The BlackBerry Z10 is coming to Vodafone India real soon - Register your interest online

Vodafone India
By James Richardson on 28 Feb 2013 06:14 am EST

We posted earlier in the week that the BlackBerry Z10 was going on sale in India and judging by the amount of comments that the article received there are certainly some mixed feelings when it comes to the price of the new BlackBerry 10 smartphone. With India being an unlocked market the full price of the handset is required up front unlike in many other regions.

Vodafone India has today opened up a registration page for consumers that are interested in the Z10. The device is clearly coming to the network very soon so if you fancy picking it up on Vodafone you can submit your details on their site and they will keep you informed as to when they release the Z10. The exact price that Vodafone India are charging is yet to be confirmed.

Register your details with Vodafone India

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The BlackBerry Z10 is coming to Vodafone India real soon - Register your interest online


It's already available on - the best online retailer in India. Has received a huge amount of negative ratings in the reviews there! And guess what, majority of them are from die-hard blackberry fans!!
Heaven knows what that nincompoop - Mr. Sunil Dutt - is up to. With a humongous amount of blackberry fans this was a market even a kid at the helm of affairs could have cracked. We were all keeping our fingers crossed that the product turns out to be Top Class. And it indeed turned out to be excellent and won rave reviews after the Jan 30 launch! Nothing could have gone wrong. The Z10 would have broken records in India for Blackberry and would have given RIM the fillip in sales figures that it so badly needs now. And then walks in this jerk - who pours water over everything..

Negative reviews are from whiners who haven't even bought the phone. Not one review from a user!

The only negative is the sales records this phone could have set are gone now. The people who can get it are liking it.

You miss the are suppose to be about the product and it's features and the user's overall experience. If the product doesn't meet the user's expectation, the pricing issue can be justified. But simply writing negative things about a product based on pricing doesn't make sense. People are comparing it to other lower models. Enough said!

'Sunil Dutt' is his pseudonym. Real name is 'Sunil the Mutt'!.

The Phone is unique and a top class device.
The Pricing in the Indian context is as 'Stupid' as you can get!
What a pity.

You have encapsulated this well. I hope they get their act together in India and fire the Jerk!

Hope they kick the Butt of "Sunil the Mutt" soon and correct the prices to fair levels in 2 weeks, cause the Galaxy S IV is launching on Mar 14. It is rumored to launch in India at the same price levels as Mr. Mutt has currently positioned the Z10. How much ever members on this forum disagree, it will do a lot of damage to the Z10 sales if it is priced at the same levels as the new Galaxy S IV.

Folks at my place had a nice laugh when I told them about the name you have christened the jerk as: "Sunil the Mutt" ..ha ha!
You do have a super sense o humor!

What did you expect really? That a device worth $800 would be sold for $600 just because it is India??

Get real man...

The cheaper models are yet to come.

I completly agree with you bro. Though i'm a die hard Blackbery fan, that premium price is making me think twice..huh.. The masses make or break a product mr.Dutt, Not the classes.

currently available through "tata docomo"...I was just waiting for this phone to launch. So many gossips and so long waiting.But when it was actually launched, I am not interested. The phone is extremely overpriced if compared. No doubt the quality is good but I who will throw money without giving it a second thought. In this price you can actually buy a phone (You can find them on any online store) that has much better features compared with this and available at a cheaper price.

Yeah if you think of Smartphones like HTC One or Xperia Z you're right. But the Iphone is also totally overpriced.
And in my opinion people buy a Iphone because it's a Iphone and people will buy a BB Z10 because it's a blackberry.

Looks like all the negative reviews are just because of the price. But the users who are able to afford the phone seem to LOVE IT!!

Saw the phone today and was able to play around with it. After spending time with the phone, i do not think its over priced. Just loved the feel of the device and OS.

Little over my budget for the month, so will pick one up next month :)

Hello King James,
Hopefully Blackberry gets realistic with their pricing in the Indian market. The BB10 is unique and a great phone. Unfortunately, Sunil Mutt is a Moron and is great at p-s-i-g off longtime loyal Blackberry customers.
Apple and Samsung have figured out 'Pricing' in the Indian context and will kick BB Butt, 'reel hard'.
I am sure BB will wake up, figure this out and kick this Jerk of a CEO out of the door and get realistic.

the phone is really awesome..without a doubt can compete with all the top phones...give it a few months to get all the top apps and a few os upgrades and then people will be running to the stores to buy this beast :D i would've definitely bought this phone if i had money.. the only negative thing about this phone would be the premium price..but you can't say anything until you don't know the exact reason behind the high price...maybe it's because of the taxes and all..but still IMO it should've been priced around 35k.. well anyways...let's see if the price drops..i hope the device gets its fair share of success :) ALL the best Blackberry ;)

Team Crackberry like you guys even I want BB10 to do great all over the world. India is a huge market and I feel BBs attitude towards it does not make sense.. Guys in place like India where z10 is launch I see not even a single newspaper ad or a TV ad. Sony Xperia has done and so has samsung and apple. Does BB think they can sell in India just like that. Also not sure why the MD Sunil Dutt resigned. Brand Blackberry is huge in India and many Indians atleast 1 million can buy a Z10 just like that even if its the most expensive phone out there. Please convey this to the CMO that till date not even a single ad has been seen in newspaper nor TV. How will Indians know its a WOW phone without any TV ads. Instead of wasting money on "Keep Moving" project please spend some wise marketing money for such things.