Hockey fans - NHL GameCenter now available for Blackberry 10

By James Richardson on 28 Feb 2013 11:59 am EST

What I know about Hockey I could write on the back of a postage stamp! But I do know a great app when I see one and NHL GameCenter falls right into that category. For some strange reason it seems that the new BlackBerry 10 application is not available for users in America. I'm slightly baffled why as I thought hockey was pretty big over there. Anyway, that may just be a small glitch.

The application offers a large range of features - not just checking scores, but you can also watch matches, listen to games, catch up on video clips and even jump into the NHL shop to purchase your favourite teams shirts etc.

Want to know which games are happening on any given day? Just hit up the calendar tab and you can see every single NHL game that is scheduled. This is just a heads-up on the app but we will have an in-depth review coming up in the next few days or so, complete with video. This one's a real gem.

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Hockey fans - NHL GameCenter now available for Blackberry 10


hey currently we are in playoff position, i use the word currently loosely though -_- but a lockout shortened season might give us less time to choke and fall out of playoff position

This is a case of US revenue sharing issue that they must resolve
The current option is to use a web access (like the Playbook or BB phone using web) for live games, currently @ 49.99 UDS/ for the season

I was surprised when I fired up the app and it wasn't an android port. I use GameCenter to watch all my Ottawa Senators games since I live on Canada's west coast. Can't wait to try out the streaming the game tonight!

Hockey is only big in the northern states. If you go south of Indiana or Ohio you'll find pretty much no one cares about hockey.

The NHL Gamecenter rep I spoke to on the phone seemed to think the issued of American access would be resolved in a few weeks upon the release of the device in the US. BUT that was just a first tier tech and certainly not the definative word!

"Payment Error - Content not found" when I try to upgrade within the app to either NHL Gamecenter Live or Premium.

I am on Rogers in Canada.

in the US the gamecenter app is co-branded by verizon... so... i'm guessing the need verizon to be shipping a BB10 device first.

Great news! Can't wait for the PlayBook to get BlackBerry 10 so I can watch on my Bruins on my PlayBook too!

haha true #fail on my part. I saw the title, skipped to the link and was like DOWNLOAD!!!!! MUST HAVE!!!! #fail again.


Let's increase that postage stamp knowledge a bit for you.

It's called a Jersey, not a shirt.

The Boston Bruins are gods and the Chicago Blackhawks (NEED TO GET THEIR COLLECTIVE ARSES KICKED)
And Hockey fans all over do not understand why there's a team in the desert. (Phoenix Coyotes)

Being a Detroit Red Wings fan I would agree with the Blackhawks statement.

Also, Detroit has been self-designated as Hockeytown being that the Red Wings are one of the most winningest teams in hockey. They won the most Stanley Cups of any team and have been in the playoffs more times than not. They are also one of the original 6 teams of the NHL.

thanks for proving you are in fact not a true wings or hockey fan. The Wings haven't won the most cups of any team. That'd be Montreal and Toronto may even be 2nd. But EVERY BIG hockey fan knows the Habs have the most cups won.

Being born and raised in Michigan and spending half my life in Detroit I am a Wings fan but more of a casual one. Should have qualified the most cups statement by including the phrase "by a team based in the United States."

I feel I must second what you state. It IS a SWEATER and not a jersey as in Basketball. These days too many people and even hockey players are refering to sweaters as jerseys now and they are simply mistaken. Keep the tradition strong and call them what they are. Sweaters.
There's my little rant for today :) and by the way. GO LEAFS GO!!!!!


Not sure if there is a glitch in the app but I have a GameCenter Live account and when I login, it says 'Sign in Success. You do not have a valid subscription.". I've contacted their tech support to see what the deal is here but I would love to stream games on the Z10. I'm on Rogers.

That is the only reason why I have not purchased this app. My team is a hop, skip, jump away and all games are blackout. If you pay for the app you should be able to watch your team play streaming.

Very much enjoy this APP, I had written the NHL several times requesting an APP they didn't answer me a single time. I was surprised to find it yesterday.

Well I have Gamecenter but no Z10 as of yet. Come on Verizon make them available already. Lets Go Devils!!!!

Verizon to my knowledge is usually the only US carrier to fully support this. good thing ill be switching to them from Sprint soon.
and might i also add....


Once again not available in Switzerland, but in Eritrea. What a strange error. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Go BLADE BRUNNER! ;-)