 minutes with an app like this would be much more valuable to them

Hi @NinjaB,

Thanks for your comment. For a busy professional whose time is money, SignEasy allows them to be more productive and helps increase the efficiency of their business.

Do let us know your feedback after trying out the App.


19.99 for an android port that, based on other reviews, is questionable in terms of privacy?!?! Like that's gonna happen.

aren't there any legal issues with copying elektr. copies of your signature on a pdf file?

Where I came from, it wouldn't.

btw - almost any android app is questionalbe in terms of privacy...

bought a nexus 4 but feeled 90% of apps in the appstores claiming very extensive rights - 90& of these with no visible reasons to me.


Maybe I really switch back - still have my 9900 but right now not as main device.

Hi @boldkeyboardholic,

In many countries around the world including US and EU, eSignature is an accepted practice by all sizes of businesses. If you can tell us which country you are in, we can help you with more information.

We take the privacy and security of our user’s data and documents very seriously.

- Your signature is not stored on our servers, it is only used for generating the final signed document.

- Our servers are hosted on secure AWS with the transmission being encrypted by 256 bit SSL technology.

- Our electronic signature process includes user authentication, digital audit logs and verification of file integrity for any document, meeting the standards of eSignature practices in most countries around the world.

At SignEasy, we strive to be the simplest and most convenient way for businesses and professionals to sign documents legally from wherever they are: home, office, beach or on the go. With this vision, SignEasy also allows mobile professionals to collect signatures from clients while closing deals on the spot.

We request you to try the App and let us know your feedback which will be extremely valuable for rolling out a native App later this year.


I used a similar service for a recent transaction that required many documents and this was definitely much more efficient. It is much better than faxing emailing and printing or having to meet in person. I think the cost is worth it for the cost savings and efficiency that it brings.
With that said, I hope that monthly cost or each transaction is not so expensive. I personally don't mind paying for the service but would hope that the app was not an additional cost since many other services can simply use the BB browser. (I've used them on the PlayBook so I'm sure the Z10 could handle it even better).

Hi @Trini-34,

Thanks for the comment. Please send us any feedback after you try it out. It will be valuable for rolling out a native App this year.

-Sunil Patro, Founder at SignEasy

Really? I mean, yeah, the app looks like it could be useful. Would be nice if it was native etc. etc. but, the review?
Sorry James, not feeling it. Getting the impression you're trying to bash out reviews with little to no prep.
Not meaning to sound overly negative.
Long live CB!

I have to agree 100% with TimJW.
James no offense but try it out a few times before you make a video for all of us to see. It would (your video) look smoother and more professional and make the Z10 look better at the same time.
CB is still my favorite BlackBerry site.
Take care

Agree - would be nice to see reviews of apps that you've actually used.

This review looks more something like: just downloaded this app lets see what it does.

I agree as James as a person, but lately the reviews are mostly him trying something for the first time and with things not actually working.

Hmm.. What's the company's privacy policy and data retention policy? You're basically sending the company a copy of some confidential personal or legal document so that they can convert it to PDF and put in links so that when they email it back to you, your device attaches a locally-stored digital copy of your signature on it..

Although your actually signature may stay "secure" on your device, that's actually not the big security risk: whatever document you need to "sign" is being sent to a 3rd party, and you could be exposing a lot of sensitive or private information that's on the document..

If someone would create an on-device app with some very basic "Acrobat" functionality (and such an app may already exist, I haven't looked), you could easily digitize your own signature and insert it into any PDF without paying $20 and potentially compromising the confidentiality of the document. I do this all the time on my laptop: I have a digitized copy of my signature that I can simply cut and paste into Word documents, or insert into PDFs, etc.. All without having to send the document to some 3rd party..

Great comment f_d, I would have the same concerns.

Looking that the bigger picture, this a really good discussion - "Productivity Apps". Nothing against the plethora of games, and what have you, but there really is a need for apps that increase productivity (like this concept). Another would be pdf annotators.

Its not the Z10, but I've been looking apps to make work easier on the PlayBook for a while now. There are a couple of Android ports that work OK, but without wi-fi at work (therefore making it more difficult to xfer docs back and forth), and working for a company that is concerned about security, there really isn't that much (that I've found) to make using PlayBook an essential tool. I know there is Bridge, but I haven't really found that to be the be all and end all...

I'm hoping this will change with BB10. Actual work-related, productivity-increasing apps would be a good forum topic. If this already exists, great - I've searched, but not exhaustively. if someone can point me to it, that'd be appreciated. If it doesn't yet exist, perhaps I'll jump over there and create one :)

Hi @f_d and other BlackBerry fans,

This is Sunil Patro, founder at SignEasy. We take the privacy and security of our user’s data and documents very seriously.

- Your signature is not stored on our servers, it is only used for generating the final signed document.

- Our servers are hosted on secure AWS with the transmission being encrypted by 256 bit SSL technology.

- Our electronic signature process includes user authentication, digital audit logs and verification of file integrity for any signed document, meeting the standards of eSignature practices in most countries around the world.

At SignEasy, we strive to be the simplest and most convenient way for businesses and professionals to sign documents legally from wherever they are: home, office, beach or on the go. With this vision, SignEasy also allows mobile professionals to collect signatures from clients while closing deals on the spot.

For more information, please visit

Thanks for the response- I understand that the signature is not stored on your servers, and as I said, that's not the security issue.. The issue is with the transmittal of the document itself, which even though unsigned, is still some form of legal document requiring protection: eg what if it were the legal agreement between two parties of a lawsuit outlining the confidential settlement terms? It doesn't matter whether the document is signed, the contents of the document are the sensitive matter, and this could be argued for just about every document that requires a signature..

Transmission security is likewise not the issue- everyone has transmission security these days, but what about the data storage on the servers? Evernote just got hacked- they encrypted their user's data, so nobody lost anything; but they are still recommending that everyone change their password just in case.. You state in your privacy statement that your technicians do have access to private documents that could be reviewed for a number of specific reasons, which leads me to believe that people's sensitive files are in fact stored in the clear on your servers, or perhaps protected, but with a scheme that is not robust (because there must be some sort of key escrow in order to accommodate your "review" capability), so it's just a matter of time before someone hacks your servers and gets ahold of the motherlode of confidential agreements, and the fact that they are all unsigned will not matter at all.. Think Wikileaks 2.0.. Julian Assange would be proud..

A service of this type that I *would* use would work something like:
1) digitized signature stored on local device
2) attachment of digitized signature to a document is done on local device *without* having to send to servers
3) the value-add from the solution provider would be to add authentication and non-repudiation to the solution: upon subscription to the service, the person gets a PKI certificate and when signing, they'd have to authenticate to the solution provider's servers and the app would send a cryptographic hash of the signed document to the server which would be signed with the user's private key, which is backed up by the root of trust of the solution provider, and the app could embed a QR code or other verification code that the recipient of the document could use to check that the sender really did insert his signature on the document: ie, use a "digital signature" to back up a "digitized signature".. In this way, you maintain confidentiality of the documents because you're not sending them to a 3rd party, and you can provide authentication and non-repudiation of the signature on the document. In terms of a business model, it makes more sense too: you simply need a certificate authority instead of having to maintain a storage cluster, so lower operating costs, higher security..

I appreciate you responding personally, but quite frankly, you haven't convinced me that your current model is secure enough for business users: again, think contracts and legal agreements, the terms of which are usually extremely confidential.. Think of BlackBerry's own BES model: they have made it so that data is sent securely from end to end, and even when it goes through the servers in Waterloo, BlackBerry does not have the keys and cannot see your corporate data even though it passes through their servers.. This is the reason BlackBerry has been adopted and continues to be adopted by enterprise.. SignEasy simply does not fit this model as you get unencrypted copies of people's sensitive documents..

I agree completely, many of the companies I work for would not allow the documents to reside upon an outside vendors server, encrypted or not, and in addition the document cannot be stored outside the country.

A PKI solution where the document can benefit from non-repudiation and validation of the signatures authenticity would be the only service I could use.

I do appreciate the product and the steps as a vendor you are taking but if you expanded your service to offer an expanded scope as described you could actually start capturing some government work, right now we could never use the service for many reasons already identified.

Hi there,

On Android devices Adobe already released the possibility to sign directly on the pdf document.
The process is similar to the one describe here, but yes retention and privacy policy remain in the case you use that pdf signature process for sales orders for example. (you keep someone else signature's image on your device).
But even, why Adobe is not releasing that version of acrobat on BlackBerry devices?

If you mean export to PDF? I don't know. There's probably an app that could do it. Or just use libreoffice/openoffice on your desktop/laptop/netbook to do it in two clicks.

I use qPdf, has a tone of useful features, as well as digital signature. It's available on the playbook right now, and I asked the dev about Z10, he said they have already submitted to app world, so we should be seeing it drop on the Z10 shortly. I believe I only paid 2.99 for it.

I have a playbook too. My question is in case BlackBerry updates the current OS to BB10 OS, i guessed the software someone paid (4.99€ for qPDF Notes for the playbook) will be available and/or compatible for BB10 without paying again?
By the way,on Android devices, Adobe already released for free the possibility to sign and share on pdf documents

This is exactly what I need. Not sure if this is the right app, it looked a bit clunky. Thanks for the qpdf referral for the playbook. I just downloaded it for 4.99 usd.

Thanks @j4mes73 for the shout out.

Dear @crackberry readers / BlackBerry customers,

I am the founder at SignEasy. We are very excited to offer BlackBerry users a must-have tool to keep them productive and do business on-the-go. It is currently a port of our Android App, the reason being we wanted to make sure that current Z10 owners can benefit immediately from the current version of our successful eSignature App, which has been rated as Top 10 Essential business App on AppStore.

Please try out the App and let us know your feedback at, which
will be valuable when we roll out a native App later this year.

For additional information or help in using the App, please visit


Dear Mr. Patro,

Welcome to CrackBerry and thank you very much for making yourself available on the forum boards. I personally find it very satisfying that a company owner makes him (or her) self available for feedback from their potential customers. Again I applaud you.

Now with that said, I can definitely see this app as a benefit to my catering business by getting contracts created and signed within a few moments while meeting with a client. You stated that multiple signatures could be added to a document. If that is true, then I will most definitely be purchasing your app in the future. Unfortunately, I'm not big on ported apps of any kind. So I will be on the lookout for your native app to be released.

As for now, keep up the good work and thank you for being available in the forums.

Robert E.

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

This app wont do much for many business as the ones that do e signatures use a more common service like echosign. If I sent any one of my clients something to sign in this app, they wouldn't do it simply because they sign hundreds of contracts a day in Echo Sign and you become the fool when you don't send it to them in a format that's easy for them and will cause a delay in my contract being signed Not to mention you get free e signs with a free echosign app limited to 5 a month and this dude wants us to pay $20 bucks for the app and then only allows 3 free signatures a month.

I would just love to have the ability to put a jpg image onto a 'Docs to Go' document (like my signature) convert it to pdf and email it. Today, this would seem to be easy technology and essential for any business user. My professional grade tablet (aka the Playbook) has yet to be able to do this. Endlessly frustrating. So I see this easysign app on CrackBerry and I have hope. But then I read further, and you have send it off to a third party somewhere? WTF?? The price of the app is not an issue for me. $20 is pretty steep but I would pay $50 to just be able to put a jpg into a lousy document and convert it to a lousy pdf. What is so difficult about that?? Sorry EasySign, I'm not signing up for your service.

That app from the video looked like it sucked bad. It was lagging so bad. The signature and initials didn't even go in the right place

Hi @grandz,

We are sorry that the video from @CB team did not convey the simplicity and the full functionality of the App. We will be releasing a video tutorial next week which I am sure you would be happy with.

I request you to download/try the App and then let us know your own feedback.

Meanwhile, we appreciate your patience.


I tested it and is a great step in the right direction. $20 is a good price, especially when you consider that you don't need to purchase a signature pad to connect to a laptop.

The only other thing I would LOVE/NEED to have is the ability to re-name the document immediately. Often documents are saved with default names and I wold like to be able to reduce the number of steps required so that I don't have to go into file manager and change the name there afterward.

Thanks @berrybait.

We will be rolling out some enhancements as you suggested soon. Please keep an eye on our update.

I agree with some of the other posters above.. Please learn the app before posting videos like this, it happens all the time and is frustrating. So many people think they are reviewers, but your actually making the product look worse. Most of us including myself go to the video to see a working app, not someone fumbling around making it look hard to use. Kind of wasted my time since I was looking for a quick run through. Really only would had taken you about 3 minutes to try it once or twice. Probably less time to learn the app then to set up your video camera looking for attention.

As for the app:
I tried everything i could to find or transport the document into the app without any luck. Finally emailed it to and it was added inside the app before I could open the app back up again. Was impressed by that. The importing feature looks at folders I didn't even know existed on my phone. Its clumsy right now, but maybe with an update it'll be a better experience looking through folders for the right document.

Thank you to getsigneasy for making this available to blackberry. We are the business users of phones and this app once working properly, is one that I would pay for but not yet :)

I had the same problem with transporting my doc into the app. I couldn't make sense of the folders it was presenting me. I poked around via my file manager app and voila...this app (I think) created a set of folders on my device - not my card - under an Android folder name (something like [device]\misc\android\downloads\...). All the instructions say drop the doc to the documents folder on your card, but that probably is the case on the Android version. This ported version has not adjusted the default folder to suite the z10 and their instructions. Bad.