My New Column - 'Dear Berry!'

By Mara Blumenthal on 23 Apr 2007 01:57 pm EDT

Dear Berry by Mara Blumenthal Hi All,

The other day my friend Jill made a suggestion (thank you, Jill) that I should respond to Blackberry users, addicts and abusers regarding anything having to do with their Blackberry. As a technology consultant, I have come in contact with many couples who argue about devices, families who are looking for solutions for their children, individuals who are using their device to connect with others (to what degree is this good they wonder?) and many different scenarios that we are all faced with given today's technology oriented world and our love of these wonderful devices called the Blackberry! I was thrilled by the idea and so were Kevin and James!

So here we go! "Dear Berry"! I am ready and welcome any and all of your letters and correspondence. It doesn't matter if the issue is small, if it's something you want to share or if you are trying to solve a disagreement or win a bet. I'm at "dearberry @" and look forward to getting to know you.

Thank you and let's solve your Blackberry dilemmas!

"Berry" (Mara)
Email: dearberry @

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My New Column - 'Dear Berry!'


I love when I am in the airport and everyone is over working their thumbs using their blackberries.. Some people wont even look up if they heard a loud BOOM they are so busy emailing and checking news sites and much more.. I am so addicted, i look at my blackberry in church.. I know it isnt right, but damn why did they make these devices so capable of so much stuff.. At work, I am costantly on BB Messenger and surfing the net for stuff that I would never do on my work PC... I am past addiction and need help.. somebody, anybody, help me!!!

Blackberry, never leave home without it!

I had my first Rim 950 device then BB 7250.
also had BB pearl but I was disappointed because
of sure type keyboard. ( I am deaf and use keyboard
all time )
I am thankful for new BB 8830 which I have now.
Now I am thinking of new BB Curve because it
has a camera which will be handy for my new
business and traveling for business meetings.
Many friends of mine are switching from Danger
Sidekick to BB because BB have adjusting fonts.
I think my BB is very cool !!!!

Hi i need to know what the big deal about BLACKBERRYS!i get so sick of hearing about bb phones.I have the 8310 bb.And i have a Motorola Q9.I love it more then my bb phone.Can you tell me why ppl thank that bb are the best phones out there!?!And then you have ppl thanking that the apples iphones are the best.Well i say it depends on what you are doing.Apples are good for music and pic.My moto Q9 out dose my bb 8310 by far.I guess in my opinion is that ppl thank if i get a bb phone i am so hot!and i am some body.I got a friend bought him a bb phone and he tells me that if i go job hunting i will look so important and get the job and he can't afford services for it lol.I guess i just don't under stand this thang called a BLACKBERRY!I need help in under standing...ty have a nice day.bigmouse1963