Sprint passing on the BlackBerry Z10 - Will offer Q10 'later this year'

Sprint BB10
By Adam Zeis on 1 Mar 2013 11:40 pm EST

It hasn't been a secret that Sprint has been totally quiet about any plans to carry the BlackBerry Z10, and now it further confirmation points to them skipping the full-touch Z10 all together. In their original press release regarding BlackBerry 10, Sprint stated plans to carry the BlackBerry Q10 however there was no mention of the Z10 at all. We had hopes that they were just keeping it on the down-low, but it looks like the Z10 won't be landing on Sprint at all.

Mark Elliot, a Sprint spokesman, has confirmed that Sprint won't offer up the Z10 at all, instead opting to make the Q10 their first BlackBerry 10 device.

"We think our customers will be happy with the qwerty keyboard and touch screen on the Q10." 

Sprint is in a tricky agreement with Apple, so they essentially lose money on any other touchscreen device they sell. It's totally dumb and also makes Sprint the only one of the major US carriers to pass on the Z10. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have all confirmed their plans to carry the Z10.

The petition to bring the Z10 to Sprint was pretty strong, but it won't do any good as this point. Sprint users will have to wait a few more months for any BlackBerry 10 love -- and at that will only be able to go the Q10 route for now.

Also - did you notice the Z10 shots in Sprint's promo image? Maybe in the future they'll be smart enough not to include screens of a device don't plan to carry in their promos. You'll still get the BlackBerry Experience, it just won't be the full one :-)  

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Source: Bloomberg 

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Sprint passing on the BlackBerry Z10 - Will offer Q10 'later this year'


Sprint lost me also as long term customer,I am glad I never renewed my contract with them,free agent Bye Sprint it was fun well it lasted since you don't know anything about your customers.

youOh so we make the last push petition and the sprint executive dumb came with this small talk? We dont care what kind of deal yôu got with iphone....is not our problem that flat cracker isnt what it suppose to be.......but yeah we gonna be happy of start cancelling contracts of 2 yrs.....word* no z10 no monthly pyamento bye bye customers! Im out

I been with sprint for 9 years and have 3 lines that i pay too much money for. I been waiting for the Z10 like everybody else too long. After this news and seeing that they will be offering the HTC one which is a full touch gives me every reason i need to switch to verizon. They have better coverage in my area and much faster data speeds. Totally disappointed right now.

I bet they'll have the Galaxy S4 also, or whatever else. and on top of it all, we still have to wait even longer for the Q10. I left Verizon for Sprint, and just might make a dash back. im done with this.

having the Z10 wont help them sell all the iphones they are on the hook for. The deal they made with apple is going to look worse and worse for them with time, great for apple.

Could someone explain to me "Sprint is in a tricky agreement with Apple, so they essentially lose money on any other touchscreen device they sell" part?


Sprint committed to selling s certain number of iPhone contracts to allow them to get the iPhone on their network (basically, they saw how popular it was becoming and how customers had jumped on it immediately when it came to Verizon, so they wanted in too).

Unfortunately, the way that the contract is set up with Apple, they really can't push any other full-touchscreen phones because doing so would limit the number of iPhones they can sell. Thus why they seem adamant that they won't carry the Z10 at all but will carry the Q10. The only one that wins in this scenario is Apple.

How about the Android phones they have been selling? they're all touch screens.
My contract with Sprint was up on the 1st of January of 2012 and I hate to leave but I have been waiting long enough.

I'm not justifying it, I'm just explaining it.

Sprint had been pushing Android phones, especially the Evo and Galaxy, pretty heavily before the Apple deal so maybe they figured that consumers would see that as too far a departure from their norm.

I think this means Sprint knows that the Z10 is going to be a real game changer. Android just didn't pose that much of a threat to the sales of IPhone, but they know the Z will. Too bad Sprint really screwed up again. Just speculation of course.

Verizon here I come.

I can care less whether Sprint has a Apple contract or not, 3 things may happen from there incompetence. Lose customers that want the the Z10. Bad enough it wasn't offered sooner. People that want the Z10 don't want the Q10.
The other issue is iPhone won't sell that great. If someone wants a Z10, you are not selling then an inferior product, the iPhone, no matter how you dress it.
The other is they are going to lose out on Big profits and sales off the Z10 and give all that business to the other carriers. I am sure all the other carriers are happy they have less competition for Z10 sales.

One more thing, who wants to stay with a carrier that is not offering the best? People need to vote with there wallets and say no to Sprint and go elsewhere. Only then will they beg BlackBerry for Z10's.

Sprint entered into a contract with Apple to purchase $15.5 billion in iPhones. So to pay for that they need to push the iPhone to every customer they can. Every other touchscreen sale they have means one more iPhone they have to find a customer for.

I thought Sprint was nice but I really freaking hate it right now. I think this is completely unacceptable. They better offer the Q10 within days of it being released.

It's only a matter of time. Apple will be dethroned with such insecure agreements. This goes a long way to show apples scare of other device over taking it. Bad agreement for both parties. If I was on, I probably would have switched. Insecure partners. Lol

It was a good deal for Apple and a bad deal for Sprint. It was Sprint that wanted the iPhone and they paid a dumb price to get it.

It was a great deal for Apple in the sense that Sprint is essentially locked in to selling iPhones. However...

Considering Sprint has now painted themselves into a corner the other carriers can adjust their strategy accordingly. The most obvious way for the other carriers to hurt Sprint (to the point of bankruptcy?) is to make iPhones appear relatively less appealing. There is now essentially no incentive for any U.S. carrier other than Sprint to want demand for iPhones to increase (in fact they will all want demand for iPhones to disappear). The other carriers will only want to promote Android, Windows and/or BlackBerry going forward so that Sprint is stuck with a dying product and will suffer accordingly. No demand for iPhone = more defecting Sprint customers for the other carriers to poach.

Apple may have won this battle but inadvertently set up an environment where it is in all the other carriers' interest for Apple to lose the war. It may sound far-fetched today but with Apple relying almost exclusively on Sprint in the U.S. they will be lucky to hang on as the third ecosystem.

Microsoft has been known to play games like this forever. Used to be that if you were an OEM that you had to pay MS for a Windows license for every system you sold EVEN ON SYSTEMS SOLD WITHOUT WINDOWS, thus seriously limiting the incentive to sell, say, Linux.

This isn't anything new, and if the Z10 turns out to be any kind of hit at all, Sprint is going to be under some serious pressure to review that contract with Apple.

That is factually incorrect. Microsoft had that licensing boondoggle with MS-DOS not Windows. It hurt people like ZEOS, Micron, Dell and Gateway but had no effect on OEMS like IBM, HP, and Compaq who had their own versions of DOS.

Well that seals the deal for me... Good bye Sprint it is clear you made a horrible deal with the devil and now you will suffer the consequences. To say that we "will be happy with the qwerty keyboard and touchscreen" combination is total crap! If I wanted that I would have already gotten the 9930 phone on Sprint!!

Oh well going to VZW where they have 4G LTE where I work and live and I can get an employee discount from my work as well to top it off! Been nice knowing you Sprint since you don't listen to your customers and choose to do business with crapple and screw your customers. It's not like you were the first to offer crapple, you were actually the last.. AGAIN!!!

Way to loose business from otherwise loyal customers that stuck with you even though you never had any 4G of any type where I work or live as well as crappy data speeds. Peace!

This really sucks for folks on Sprint wanting the Z10. I'm just hoping they get the Q10 by June 1st when my contract is up , otherwise 'Adios Sprint'!

Ill be leaving sprint very soon(2 accounts, 9+yrs each). sad to say it but I'm lookin around since i read about this in the forums.

It's ok for their apple deal to sell a bunch of android and eventually windows phones too but not to provide one of the only two new models of blackberry?

sprint shooting themselves in the foot yet again it seems

That's another problem, they said that they would soon offer WP8 devices "soon" as well too but still several months afer WP8 launch, everyone but Sprint offers them.. Not cool and I feel this happening to Q10 as well since they are going to be the only carrier not to offer Z10. Been off contract for a while waiting for Z10 and this seals the deal for me. Tired of being last with Sprint to get good cell service then data speeds/4G LTE and most of all phones!

Can't believe this!!!!!!! Even if I have to break my contract to get the Z10.. I'm gone, BYE Sprint, After Four years, Oh you also lost my girlfriend that was coming to you from another carrier!!!!!!!!!!! >:O

It's just a carrier. There are others to choose from. Other then me, I'm quite certain that they will lose millions of customers. Who knows.....This could be the nail in sprints coffin.

Well the same goes here. I have three phones on Sprint and I have been a customer since 1995. I guess they don't care about their customers concerns. Adios Sprint!!!!!!

* BlackBerry by choice *
I might be right behind you there. After 10 yrs this might be the last straw. Although I wasxconsidering the Q10, the lack of a choice really is a put off.

I'm with ya precisely! I'm kinda feelin the no contract deal anyway! I was on Boost's Unlimited Blackberry plan but I thought I was "missing" something, now T-Mobile's no contract plan is calling my name!

Warms my heart to see such a passionate following in the market where BB has been all but eradicated. Hang in there guys. And EFF Sprint, lol.

Well it looks like I will be making he jump alone as everyone else in my house just re-upped with sprint (the not so now network) so me and my new Z10 will be on someones network, just not sure who
I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

Well they do say "common sense isn't common". They dont want to sell the phone because each one they sell is one less iphone sold, but each lost customer is on less phone sold, period. So they are now not only one iphone short but potentially 1500 customers lost from the petition alone.

Who is the genie-arse that thought that through?

There are roughly 20 million BlackBerry customers total in the USA.

Sprint has roughly 56 million wireless customers.

If they lost 1500 or even 150000 customers they really don't care. It would only be an impact if the Z10 becomes the new hotness and iPhone and Android customers start switching by the millions in the USA.

The USA would have to have the most massive turn around on a brand since the second coming of Apple for Sprint to care about the Z10.

But, Just this morning I was reading on engadget that the magical lightning connector is simply a micro airplay decoder and cannot even handle 1080P output. If people suddenly started realizing just how limiting Apple is and how by comparison the Z10 offers so much more for less out of the box with an experience that is every bit as refined as an iOS, there might be a revolution. But I sure ain't betting on it.

How is it they can afford to carry, say, the Galaxy SIII? I think this also may have to do with their not trusting the Z10 to be a superstar like the SIII or iPhone. And I think they're going to be sorry about that.

Regardless of any idiotic lawsuits, a much larger device like the S3 is going to be be distinct enough that people wanting one of those are not going to be as easy to push towards an iphone instead whereas they obviously think they would have a better chance of doing so with a smaller device like the z10.

I agree that Sprint isn't taking the gamble with the Z10, I'm sure the Z10 will have decent sales, but compared to iPhone or a Galaxy or maybe with Sprint, another improved Evo, in the end Sprint opted out. Getting the Q10 will, in Sprints mind, still have die hard BlackBerry customers who still want a qwerty keyboard.

A bad CEO covering his bad deal to make it seem like they got new customers due to the iPhone deal they signed, not due to them giving the customer choice, which is supposed to be the business they are in. Old school carriers doing what they used to do, guess Sprint doesn't care about customer choice.

They made their bed, good luck with all that Sprint.

Why not look at another carrier for your services.
It's time that we let Sprint know that we won't let them control what we buy, and that we buy what we want.

Is everyone with me?

Yes, I'm with you, but I've already made up my mind. First one to offer the Z10 in the states is going to get my business...!

T-Mobile might have it a week earlier then AT&T and Verizon, but all three will have it this month. I know AT&T is seeing high consumer interest in the Z10.

Oh, yeah, my wife and I are with you. It's not just a nice new BB, its also the total lack of WP support. I'm basically going to buy an old unlocked WP, join my wife and bro-in-law on ATT, and wait for a flagship WP or BB to come along to sign a contract during week one of its release.

I am with you and this must be why when I upgraded from a BB9650 to the BB9930 some of my apps stopped working. Sprint apparently has not been for blackberry all along. They can have there service and deals with apple. My contract has been up for a few months and I had a feeling this was going to happen. I had thought about getting the Q10 and now this makes me want the Z10 even more.

Well I'm out. Later Sprint. Oh and P.S. You could've made so much money from the Z10 that Apple contract mostly wouldn't matter.

Reality is that sprint are lead by a bunch of stupid morons....after 14 years...bye bye sprint for my family and I, my parents. My sister and my business all together over over 100 phone lines and hotspots...but they just don't care.

With the purchase of Sprint going elsewhere as a company to a Chinese Company impending, leave Sprint and lets go to other carriers where they have phones we want/need and NOT pay foreign companies any more $$$ at the same damn time!

1) Softbank is a Japanese company not Chinese. 2) Verizon is partially owned by Vodafone (a foreign company) 3) T-Mobile is also owned by a foreign company (not sure if that is still the case).

I'm proud to say that i am leaving sprint so i can have a z10. i kept with sprint b/c i always got suckered into upgrading for 2 more years. well now that sprint dont got the z10 - they will have lost me as a customer. At $150 a month for 12 monts ($1800 a year), I calculated that this is a $60k loss for sprint over the next 30 years losing me as a customer!!!!!!!!!!

Never thought I'd see the day when a touch screen device is considered the " full Blackberry experience" and a keyboard device isn't! I wonder if all those people waiting for the Q10 realize they're not getting the full Blackberry experience?

Individually, neither one of the phones are the "full BlackBerry experience". I think Adam is implying that having the option to choose/use both devices would be the Full BlackBerry experience.
...I know I want them both!

I also read that comment as the full blackberry experience includes the full range of choice of devices since they both offer distinct differences.

Agreed. TRhe full experience is the full choice...at least when the two options are so distinct.

My wife has the 9850 and would have been getting the Z10 on July 1 on upgrade. I wanted the Q10 anyway (have the 9930), hoping it would be available by July 1, but this whole turn of events still pisses me off.

I'm not surprised. As much as I like sprint, underdog and had faith in original Pre-, they've screwed themselves with the latest iPhone deal and will continue paying for that error for at least this year.

Damn you, Sprint!!! I'm going to have to find a way to afford paying my 100 buck ETF and buying two phones from a new carrier...

Im with all of you guys, and Id love to ditch sprint and reward the 1st company to pick these up, BUT I have an old school unlimited text + data SERO $30 plan :( Does anybody know another major nationwide carrier that has a plan that good? If so, Im in.

We're in the same boat (I had SERO, now SERO BB $30 + $10) and as such don't plan to leave Sprint as NO other carrier offers such a plan. Sprint is the only provider I have had (over 10 years) and I will stay with them until they force me to change plans. Unfortunately this puts me in a horrible position as I really want the Z10. But, switching to another carrier would increase my yearly bill by $400+. :-(

In our area, Sprint coverage sucks. I know one company that was unhappy with Sprint using the Bold 9650 and Playbooks. One day the boss decided to get a Galaxy S3 on Verizon and switched the whole company. I'd been trying to get them to switch to Verizon and the Bold 9930 for months.

I just don't understand people. When I asked him what BlackBerry on BES didn't provide that he needed. he replied that he was missing phone calls. That's like saying that because the street by your house is bad, you are moving to another country. ?? Huh ??

Later I found out that he was at some ball game and Android users on Verizon at that event had some app that tracked something. What that has to do with work stuff still baffles me.

Another client has good Sprint service ONLY at their house, sucks everywhere else. His wife loves her bold 9930, he doesn't like his iPhone 5. I was so hoping to get him to go for the Z10 on Sprint, but now that hope is dashed.

I don't have a choice unless you know another carrier that offers unlimited data with sufficient coverage in all the lower 48 states I travel. I might check T-mobiles coverage again but last I check coverage in all 48 sucked compared to even Sprint which isn't the best but sufficient

I feel really sorry for the Sprint BlackBerry fans who are asleep right now and will wake up to this news.

Kinda funny, I did just wake up & grab the BB 1rst thing as usual every morning to check all the news & see THIS!! Now I'm running late from reading all these comments

in my humble opinion , this is why Z10 is being delayed in all carriers. I think Apple is behind the slow launch in the US.
The carriers have made a allot of money off of Apple and maybe Apple wants it delayed til they get the next IPhone out . I noticed that the IPhone is lacking some features that theZ10 has. And maybe they want to be on a level field when the launch their next phone. Just a guess....

Confirmation like this could end up hurting them more than just from people who wanted a z10 too.

Regardless of the device somebody might want now, them doing stuff like this is liable to make people wary about signing up with them as who knows what other devices they will skip due to this deal, some people in here have already mentioned wp8 phones too.

Also, this could have a knock-on effect with BB, a lack of support on this device could lead to them making Sprint a much lower priority so they aren't even offered some devices (no tablet, no aristo perhaps?) or the ones they do launch like the q10 might end up coming out much later on Sprint than even the other slow american carriers.

Long time Sprint customer, but they're making too many mistakes for me to take. It seems I'm going to have to go to Verizon, at&t or T-Mobile. Bye bye, Sprint!

I've been with Sprint 5 years with a 5 phone family plan. I'm leaving first (Verizon or ATT) and as contracts are up, my family will follow one by one.

Good or bad decisions on Sprints part, At the time it was absolutely essential to make whatever deal they'll could with Apple to get the iPhone. Verizon was selling iPhones at an incredible pace, and at the time, BlackBerry was still an unknown player in the game. Take your chances with an already established money maker in the iPhone, or gamble that BlackBerry who's US sales accounted for 3% of smartphone sales while the iPhone had approx. 38% of the smartphone sales.

BlackBerry was and is well known. The problem is that for the last 2-3 years BB is behind everyone. Now is back, but carriers want to be sure something is going to work before they can move. I remember Nov 2010, when SPrint were offering like 4 differents BlackBerry.They offered the style, curve,bold,pearl. I remember 2011 when Sprint were offering the Torch Touch, Bold and Curve.This time maybe because the couch didnt sell well before they want to maintain they base customer with what must of the customer wants BB Physical keyboard. If we look at blackberry touch screen device they all fail. Im with sprint with a iphone5, i miss my bb, im just waiting for the q10 to be out, to sell my iphone5 or to swap my iphone5 with a cousin that wants the iphone 5, but dont want to spend 200 or more.Since the q10 is going to be for 200 or less i prefer to pay for the phone and give her my iphone5.

I've been with Sprint for 9 years. Was pleased with the pricing, service, & coverage in my area. I just happened to check yesterday to verify that my contract is up. Time for a change. Goodbye Sprint.

I am so glad that I am not with Sprint, and if I were, that relationship would be over! I can't believe that they will dictate to their customers what devices they them them to purchase. Hey Sprint, you have three other carriers offering something you won't have! It's too bad you excluded yourself from the party. How does it feel cutting offyour nose to spite your face????

I too have been with Sprint seems like forever. Based on the rumors about this I had sent an email to customer service complaining about the lack of support and the plan not to carry the Z10. I'm sure that won't help but I think folks should keep the pressure on them. I usually write the CEO's also which I will do. Oh, I know they won't read it but someone will. My contract is up in August and if they don't change their BB support plan I'm out too. I love my Torch which I got from them but I want a Z10 badly. I'm beginning to think I should I move to Canada.

Maybe I'll switch to Sprint now.... If all you leave then maybe their data speeds will be better :P. I was thing of holding out for a Q10 anyways.

It is sad news though for the Sprint customers that want the Z10.

Everyone in my faamily has already left Sprint because of their not so great service in the Chicagoland area. Dropped calls, voicemails coming in days later, text messages also. Now they pull this bs...I guess we'll really see how many BlackBerry faithful there are in the states when they up and leave Sprint for a carrier that will carry the Z10. I'm so glad I went to Verizon 12 years ago instead of Sprint.

This is no secret. Sprint is being bullied by Apple to restrict the number of touchscreen phones it offer. They had to fight hard and accept onerous terms to bring the iPhone to Sprint.

Sprint is heading the way of the dodo bird, so this really does't matter anyway.

Have 3 phones, BB curves on Sprint and was waiting for Z10, still waiting for Z10 but now looking for new carrier. Let Sprint stay in bed with Apple their new owner. Just as a matter of principal we need to show carriers that we the customer pick what we want. They the supplier offer us the products, when they stop doing that and try to dictate to us what we can get, then its time for them to go. Not just Blackberry users, how long will it be before other lines are not provided WP8 phones, Motorola phones, HTC phones etc. It doesn't matter what it is, all that matters is that you have the choice. So goodbye Sprint. Oh and anybody waiting for the Q10 on Sprint, it will be on all the other carriers too, and probably before Sprint.

Sprint customers are value oriented people. If you dont run with the big boys your at Sprint . So yeah, I can understand the decision. Maybe they will introduce the next BB10 full touch.

I don't think it's only value, I think it's also basic price (those aren't the same thing). You could pay more for better value, of course. The unlimited everything, including data, to me seems to be both a good price and value deal. It is for us, anyway, because we have pretty good service here. We did need an Airave to boost the in-home signal, but since we got that working, I've had no complaints at all with the signal on Sprint. I did have complaints about TMO's signal when we had them for the prior 6 yerars or so (been on Sprint now since September of 2011).

So, price point of service and the reliability of the network are a big deal, obviously, I know for certain if I moved to the best network, Vz, it would cost significantly more (not coutning the hardware itself).

I am a bit torn about whether I want to give up what at least so far has been good service and a good price for a game of Chase The Phone.

The ethicist in me wants to tell them to shove it. Hopes they go under with their iPhone anchor, and thus screw Apple out of their promised massive piece of the pie. I'm not sure if that is in our best interest at home, though.

I think another reason I'm somewhat torn is that my son (soon to be 17) is being allowed to pick his phone for the first time and wants an iPhone. My wife was going to upgrade from her 9850 to a Z10, but would take an iPhone or even a SIII. I was going to get the Q10 for myself anyway.

I'm unhappy, but not sure what to do.

I have 6 lines on my VZW family plan and I won't allow anything other than BlackBerry devices (or a MiFi hotspot). If I'm paying for it, that's my option. If someone wants to pay for their own plan, they can buy and pay for what they want.

I wonder if there is anything from a legal standpoint that would allow subscribers to opt out of their contracts without the ETF. I'm generally not one of thos elitigate everything types by any means, but I figure there is a question if Sprint is acting in good faith here (if that even matters legally).

Three of our 4 lines are up on 9/1. A 4th is newer and has a lot olonger to go. I added that line thinking it was a pretty sure thing that Sprint would carry the Z10, specifically (as I said earlier, my wife wants it). If I had known they absolutely would not be, I think my decision would have been easier, I would not have added the line, and I would be leaving with all 3 original lines on 9/1.

So, I "acted in good faith" when adding the line, they did not in being the *opnly* major US carrier to not carry the Z10. I wonder if the underlying reason (the need to force iPhones down people's throats) also helps that "case."

I assume the small print in the contract protects them from everything, but...


I don't know if you can get out of paying the ETF, I am sure there are court cases about it somewhere. my 2 lines are up in September also. I am gladly paying the ETF and leaving to go to TMO. Good Bye Sprint.

who cares?????LOL....it is Sprints fault that they agreed to buy 6.1 million Iphones each quarter(4.4 Billion Dollars worth). they got taken to the cleaners by Apple, and Blackberry users are the ones getting the shaft because of it.

I'm asking to see if the lost per unit could be offset then Sprint could offer the Z series regardless of the Apple agreement. I like knowing the details to try to understand their business decision and how it will affect Sprint, their customers, blackberry and the competition (T-mobile, Verizon, etc.) for the long term.

The more I read the more I push people to anything but apple. Really hope BlackBerry can grab some share and make the US less of a duopoly!

It's not just the Z10, they've offered a grand total of 1 Windows Phone since WP7 was first released way back in Nov 2010. Sprint stopped offering choice, variety, and selection a long time ago. It's pretty bad when T-Mo can beat you in call quality, texting delivery, data speed, and phone selection. Ironic as Sprint was the loudest critic against the AT&T-Mo merger because it would be bad for consumers by offering a "duopoly", yet they have no prob with a duopoly of OS' in their stores.

I have been supporting Sprint for so many years since digital PCS age. So disappointed for it to make such a crazily lousy decision. I, my family and all my friends i can have influence on will be against it forever!

No offense to any qwerty users, but it has become apparent they are in the minority, however die hard they may be. The popularity of flat screen devices should be proof enough. You can't please everyone but painting yourself into a corner like Sprint did is a mistake.

Apple has made it apparent they like to do things alone. I believe that to be a mistake as well. I seem to recall another technology company doing so a short time ago. It didn't work out very well either. Can anyone think of which company that was?

I was in a Sprint store yesterday in NYC and they had many Android Touch Screen devices. Is it only BB that they aren't supporting? And those Sprint employees were sure pushing the Galaxy 3. They are the first phones you see as you walk into the store, followed by Apple. Sounds like they just don't have any faith in BB. Sprint is the worst!!!

Sprint has clearly made multiple bad business decisions. Yes they offer "unlimited data" however they keep altering base prices and "premium data" fees. They cant keep their network up with other carriers, and have gone through 3 types of radio technology in the last 2 years, none of which have ever been completed. They are always behind in technology and never offer the most up to date devices, and when they do its several months after others. They have jacked up hidden fees, their insurance premiums are twice as much as other carriers. You never get a straight answer from any of their customer service reps. Their Sprint Store people tell you one thing and telephone service tell you another.

The last "Sprint First" device was the Treo 650. I think the BB10/Z10 decision is going to put them into Bankruptcy.

My contract has been up for several months waiting to see what they were going to do, but I think its time to move on. And I was actually wanting the Q10, but by the time they release it, there will be another BB10 device, and the Q10 will be "old technology." Remember BB says several new models this year.

I've shopped around and actually see that other carriers with better service and coverage are actually going to be CHEAPER each month when you consider all of Sprint's added on fees, surcharges and bs costs. Besides, I'd be willing to pay $10 more a month to know that my phone wont lose service when I turn my head or go around a corner. Another factor is that I'm 80 percent of the time on a wifi network anyway.

Now I wont say "I'll leave Sprint cause they dont have the Z10" but the "later this year" is an issue...Sprint just seems to keep making bad business decisions, which is going to end up with Verizon bailing them out through a buyout or complete collapse...

I wish all those who jump ship the best...and for "Crackberry" remember that many people dont haze a BB10 device yet, so mix up your posts with some older device info. News of BB10 is great and its nice to know how to change my profile settings on the Z10, but the largest group of your audience dont have a Z10 profile to change.

All they care about is how many Millions of $$$ the CEO makes for making these stupid decisions.
I hope that they very soon realize that they are going to lose so many customer by not supporting the Z10 model.
Go to any other carrier .... show them the plan that they have with Sprint .... and I am sure that they will work with you to get your business.
In other countries, such as CANADA, corporate accounts are paid $400.00 per phone that is switched from one carrier to the next. So switching carriers at the end of each term basically gets you the phone for next to nothing.
Good Bye Sprint. I made my point ... and now I am happy.

Now it looks like early april for major us carriers so probably both models at same time. That delay is gonna hurt sales. People get tired of "coming soon". N ot sure where the fault lies but does it really matter in the end?

My initial optimism about the BB10 resurgence is plummeting. I realize the US isn't the only market but it is certainly an important one, and the delay between "launch" and it's actual availability here (regarldess of Sprint's decision) is troublesome.

It's not BlackBerrys problem.
Our US carriers stocked up on iPhones ... AND THEY ARE NOT SELLING ANYMORE. The carriers don't want to be stuck with them .... so they thought that they would give it more time.

The Z10 is out there in many WONDERFUL countries .... but we in the great USA have to suffer and wait because the greed and stupidness of our carriers.
Now I am really upset !

Deaf plan or no deaf plan ...... make your voice heard .... and don't let companies control YOU.
Sprint needs to sell it's company.
If I was a shareholder in Sprint ...... I would be pretty pissed that they Don't Want to keep their customers. That is terrible, isn't it?

PLEASE .... stop this sprint madness. Go to any other carrier ..... just do it ! ( NIKE plug there )


My concern is not Sprint not carrying the Z10. The Z10 and Q10 are the beginning of the line of BB10 devices for some time to come.

My concern is Sprint's statement saying "later this year". This is the same statement they made about WP8.

If Sprint is committing to the Q10, then it had better launch at the same time the other carriers launch it. If the Q10 is available in April from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, but Sprint continues to say they'll have it "later this year",then that would be very bad!

spoke with a upper level sprint management and they said they are getting both phones. z10 this month and the q10 next month

talk to a sales rep and they transfed me to one of the regional sales managers and they said they will carry both phones. Also ,he said you can take a unlock z10 and get a simcard and use it on there network . hopes that helps

Sprint doesn't use GSM service with SIM cards, they are a CDMA carrier. If he told you that, there is another reason Sprint sucks! Sales people don't know their own network. I'm paying my ETF this month and heading to T-Mobile...

Big deal! So Sprint may lose 13 customers. Haha JK. Too many delays and lack of certain carrier support. Best of luck BB. I am still waiting for a BB10 slider. Z10 = no physical keyboard (no biggie), Q10 = tiny screen (who designed it?)

Wow .. I can't believe that Sprint would make a deal like that with Apple .. like a deal with the devil :) With ever changing tech .. why on earth would you do this?

What about their customers and given them what they want. If Apple continues to go down like it has been .. Sprint is going to be hurting big time with this agreement.

So stupid Sprint .. this was a really really poor decision! Times change and I can't believe someone made this decision to lock themselves the company in this way.

Wow .. I can't believe that Sprint would make a deal like that with Apple .. like a deal with the devil :) With ever changing tech .. why on earth would you do this?

What about their customers and given them what they want. If Apple continues to go down like it has been .. Sprint is going to be hurting big time with this agreement.

So stupid Sprint .. this was a really really poor decision! Times change and I can't believe someone made this decision to lock themselves the company in this way.

Might just be sprint wants to see how blackberry does in the US before actually selling and not bashing blackberry in anyway put the past hasn't been kind. Sprint isn't in the position to gamble on a new phone and new os from a company that's constantly being called dead or old or way behind its a corporation and they already have the major players on thier network iphone 5 and android I know it's not what you guys like to hear but here in the US it's the fact and until the Z10 lands no one knows how it will be received

I agree to a certain extent, but that doesn't explain why the two marquis Blackberry phones are being carried by the other carriers. Like any other customers, Sprint customers want what we want otherwise we have to look elsewhere. It must be the Apple deal everyone has been talking about. Too bad.

Im a 10 yr customer..... and i hate to say it because in my opinion they have the best plans..... but im out to T-Mobile!!

Sprint reportedly committed to buy at least 30.5 million iPhones from Apple in 2012-2015. Sprint decision not to sell Z10 will in my opinion hardly soften this economically senseless contract with Apple. The Apple contract may also be a reason for Sprint's approach to windows phones.

But it's not only the Sprint's relationship with Apple what deserves shareholders attention. Hesse and his management should give those investors who are not connected to Apple, Google or T-Mob satisfactory answers to much more questions..

Sad really. Sprint got into bed with devil and I (and so many others) won't be following along. The Sprint community forums have been on fire because of this stupid move.

I will be taking my 3 lines to TMobile. Bye bye Sprint.

Well, I'm heading out of Sprint too, after 14+ years (and taking my daughter's line too). This is a batshit approach to service. Verizon, here I come....already been doing my research.

Now I am seriously considering leaving sprint with my wife.... 10 years with them...
My contract isn't up until August... I'll give them until then to get their sh!t together. Perhaps they will offer Q10 and the "new A10 (aristo) by then. Maybe? Judging by this logic... I'll be switching.

If Sprint looses money every time the sell another touchscreen besides an Iphone, then the Samsung Galaxy S3 must be killing them,so I find that hard to beleive that's the only reason they won't cary it.

It looks like sprint stumbled and broke one of it's legs during a run. Oh well... They'll regrett the mistake.

Man! This sucks! I've been with Sprint for about 8 years and rarely had any problems. I guess I'll be going to Verizon when my contract is up in 3 months. I want an all touch BB. No Q10 for this guy!

Very disappointing news indeed. Just to send a message I am tempted to leave Sprint but with my wife and son comfortable with their iphone 4s and 5 I seem to be on my own. May go to Verizon because I want the white Z10 or buy my Z10 outright and set it up on Sprint if they will allow that. My contract is not up until June so buying an unlocked Z10 puts it in my hands sooner anyway.
I went into a Sprint store and all they offer is the iphone, Galaxy, and crap. The current. BB devices are tucked away in a corner. They're obviously not committed to Blackberry and that being so I feel I should take my business elsewhere.

Oh well SPRINT is going to miss out on a great phone. They are going to lose a lot of business (customers) and im one of them......

Sprint doesn't care about any of us.
Yes ... they have made terrible mistakes like that Yahoo girl. Where does she get off bashing BlackBerry? Yahoo is a company going under. They are not even a search engine. Google and Bing is 10 times better.
My suggestion to Sprint is to find a loser like the Home Depot to dump your stock of iPhones on.
SPRINT - Reconsider .... otherwise, us Americans will be leaving you in droves.

I believe Sprint is only going with the Q10 due to previous all touch BlackBerry phones not being so successful.. BlackBerry is known for physical keyboards so that's what Sprint will promote with the Q10!

There are some good points on Sprint and Yahoo's Marissa Mayer in the discussion. Can be Sprint decision to skip Z10 devices and Yahoo's announcement regarding Yahoo! app for BlackBerry just a coincidence? May be, may be not.

Japan's anti-monopoly watchdog gave the official go-ahead in 2010 to a search-engine alliance between Yahoo Japan Corp and Google Inc. This deal according some sources (search for term "Softbank-Google relationship" in Bing) gave Google a 90% search advertising monopoly in Japan. Yahoo Japan was at the time of the deal factually subsidiary of the Softbank, Japan's third-largest wireless carrier. Yes it's the same Softbank which hold stake in Yahoo Inc (US Yahoo). Same Softbank which is now acquiring Sprint Nextel Corp for $20 billion.

I'm afraid this is just a beginning. Google/Apple duopoly will not give competing ecosystems (remember - it's operating system that’s matters!) anything for free. These anticompetitive practices are/will be aimed against Blackberry, Microsoft and ultimately final consumers. As usual all that happens under tacit consent (or total incompetence) both US and European competition authorities.

~Before you criticize my English, ask yourself how many foreign languages you speak~

Question for those folks in the know....It's been mentioned on here that Sprint is CDMA and not GSM...thus you can't bring an unlocked phone to the network. But, Verizon is also CDMA and will be carrying the phone when released this month. Could you bring a CDMA Q10 unlocked to the Sprint network?

I'm 98% sure that they use different CDMA Frequencies, so NO, I don't think you can.

I do know for a fact that it doesn't work with previous BlackBerry phones and suspect it's still the same.

So, I'm going to wait to see how the Sprint network is going respond with the US Cellular merge. (unless that deal fell through also) Other than that, I definitely will be leaving them. I'm just 1 person but how many more Sprint customers feel that Sprint can improve on their network? Hey, their customer service rocks.... Nicest people on earth.....

~Bold B

I think BB should tell Sprint you either carry both phones like every major carrier or you don't get the Q10....that will put major pressure on Sprint. They already are going to lose customers over the Z10....they could lose potentially hundreds of thousands of customers if they can't carry both.

I think BB will have the leverage on them because it looks like the Z10 will be selling well in the U.S. Sprint cannot justify to their current customers why potentially the best selling phone on the market is not on their roster....and if BB puts the additional pressure by pulling the Q10 from them I think they cave. Hopefully this already is going behind closed doors and Sprint will relent on their irrational policy of no Z10.

I would like to think this would work. I am on a family plan and in no position to switch carriers. I can't upgrade until Jan 2014. Hope this is worked out by then. In the meantime I will enjoy my 9930 and PlayBook. And hang out at the other stores and play with the Z10s!

I would like to think this would work. I am on a family plan and in no position to switch carriers. I can't upgrade until Jan 2014. Hope this is worked out by then. In the meantime I will enjoy my 9930 and PlayBook. And hang out at the other stores and play with the Z10s!

Furthermore, if I were BB I'd not only pull the Q10 but I'd let Sprint also know that BB will be helping other carriers with incentives to specifically lure Sprint customers to their competitors.

There is NO rational reason why Sprint is doing this...the results are already in. The Z10 is equivalent or superior to the phones they already sell. They are discriminating against BB and their own customers. BB should stand up for THEIR customers who are Sprint customers....I think this can potentially be a BIG win for BB if they play their cards right with Sprint.

So glad that my contract with Sprint is up this week. Looks like Verizon will get my hard earned bucks instead. Way to drop the ball there Sprint. You guys remember that commercial that Sprint had a few years back about it being the first...What a total joke that mess was.

See you never Sprint!

I'm glad my wife and I sprinted away from them last year. Horrible data speeds in our area anyway. Hope this doesn't hurt Z10 sales much in the US.

I must say my 12 years with Sprint has now come to an end... Its time to start shopping around for a new carrier.

Think how webOS+Sprint fans feel! I was a webOS fanboy who waited and waited for the Pre 2 and the Pre 3 to come to Sprint and they never did. So I jumped ship to Blackberry and have enjoyed the Bold on Sprint's unlimited plan. Now they fail to offer the Z10. Wow, screwed again. I'm actually leaning more toward the Q10 but to wait even longer, again, is painful.

This upsets me! I wish I could leave sprint when the z10 comes out for verizon But Sprint recently duped me and extended me until 12/2015 when I sent them back a form for my work discount through them :/ I might have to settle for the Q10. I now hope they dont meet that stupid quota they have made with apple for selling iphones.

Sprint can't afford to lose any more customers, so they need to offer as many different phones as they can for their customers that they still have. They were so slow at getting the iPhone and now they are not offering the Z10??? That's a big mistake. Not only will they continue to be such a hated company, they will see a drop in customer base and they will jump over to Verizon (since they will offer both) or maybe even to AT&T.

Sprint probably won't be around in a few years with their bad customer service and slow mentality about getting the phones their customers want.

Just had this convo with a Sprint rep in a chat session(I changed my name):

Sprint: We received your information and will connect you with a Chat Specialist soon.
Isabella V.: Thank you for contacting Sprint. I understand your question.
Isabella V.: I will have the information shortly.
You: thank you
Isabella V.: You're welcome.
Isabella V.: Jman, you are our long term, valuable customer since 05/09/2006.
You: thank you. Do you have any information on the new blackberry's? when are they coming out from sprint
You: I believe I was acustomer before that. I was a Nextel customer also
You: before I switched over to a sprint phone
Isabella V.: You're most welcome, I am checking information for new Blackberry. Yep! you are correct.
Isabella V.: On 1/30/13, Sprint announced plans to carry the new BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone, powered by BlackBerry® 10 later this year.
Isabella V.: More information about the new BlackBerry 10 Bold smartphone from Sprint at www.sprint.com/blackberry10.
You: So nothing on the Z10. that is disappointing. I will probably leave Sprint for a carrier that has the Z10
Isabella V.: Jman, same Z10 BB device, I given you information.
Isabella V.: The exact launch date is not announced yet, however, when Sprint will offers it in the future, you will find product and pricing details on Sprint.com and in promotional information at our retail stores. We encourage you to watch news reports or monitor our web site to see if a change in availability occurs.
You: no, the z10 and q10 are different phones.
Isabella V.: Oh!
You: can you find info on my Nextel account? when I started that account?
Isabella V.: Sorry for misunderstanding. Yes.
You: no problem thank you
Isabella V.: You're welcome.
Isabella V.: It is 04/17/2003.
You: excellent thank you
Isabella V.: I'm glad that I was the one who was given this opportunity to assist you. It's been such a wonderful chat experience assisting a valuable and a very understanding customer like you.
You: thank you, I hope Sprint reconsiders their plan on only bringing the 1 phone to the marketplace. Sprint will lose more than a few customers if they don't. lucky for me I have until Aug to make a concrete decision
Isabella V.: Jman, I got your point. I will forward your valuable feedback to our appropriate department. However, as Sprint announced q10 launch, it is possible that Sprint may launch Z10 by August. I hope Sprint management would be working with Blackberry.
You: thank you for your time and understanding

Sprint will be losing me if there will be no z10, Ive been really looking forward to this phone & now Im hearing sprint will not have it :(

Hey, Mark Elliot, Sprint spokesman, you and the morons that run Sprint are IDIOTS!!!! I am so out of here. No wonder Sprint is so far behind Verizon and AT&T as far as suscribers. You sold your souls to the Apple-devil and now you have to pay the price. Whoever negotiated that deal with the Evil Fruit should be tarred and feathered.
I have been a BB user since the 8830 World Phone, and I have been waiting so long for the Z10, even as my Torch 9850 has started getting long in the tooth and acting less than stellar. Way to disappoint yet again.

I've been with Sprint now for about 10+ years now and I'm sorry to hear that Sprint won't be offering BB Z10. I already have issues with the fact that as soon as Sprint did pick up Apple's iPhone they came up with this new $10 data charge. They weren't doing that before they got the iPhone. Did anyone notice how they really hurt you on their data plan usage? If you download an app and its 50 Megs or more they force you to go Wi-Fi instead, but you have unlimited data though. The last thing that gets me with Sprint is their very slow implementation of their 4G LTE network installation. Here's the funny part to me is the fact they bragged so much about them being the first 4G networks in the country and the introduction of the HTC 4G Evo to work on it. I had the Evo and the 4G network was spotty at best. The fact that their 4G LTE network isn't up and running in the majority of their markets, let alone my area FL, is the main reason I would trade up to the iPhone 5. To be honest what's the use of buying these fast, nice and costly smart phones and not really have the network to support the real reason we buy a 4G LTE phone. I only have until about somewhere between June and August and I'm thinking about going to Verizon, or T Mobile myself. I really wish Sprint would get the message from their customers and satisfy us with what want in phones and need in a network. Sprint; stop doing gimmicks and start treating your loyal and longtime customers with some respect by showing how much they appreciate us. You know, Sprint, by showing us just much you value our business in wanting us to stay with you. I will say that since Sprint and Nextel combined your customer service is top notch, but CS alone just doesn't cut it. Especially when one is spending hard earned money on something they not only want, but also can be used.

Its not Sprints fault!!!!! If apple can push out phones that people want and stand with their customers why can't RIMBERRY? Sprint has been carrying BB7 9930 since day one and I fault RIM for not being able to secure a deal. Anyone seen the number of BB10 ads in the U.S. compared to apple? Remember RIMBERRY was the number one company a few years ago.

Well, I had to wait but now I am in position to move to AT&T for this device. I have no reason to believe that given the reasons behind no z10 that they will offer the z30 either because of the same reason.

All I find is how awesome this phone is except for play yet it will run Android apps which gives you back play. In store usage and it acts like a device should. Hate it but I would've waited out for 4g but if they aren't going to offer what we want then gotta go. Still no 920 either and a lot of people have been asking for it. Wonder if they are actually trying to go under?

Is it possible to buy the z10 elsewhere and still use it with sprint? How would that work? Is it even worth it?