From the Forums: 'BlackBerry Z10 battery life is amazing after OS update'

By Bla1ze on 2 Mar 2013 02:34 am EST

For some of the growing BlackBerry Z10 owner base battery life has been a concern. Some folks say the battery has been fine while others say they've not been overly pleased with it. In any case, the latest OS update for the BlackBerry Z10 was noted to have over 60 battery optimizations in it and as such there has been an ongoing thread in the CrackBerry forums discussing whether or not folks are seeing improved battery life.

The overall response has been that there is a difference and it's for the better. Although it's still early, mostly everyone on the CrackBerry team has reported the same difference as well. Whatever BlackBerry optimized, it was good. Have you been seeing better battery life on your BlackBerry Z10? If so, drop into the forums thread and let us know!

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From the Forums: 'BlackBerry Z10 battery life is amazing after OS update'


Yeah, battery life is doing well for me. Off the charger at 6:10am this morning, and I'm still going at 1:35am (20% life left). And I did a few LONG video chats today.
Turning off LTE makes battery life live LONG time too. Back in Toronto when I was running on Rogers LTE, battery was tough to get through the day - was fine if on WiFi for a lot of it, but ate through battery quicker when getting out of the house and straight on the network (pre battery update). As said I headed back to Winnipeg, where Rogers doesn't have LTE yet, my battery life went through the roof. Better than my 9900 for sure. With this update yesterday, definitely seems even better.
Good job BB. Keep the optimizations coming!!!

This pretty much sums up my experience. Telus LTE in Surrey and Langley BC is not complete. And when your on it usually 3 bars. I can go through a battery in 6 hours of moderate use with lte on. With just h+ I'm an improvement over my 9900.

I'm curious how good bells lte is. Maybe the stronger signal would be better on the battery. For now though I'm goona sit back and wait for my spare battery bundle from crackberry to ship (when they finally get more stock lol) then pump the lte all day

While the LTE turned off, The latest updates brought awesome extended life on my Z10 Battery. I can carefully say that it extended 4 to 6 extra hours which is awesome, exactly what i was looking for.
I unplugged battery from charger at 12am (i work nights) watched some yout tube videos, made some long phone calls (e.g 40 mins each) heavy usage of emails and BBM through out the day and by 7:30 pm next day i still had 20% left. I can carefully cliam that my phone can easily backup me for about 20 to 22 hours. I am very happy about my Phones Battery. Thanks BB.

Well, the story may be different on LTE.I use LTE as per needed otherwise LTE is battery sucker.

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I have to concur. In Calgary we have LTE and after the update yesterday, decided to run with LTE on all day (was on HSPA+ before). I just plugged my phone in 10 minutes ago and it was at 20% after about 20 hours and moderate use. Very impressed. Outshines those other phones...

Seems like the AT&T carrier settings restrict disabling LTE, even on a factory unlocked Z10. Hopefully someone can figure out how to compile these OS updates into an installer package so we can all take advantage!

i have blackberry Z10 STL 100-1 and my OS is and i go to software Updates he tell me you have latest Software ...

Why ?!

I Want

Help !!

Not everyone has the update available yet. I am on Bell in Toronto and do not have it.

EDIT: beaten me to the reply button :)

I hope it's an improvement because without actually touching my Z10, it burned through 50% of the battery in 3 hours yesterday evening.

I'm guessing something I installed is doing it, but as no apps were running, it's slightly annoying.


I have heard that BlackBerry have promised that the new OS will be available for all carriers around the world. Thanks god if it's true

Only been one day but if yesterday is an example of how things will be then I am a happy panda. With this update the battery easily beats my 9800, 9810, and 9900. Thanks BB!

I don't notice a lot of change so far, if I keep the LTE off I always get through the day. I'm not a power user. That said I did use a lot of LTE yesterday for some streaming and my battery still made it ok.

Very happy with my Z10.. love it more every day.

Battery performance is fantastic. I am getting battery performance on par with my old 9700. Considering this is a high end feature rich phone, that is outstanding performance and heads above what Apple or Samsung can do.

What we are seeing here is how quickly performance can leap frog the competition. Since BB has a brand new OS the upside on this phone and subsequent phones is unlimited.

A friend of mine was in store and the sales person was really positive about BB, he said this is really a smart phone, the others are all really dumb phones since you just follow the same pattern of clicks. You are trained by the phone, but with BB the phone learns from you and it is so adaptable.

I see you have the white BB mini Speaker !!!
Can we get a review .... I really want to get one but hoping to read your review of it first.


Edit: Even though I see the speaker on BlackBerry's site, I can not find it for sale on CrackBerry webstore.

Battery life is amazing. Yesterday was the first day that I didn't have to plug the phone. More than 24 hours on battery.

Updated device, and then Friday I used the device only once in the AM for two minute. Didn't use the device again for 8hrs... It went from 100% to 50% without turning on the screen once. Cell radio off, Wifi on. Only thing I noticed was that I forgot to close the CB10 app...

Wow .... now this is what I am talking about.

It all depend on how far away you are from the tower, and whether or not you have wifi turned on.

Your battery can last 6 hours, or it can last 72 hours. It depends on how much of what you use.

I notice that when I am an airtime hog, ( for me at least ) I'm getting about 10 hours .... and when I am not, I have half the juice left in it after 16 hours. ( I always have it plugged into my PLAYBOOK CHARGER over night. The PLAYBOOK CHARGER charges it up MUCH FASTER.

Drink Diet Coke Zero .... and collect the points.

the battery life increase has been great. Tested it against an iPhone 5 (my gf) last night and it wasn't even close. We had a full battery when we went out around 4ish and similar usage, personally I may have even used my phone more as friends were constantly wanting to see and play with the new phone. AS of this minute 19 hours later the iPhone was sitting at 8% battery while I'm still looking at 50% battery life. and yes there was 6-7 hours of no usage while sleeping.

Keep up the great work BB

Since upgrade my battery life seems to have just about doubled. I'm charging it now - first time since yesterday a.m. and I used it a lot for music, text and e-mails. Very happy with my Z10!

Wow, I cant recall seeing so many postive comments about a BlackBerry, especially battery life. Kevin, could we see a new review of battery life soon?!

The update won't be available on Bell until March 7th. What gives Bell? My daughter decided to go with the Z10 after comparing it to the I phone. The guys at the bell store did an excellent presentation for her. Her friends now want a Z10. I'm waiting to see the Q10 before making my purchase.

Bell and Virgin Mobile are both on the LTE network but you have to make sure you are using an LTE SIM card. It will be labeled "LTE" on the microSIM card.

The fastest I have had on was 53 megabits per second.

Sooo... I just got my Z10 a couple days ago on the Wind network and I love it.

Does anyone know what the delay will be like for getting this update? I am currently at version

Also, my Z10 is on Wind's 4G network... but is the hardware the same as all of the LTE Z10s?

I am asking this because I am thinking of unlocking my phone and using a Rogers SIM to get the update... good idea?

1st big improvement in battery life was when I turned off NFC. 2nd big improvement in battery life was the most recent OS update. I went from 11-12 hrs to 16-17 hrs between the two. And that is with poor signal and still higher than normal usage. any of you have your Z10 on BDS6.2? I just got my BB10 on Friday and battery life for me sucks horribly! I have been charging multiple times per day. Granted I'm playing around lots but this absolutely sucks as far as battery is concerned.

I noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in battery life.

I rarely notice improvements (like tweeks to browser performance or speed, etc.) but this one was impossible not to notice, it is that big of a difference.

Haven't used my spare battery and charger (bought from the CrackShop) since for the Z10. Started using it to boost my wife's Curve instead.

There will be another update (minor) available Thursday of this week. Not sure of the time but it will depend on your time zone anyway. This was confirmed to me by Bell Mobility.

I think the battery life is sub-par. I have the upgrade. I'm at 46% since 8:30 A.M. It is now 1:30 P.M. I have done zero with the phone since 8:30, by the way. No calls. No internet. No games. Nothing. WiFi is on. I`m not going to keep shutting it off. Same with Bluetooth. Shouldn't have to with good batteries.

Coming from the Note ll, gotta say this is terrible battery life.

Sorry to dampen the mood .since update all out of juice after 6-7 hours . Previously it was about 10 hours . Frankly not good enough

Upgraded yesterday, phone 100% at 18.00 hrs. today at 11.20 am 75% remaining, I never did experience a problem before with the battery life. Beats my daughters Iphone hands down

I am getting maybe 5 hours using WIFI and a lot of browsing. I have the latest update. I have blue tooth off, media sharing off, NFC off, brightness 0, no background apps except the browser (and anything else that doesn't appear in active frames).

i just did the update on my blackberry z10 and it took awhile to load up id say about 30 mins when i finally got it back on it won't let me turn my network connection on , its only letting me use wifi , anyone any suggestions on how to fix this before i throw my phone off the wall