Want some BB10 theme action on your BlackBerry Bold 9900? You can with Seven Point Ten from BBThemes

By James Richardson on 25 Feb 2013 03:49 pm EST

Looking to give your BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 a new lease of life? Why not give it a slice of BlackBerry 10 with a fresh new theme from BBThemes? Many of the BlackBerry 7 icons have been given an overhaul and elements of BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook OS have been injected - and it looks real sweet.

The new tweaks range from the media icons to games and it really does give BlackBerry 7 a nice new look and feel for those of you that are waiting to upgrade to BlackBerry 10 in the future.


In typical BBThemes style there is a mini banner at the top of the home screen which gives you more space for your wallpaper. In addition BBThemes has given the calculator and compass a special facelift so you get a little more than just icon changes.


Currently Seven Point Ten is only available for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 but very very soon you will also be able to get it for the Bold 9790 and Curve 9360. Priced at £0.75/$0.99 this one is a bargain.  

More information/Download Seven Point Ten for BlackBerry 7 smartphones

Reader comments

Want some BB10 theme action on your BlackBerry Bold 9900? You can with Seven Point Ten from BBThemes



Seven Point Five is the only theme that I have been willing to pay for to date.

Looks like they've done a good job updating this very functional theme to the new BB10 styling.

Exactly! I`ve downloaded a lot of themes and all of them were awesome. But I returned everytime to seven-point-five; its the best looking (and working) theme at OS7/7.1! When I have discovered seven-point-ten it needs NO second to think about it: its from BBThemes!!! Ten seconds later it was purchased and installed! It rocks! Now I will be able to wait for my Z10 or Q10 much longer without feeling sorry for the delay... OS7.1 gets a new chance to stay much longer in my hands! Thanx BBThemes!!!!

Thanks this will lessen the anxiousness till I get my hands on the real thing.

Anyone who has this know if you can actually make PB style folders like the folder above 4th from the left?!

Hi there, if you look in the BB World screenshots theres a pic of some more of the folder icons. they are like the ones shown in the pic, however they aren't `live` as such so they don't reflect the icons inside that folder :( wish we could do that but its just not possible.

Thanks, I went ahead and purchased it earlier. It's still an awesome theme keep up great the work!

I have seven point five on my 9800. It was the only theme I actually spent money on.

I would love to see this new theme come to my 9800. After all, there is a theme builder actually available for my phone (hint hint).

For the longest time the information at the top of my Torch screen bugged me because it took up so much real estate. I wish I knew about this theme a long time ago and before upgrading to the Z10. Oh well.

I was a 7_Point_5 guy myself for a long time until @drkapprentice came out with his Mini_Banner_Live series. The one and only complaint with the 7_Point_10 (like 7_Point_5) is the tiny clock. :( Other than that, it's perfect.

Having used the Seven Point Five theme, I like the Seven Point Ten theme, as well. It feels a little weird at first, but I'll get used to it.

My main gripe, however, is with the black text on dark gray background in calculator. It should look (more) like this:


hi there, thanks for your comment, sadly we cant change the colour of the actual digits, but I`ll make the background lighter in an update for ya.

Thanks for your input, and keep up the good work! Like some of our fellow readers here, Seven Point Five and Seven Point Ten are the only themes I have ever downloaded for my BlackBerry phone. I look forward to the update.

P.S. The theme has grown on me more since I've downloaded it; I prefer it over Seven Point Five. The sharpness and crispness of the display and colors add to the realism of the BlackBerry 10 look.

Also, I just submitted my review (*****)

With all due respect, this is a nice theme... But y pay for this when minibanner_10 is around for free?

Having tried both, I can confirm that the icons are actually crisper on Seven Point 10, Plus the media player looks just like the actual BB10 player :)

hi just one request, from almost last one year i am using your seven point five theme, every thing is perfect and this was my first purchase ever over blackberry appworld further more i did tweeted you for a request if you can make the clock little bit bigger on seven point five and seven point ten allot of us will be very thankful to you.

Definitely a big fan of your themes, I greatly appreciate all your hard work. Leave the clock the size it is please as it allows usa to have more screen space. My only constructive criticism is the lack of a gps icon on the home screen. I kind of remember 7.5 not having it either. That was one of the main reasons I had been using an alternative theme. I did purchase this theme and gave a 5 star review but please add gps icon.

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How about for a 9800?
With gestures as well? Will be awesome if U guys can materialize it. Practising Peek n flow on an old 9800 while waiting for my Z10.