Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 27 Feb 2013 12:36 am EST

Itching for a new OS on your Blackerry Z10? If so, you'll be happy to know that an updated version has leaked today. The update will bring you to but unfortunately will require a Windows PC to install. If you're willing to give it a go, you can hit the link below to grab the installer. If it goes downhill, remember you can always wipe and restore your device and please note, this file is ONLY for STL-1003. To check what version you have, go to Settings> About> General. If it doesn't say STL100-3 -- Abort mission. It's not been verified on any other Qualcomm LTE variations. As always - use caution when installing a leaked OS like this and remember if you break your phone it's not our fault :)

Download OS for the BlackBerry Z10

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10


Why update and take a chance if something goes wrong?

Wait till BlackBerry tells you to update ... then update.

Let some other looser mess up his beautiful NEW Z10 before you mess yours up.

Lol i won't be updating my phone to new leaked OS anymore, the first time a new BB10 OS leaked i updated right away and it wiped my entire phone and had to star new smh and blackberry link doesn't even back up my shit so ill pass till Telus finally releases a new update

Line-ups only show people expect there to be few available. Don't get confused by the media's lies and common misconceptions brought on by apple.

22justin you gotta be the dumbest person on CB like for real!
It clearly says BB Z10.......
You dont need to learn rock science to know these things.........

BB10 will NEVER be for any earlier models of Blackberry. Like the title says "Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10"

Augh! The firey Irish - always too serious and thinking everyone else is to... I'm gonna go try to load this on my old Palm 105, think it'll work?

Another brain washed by CrApple, can we have a moment of silence for a mind that use to be (bows head) lol

hi i have a problem i am in the uk and my sim card i on 3 ( three) i can not for the life of me send Picture massages ??? the masseges they get with out the Picture i can send it throu e-mail thats ok BUT no massage can any one help ME Please thxs milan123.

Oh man, are we going to be the redheaded stepchild AGAIN with Blackberry?! Why won't they let these leaks be used by Mac users???

LOL - we Mac users sure are a bunch with a sense of entitlement. Of all the funnies in this thread, this made me laugh loudest!!!!

COuld you imagine? "The nerve of you, RIM! How dare you now allow an illegally leaked OS not also illegally leak in a Mac version so that we too can participate in trying out pre-release software that you never intended to go public!!!"

Yet, I could see it ...

I've been using it for a week now and mostly I've noticed better signal handling as well as wi-fi stability. Apart from that I've noticed only attempt to match number to countries (Android style), but it's not always correct.

This leak did install on my toaster. Only problem is I needed to sideload an Android app to set the toast color and that app reports the setting to Google. Now all my friends and the government know I like my toast lightly browned.

so you were successful. I tried installing on my Garmin GPS but it said I needed to be logged in from a computer in the space station in Russia. So I opted to stay here in NYC and sideload it into my i95 Nextel.

wow...just installed this on my microwave, put in my bold9780 and got a Q10 running Symbian...well, half is better than nothing

Laughing right out loud from Brazil with (almost) all the comments!
Great stuff.

Sadly, however, the download speed for this is a whopping 35kb/s here in my hotel. So far the only Z10's I've seen down here are other Canadians working here.

Small typo the first time you Mentioned which version it should be, your second line seems to correct it... or are both (STL-1003 and STL100-3) correct?

I actually laughed out loud reading these comments. Too funny! Installing BB10 on BB7, a beeper, Atari, GPS, Nextel, a dog & a microwave. I'll add my own - I installed this update on my aquarium my fish hub flow is amazing ;) ... I'm patiently/impatiently waiting for BB10 to arrive in the US ...

"Itching for a new OS on your Blackerry Z10?" Give me a break! I'm still trying to figure out how to power down...Okay - I got that. Now which pocket should I use? Inside left breast or back right? Decisions, decisions.

I downloaded this to my Toyota this morning. By the time I got to work I was driving a Ferrari.

Caution: installed this on my rooted Sony Clie using Encarta 95' and I lost all my calendar appointments for 2015! USE AT OWN RISK!!!

Going to try reformatting my computer and doing like 12 chin lifts. Will keep everyone posted.

Update: I noticed that it only affects calendar appointments occurring after 3pm and beginning with the letter N (which is like all of mine). Might not be a deal-breaker for some.

Uploaded to my electric can opener... damn thing was smokin fast, but it must have over clocked the motor. My best guess is, it was the over clock OR the custom laser etching...Either way, I need a new can opener.

Leaked OS, Curse you!!!
Have a good day all!

These comments are making my day. First time that I literally went down to every single comment. By the way this leak works great if you install it on a Startac using a Gateway computer. Get an aux cable and plug it into both headphone jacks. trust me it works, don't ask how though.

BEST 'leaked OS' comment thread EVARR! I have never laughed out loud reading comments on a leaked os before.

That OS update works on the STL100-2, too. I am not sure about the STL100-4. For the STL100-1 it won't work.

Hey! just install this on my BlackBerry 7105T and wow! now i can see crackberry's news for april 2014 and they say that BlackBerry 10 is no.2 OS platform after android...!

Just installed this on my Charmander. After the boot up it evolved into a Charizard, totally skipped the Charmeleon stage! Wow... Gonna try this on my Squirtle next...

ok, i have been using BB for years now and i just switched to the z10, I do not comment much, but i do read crackberry on a daily basis.

I did the update, they fixed the SMS issue. You are no longer sent to an open email or attachment in the Hub, but rather straight into your SMS. it does however close any email attachment that's open, you will need to open it all over again from the Hub. I would rather this than have to swipe back 3 layers in order to get to the sms. If you began an email before leaving the hub, then hit sms, the email will be saved in the hub and not erased all the while sending you straight into the SMS list.

already did on STL-1002 and it's working great gmail calender fixed already
just remember to backup your BB through Blackberry like , if it won't back up , update you blackberry link and use USB while backing up , it won't back if you are using bluetooth , thats what happend with me , then restore your BB everything will be normal :)

so i will say it again clear

Leaked OS is working with STL-1002

How did you install the Leaked OS on a STL-1002?
I tried it but it won't work for me.

Yup runs great on STL-1002. I have noticed the phone running a little hot but it was like that when i first bought it too and the problem went away after a few days.
Significant difference in battery life. I'm a heavy user with the spare. Not noticing the same amount of drain after playing some games and music but will know better in a week.

There are no problems adding this update to your Z 10(STL100-3). It is near flawless. The only glitch is that the software now keeps bugging me that my Gmail's IMAP passwd isn't correct(although it is) and I still keep getting Emails on my Hub. Also the OS seems a lot more stable and I FEEL that it has improved battery life(although I may be imagining it).

I'm in the UK and am pleased to say this worked fine for me too. Most importantly the email bug when sending POP3 emails over wireless networks is now fixed. Thank god. Now I have a proper blackberry again!