CONTEST: Fitness Month Dream Device Giveaway! $400 value, enter NOW!

By Rene Ritchie on 25 Feb 2013 08:28 pm EST

Leave a comment below telling us what you got out of Mobile Nations Fitness Month and be entered for a chance to win the phone, tablet, or game system of your dreams!

It's February and you know what that means? Mobile Nations Fitness Month! That's when we all get together to get in shape, share tips and tricks and recipes for success, review amazing apps and accessories, give away great prizes, and have a ton of fun! This year we're doing it a little differently, though. We're doing weekly themes, and that means every week you'll have new and exciting challenges, and new chances to win!

Week 4: Balance!

That's right, it's time to bring everything together and work towards a balanced life! It's really hard to eat and sleep well, and exercise regularly, especially with as all the other things we have to do. That's why it's important to not only act healthier for a week or month, but to build healthier habits into your ever day lifestyle.

To round out the month, we'll be reviewing a bunch of great apps and accessories that can help you keep it together, and keep yourself on track with your nutrition, exercise and relaxation goals.

And we are also going to be doing the mother of all contests.

Contest: Win the fitness device of your dreams!

Leave a comment below telling us what you've gotten out of Mobile Nations Fitness Month -- how much you've improved or been inspired, what you plan to do to keep it up throughout the year, or even how much you simply sat on the couch and watched it all transpire around you! -- and you'll be entered to win a $400 gift certificate to put towards whatever phone, tablet, or even gaming system will help you keep up with your fitness goals!

Be it iPhone or Galaxy Note, Lumia or BlackBerry, Surface or Droid, iPad or Android tablet, Xbox or Wii, we want to help you bring it home!

Our usual contest rules apply, and only one entry per person, but you can enter once on all of our sites: Android Central, CrackBerry,, webOS Nation, and WPCentral

So what are you waiting for? Enter NOW, NOW, NOW!

Reader comments

CONTEST: Fitness Month Dream Device Giveaway! $400 value, enter NOW!



I've lost about TEN pounds during fitness month using my BlackBerry (w/Livestrong and Runtastic) and the tips in the fitness month articles. Thanks Mobile Nations!

I gained some nice tips from listening to the weekly Zen and Tech podcasts with Rene, Georgia, and guests. I especially enjoyed the episode with CrackBerry Kevin and the exercise tips :).

That was my favourite episode as well. Confirmed a few things I was doing right.

Kettlebells FTW!

Girevik out.

Bold 9900

I have been using apps on my Galaxy Nexus- Nike+, Endomondo, and Fitness Buddy to stay in shape. I would love to get a Jawbone Up to help track all of my stats constantly.

I just found out (last Friday to be exact) That I have borderline high cholesterol. I didn't think it was possible considering I'm a vegetarian but, there you go.

I've recommitted myself to eating completely healthy (thinking about going gluten free as well) and I've started exercising again.

I wouldn't have even gone to the doctor had I not had this fitness month. It's put a lot of things into perspective.

Having been suffering with depression I have found it difficult to do pretty much anything. I did however challenge myself to complete the mobile nations fitness month. I have managed to sort out my sleep pattern, I still need to work on eating regular but I have been out walking on a regular basis using adidas my coach on my blackberry 9900 to try and keep it up and to challenge myself. As a result I feel I have been making steady progress in my recovery from depression and have felt lower levels of stress.

I've already been working on all the things discussed this month but what I've been able to take away is the camaraderie of all the rest of the folks participating, the tips being passed around and the motivation garnered from making things public.

I intend to continue counting Calories and watching my nutrition to aid in weight loss, exercising to increase my physical fitness and aid in weight loss and improving my relaxation techniques.

If I win this contest I'll finally be able to get a tablet which will greatly aid me in my daily work and recreation activities.

Thanks Mobile Nations!

I've always been into staying fit, but I really have learned different ways to balance my MIND this month, through yoga. Taking the time to clear my head really benefits my overall well-being. THANKS GUYS and GALS.

I was reminded to live a more balanced life, spend less time on my computer and get out an walk. I need to exercise and sleep better. Nights are getting long, my body feels aching and I can live a better life by changing my decisions :)

This inspired me to start training for the 10k I keep putting off. I started a month ago and it is still going strong!

Learned alot just from reading the articles, particularly about available apps that could help me track my fitness goals. Did a search on apps for the PlayBook and am considering which ones I could use to help my wife and I track our fitness goals.

I've been doing a lot of what was talked about for awhile now, but I did get some new ideas to try. I would like to thank Mobile Nations for doing fitness month. It's a great idea and it does help me stay motivated.

The sleep and relaxation special was very informative. Daniel definitely came across as a knowledgeable person on the subject of sleep.

I had no idea about the 3 stages of sleep. I wake up groggy during the 5 day work week and usually try to catch up on sleep on the weekend. Didn't realize that too much sleep is bad for you.

Also the comments of melatonin (however you spell it) made sense. I will be changing my night reading from the playbook (LED backlit) to using my Kindle with another indirect source of light. That way I can read to sleep instead of watching a show or reading on a screen that will restrict my melatonin levels.

Sleeping in this constant no stop work environment is hard enough as it is. I was presently surprised at how relevant this podcast would be. I am glad to have listened, as there were tips I will be using going forward.

To quote a cartoon from my days... "Knowing is half the battle." Thanks for the awareness and now that summer is around the corner I've taken up running with Runtastic to help me keep a personal record or my activity.

Lastly life is a marathon and well BALANCE is a key to success... right? :D

My phone isnt good enough to run any app or maybe thats something I keep telling myself to delay workout. Whatever the reason, I really havent started on anything.

I got back into the swing of running again. Balance for me is about that infamous work life thing, where the balance of my home office versus my fitness routine versus my family time, etc. takes place.

I've gotten two friends to start working out this month. One I play squash with, the other I help train when I do my own workouts. Win-Win for everybody.

I learned how to deal with my guilty concience. no longer do I let my guilt at doing nothing and eating bad ruin my day. With contentment comes less stress and better health.

WHEW what a month!!!!!! I have learned so much and it's great to see the final topic is balance, because that IS a key. I have learned it's important to exercise, have a proper diet, AND get good sleep and rest. The tools and tips presented during fitness month were both informative and inspiring. And now with balance you have brought it all together. Excellent job Mobile Nations team! I special shout out to Rene, Georgia, Michelle, DJ and Alicia who worked their butts off!!!

I'm getting motivated to get fit!! and to try to make healthy decisions!

Thanks Georgia and Mobile Nations!

I really liked the sleep portion and got some good tips for "shutting down" and helping to fall asleep. Bringing the lights down throughout the house and screen brightness really help.

I'm happy to say I didn't do anything during this month that I haven't been doing since last October. :)

Still, it's nice seeing so many suggestions for greats apps and tips on Mobile Nations!

I was able to keep on track, even through vacation eating habits, with the help from the Mobile Nations Fitness crews.

Not only did I keep the weight off, I was able to make my workouts more efficient and fun at the same time with the help from my Z10.

Thanks, Mobile Nations!

I liked seeing more about the best apps to get fit. We could all make use of one of these tools to make ourselves healthier.

Fitness Month managed to guilt me into working out. It was the only regular reminder that I was fat and lazy, and that grad school is no excuse! I've been playing racquetball regularly and just started biking to class with Endomondo. I'm already addicted, gotta beat my best time every week!

I loved the week on Relaxation! I have been using my phone now to listen to a lot more podcasts and CBC radio before bed and it actually helps me relax and sleep.

I'm always using my phone on the go, reading the news, and listening to music while at the gym, but I'm loving that I can use it for relaxing too! Thanks!

I realized two things with fitness week:

1. Georgia is so ridiculously hot!

2. I also downloaded Fitness Tracker to help upload my bike rides to I'm glad to see that developers are working hard to make sure that us BlackBerry users don't miss out on anything!

After end year parties and carnival in Brazil, I lost 2kg, 84kg to 82kg. I have a hard practice in tennis, my favorite sport (ok I play Stick Tennis App, a lot, in PlayBook too) . Next week I go to local tennis championship. So, I will go see... Tks.

Fitness month came exactly at the right time for me. Due to the bad weather I started to neglect on my weekly exercises. It reminded me to keep things up with Endomondo and the 6 Weeks Training app. It also introduced me to Runtastic (which has a fantastic modern UI) but in the end I decided to stick with the apps I already used. Which doesnt matter as all that matters are the end-results. Hopefully next month the improved weather will be enough to motivate me!

I would love to win because I will have great device in my hand to control my fitness information, buy some fitness apps for my device! Love to win !

With these fitness month apps suggestions I would have never thought to look for them! thanks for the tip, definitely am able to log my schedule and work outs.

Needed a new/more interesting 2013 home workout. Partnered up with the Max Capacity Training app since your post.. Good stuff. I appreciate you guys bringing it to my attention. -FiddleFit!

My answer might invalidate me, but I didn't really get anything out of fitness week lol. I generally walk about 1.5 miles every day to campus and back, but I don't do much else for exercise or care to do more.
I do very much appreciate the mention of Ambiance in one of the blog posts though (that was fitness week right?).

I extended the distance normally I'm walking to get on a train from a bus stop, from a couple of blocks to quadrouple of blocks. Now my legs are aching, lol.

I've gotten back into "writing down" what I eat again as I know I was over eating using the myfitnesspal app.

I learned a few new things on the week 3 about sleep. And I've changed a couple habits to help me sleep better.

Also I'm putting my YMCA membership to better use.

I try to stay in decent shape but for the last 2 years Fitness month inspires me to do a little more and share my results. Since the start of the year I've lost 10 lbs and feel great. CB!

Stayed the same ... Still waiting on MyFitnessPal to come to BB10 to make it easier to stay in shape .... Just release it already... :) . Going to the website is so inefficient.

Being a part of the Crackberry community and sharing tips and tricks has helped me maintain my new years resolution. I have lost 20lbs so far and I hope to lose more.

I have received a boost in my drive to stay fit, and learned how useful technology can be in staying fit!!

I actually had a great month fitness-wise thanks in part to Fitness Month and the continuation of a New Year's Resolution I have managed to keep so far. I haven't lost any weight, but I am definitely more toned already than 2012 and I working towards looking great for this summer. I mostly just used the fitness updates as reminders to keep going, but there were certainly some great tips (some of which I have kept up) I adopted. Thanks Mobile Nations team - keep up the great work, and good luck everyone!

I decided to try hooking up my Playbook to my TV via HDMI and do P90X that was downloaded to my PlayBook. Works AWESOME !!! Thanks for the motivation :)

Honestly i didn't "learn" a lot about fitness pre se'. I've been certified as a personal trainer out of personal interest, but dont do it for a living and I exercise regularly. I have been active and have lived a healthy lifestyle for the majority of my 38 years alive.
What I did learn though is that it is awesome that you are getting the message out about healthy living and lifestyle choices for longevity. Sappy, but true, as that all is I wanna win a new damn phone. :)

I gained 2 kg because of all the food from Chinese New Year. But I've lost all 2 kg of them from my morning jog and basketball. And I've cut down my cigarettes to 5 a day.
Ultimate goal is to completely quit cigarettes.


Following the Mobile Nations Fitness Months posts across the websites (iMore, AC, CB, and WPC) helped in motivating me to work on my health with a serious attitude. Ever since I got married a few months ago, I literally stopped watching my weight and started eating erratically. On top of that, workload at the office increased tenfold causing more stress throughout along with lack of sleep.

Although there were various useful tips and apps highlighted during this month, some have helped me in achieving my goals (or take strides in moving towards my ideal goals). "Cooking Light Recipes" is by far one of the best healthy eating recipes app that I've used thus far even though it doesn't have some features that other applications my have. And most importantly, the review of Stress Relief led me to try out some breathing exercises myself, which has led to a much more relaxed day at the office since then.

Thanks for helping in giving me a push in the right direction! :)


In an effort to get fit, I've actually done the last thing I ever expected to do: I took a fitness class in school, which will be going on not just for this month, but until the end of June. I was hesitant at first, but I'm feeling great about my decision now :) I use my BlackBerry for fitness apps that help keep track of my progress, as well as to play music to keep me pumped up!

What I got out of fitness month? The motivation to quit smoking, the energy to getting back in shape, and the strength to get myself mentally sound. If it wasn't for Mobile Nations, none if that would have happened. For some reason it home this year. Maybe because I'm getting older with my 37th birthday right around the corner on March 13th....I don't know. Even if I don't win, thank you guys.

Mobile Nations Fitness Month in one word=Motivation. From all the videos and posts of the best fitness apps that are available, paid or free and knowing that Mobile Nations is into it, just gets me going. You guys come together and make sure that not only do you guys bring us the latest news about tech and Apple, but you always want to see us happy and feel great about life. Sometimes, when the tech world slows down a bit (just like my metabolism, oye!), you guys are giving us something unique and healthy to think about! And last time I checked, I cannot think of any other tech site(s) that sincerely care about their readers like Mobile Nations does. It only gets better from here. Thanks a lot guys and here's to next year!

Motivation. I went and got a nike+ fuelband and ive been using it with the app, the nike+ running app and the nike+ training app. Ive never felt better and I have been full of energy. I dont function right for the day if I dont get my exercise in. Thank you so much.

While I may not have watched it closely this year, I did get inspired by it last year. I was so inspired, in fact, my wife and I both went on a diet and each lost 40lbs. As a couple, who didn't really view themselves as overweight (until the first 15lbs came off) , to stick together and lose (so much) weight together was a fun experience. This year, we both plan on getting in shape now that we are happy with our weight.

Ran 15 times - total of 86.62 km (6,790 calories burnt)
Cycled 11 times - total of 312.3 km (19,979 calories)
Swam 17 times - total of 32.85 km (6,284 calories)

Total of 43 activities, 431.77 km and 33,053 calories

My fiance and I have been working out with a goal of losing 30 pounds. The person to lose it first get their choice destination for our honeymoon. This fitness month has her in the lead by 5lbs. I keep cheating cause I am having to wait on the Z10 to be released. But I am back on track, and this would make me work harder if I win.

Renewed focus and an increase in stamina. Nice to know that others are having the same struggles. Thank you so much CB and MN!

Fitness month has motivated me to start getting healthy so that I may live a long and exciting life. Need to get in shape by mid May for mine and my wife's trip to the Dominican Republic! A nice shiny device would be a great companion on the trip!!

I got some pretty great tips for how to use different types of tech to help me stick to my workout routines. And the constant support from others participating definitely helped on those days when I just didn't feel like doing anything. I like to think during this time I've built some pretty good fitness habits.

As a recent college grad, getting used to going to work and not taking a nap afterwards and eating fast food took awhile to get used to and I put on a decent amount of weight my senior year and the following 8 months.

This month I have stopped eating at the work cafeteria and instead bringing my own lunches to work and bought an exercise bike and have worked out with that and some free weights every other day this month. I'm down 5 pounds and absolutely in better shape, I will be losing a lot more weight when I start cooking my own dinners.

I plan to continue this through the coming months by transitioning the healthy lunches to healthy dinners as well and slowly get away from the fast food, cause apparently my body doesn't handle it like it did a few years ago (a horrible realization)

My venture back into the gym (inspired by fitness month) wasn't to lose weight, but, to increase my strength and endurance and maybe put on a few pounds. I have always worked hard to put weight on and keep it on. I am lifting weights 3 times per week, go cross country skiing once a week and walk for 40 minutes every morning. I am 5'9" and work this hard to stay over 135. The key for me is the resistance training. Without it, I couldn't keep weight on if you put it in a suitcase. My goal is to be able to carry my own groceries as I get older. ;)

I learned some new sleeping techniques and about some hardware I can use with my phone if it wasn't a blackberry *frowns*

I have been inspired to keep fit and healthy by exercising, staying away from stress through a balanced lifestyle, and managing work and play to achieve this.

I got sore calves. . .which is not hurting any more now and I'm ready to kick it up for the next three month or so. . .

I really benefitted from mobile nations fitness month and I really appreciated the cross-site coverage and exposure. I'm a busy at work, busy extra curriculars guy so while I love and want to work out more, it's hard to make time (excuses right?). This month however, during my day-to-day mobile tech scouring I keep seeing posts and forum threads about fitness (even healthy lifestyles tips about resting and balance) and it's motivated me to squeeze those gym workouts, home stretches through the month of February. I'm going to keep at it and look forward to next February and trust mobile nations for a good update on what's hot in mobile fit tech and habits.

I lost 60 LBS over the last year and a half. I gained 15 back over the holidays. Got renewed re committed and have lost 7 so far. Back to my goal i go!

Hi mobile nations!! Well fitness month for me was just feb until I was inspired by Kevin! He's always so fun and passionate about these things so I took it upon myself to get myself and 3 students (I own a mma gym) movin for fitness month!!! I'm down 8 pounds and the students are down from 4 to 9 pounds. Thanks from all of us here :-). But, like most mma gym owners in broke :-( Pllllllleeeeaaaassseeeeee hook me up with a z10 ! Pretty please ?? '

I ran 10k for the first time in my life a couple of days ago! I use the timer/stopwatch feature on my BB to help with interval training.
P.s. when are we going to get a Crackberry Harlem Shake video?!

I really enjoyed the Zen and Tech episode with guest star Daniel Rubino. Those were awesome sleeping tips and have improved my sleep! Thanks for that! :)

Well for me it's relaxtion and how it's important to take some time out in our crazy schedules!!
The wealth of information (with a little help from out TECH) goes a long way to remind us to we need to take care ourselves! Mind, Body & Soul!!


As much as I'm already a fitness buff, it was very buff to read about all the buff tech that can help achieve my buff goals. I'll most likely buy one of those buff Fitbit step readers and hope to see my buffness increase to new high buffs. Buff!

well i lost 10 pounds thanks to many of the suggestions and apps like runtastic and such. So this helping me to keep it up since it feels great

I've started to adapt a mix of my Insanity workout with suggestions from an article of Jared from last year's fitness month that talked about the apps Endomondo and my fitness friends. I found my fitness friends very useful because I'm not allowed weights where I stay, so it is great to have handy workouts I can do when not in a gym setting.

Fitness month has helped motivate me to get back in the habit of exercising more. I've lost and kept off 40 pounds since May of last year, and when the holidays came, I kinda fell out of the habit of working out regularly. Basically, it guilted me into doing what I know I should be doing already.

I've been watching the videos to take a break from all the BB10 content. oh wait who am i kidding there is no taking a break from BB10 its so addictive. Maybe i'll try this exercise thing to see if it makes me as happy as i believe a Z10 would.

mobile nations motivated me to get back in the gym. Downloaded many apps on the ipad and Im working out every day since.

Exercising in the morning boosts my energy and stamina throughout the day. I hope to continue throughout the spring!

mobile nations fitness month jolted me out of a near death situation due to weight. thank you so much. i am now doing 30 minutes on my livestrong treadmill. but i must say that, it was not easy going from 5 minutes to 30 minutes 4 days a week. thank you so much.really appreciate what you are doing(changing lives for better)

Well I have been trying to do the opposite.. Trying to put on some wait.. (I am almost underweight for my height)
But I did follow your videos and figured in generality it should be pretty similar right?
So started eating healthier, Working out a bit more (better use of free time), and going on runs in the evening.
Gained only 1 Kg as yet though :(

It's easier to work out with a friend helping to motivate you...this month Mobile Nations was that friend.

I've kept it up from last year's fitness month and have lost 45lbs. I started by using my BB 9780 with Endomondo and am currently using the same app on a Note 2 until I get my Z10 from tmobile. I just need to see if Endomondo is ported to BB10.

I have started getting up at 5:45 before school to go for a nice run. I can't get enough of the Endomodo app on my Gnex!

I have lost weight, slept better, ate healthier and felt better all month. I've also lost 10 pounds! The contests helped motivate me and knowing that everyone else in the Mobile Nations community was participating made me want to as well. If I got the gift card, I would get a Nexus 4 to help me track runs with Zombies, Run! and track everything else with Fitocracy. Thanks so much Mobile Nations!!!!!!!

i rested cuz i hurt my back....ive enjoyed the articles and as soon as my back stops hurting i plan on revisiting the multiple threads and do it on my own time, hopefully with a new tablet :-DDD

I just started 2 weeks ago to being in a diet, working out and eating healthy but this makes me happy to know that I will get rewarded. I would like a Nexus 7 32gb and something that will hold it near me when I run. Thank you for this!!

Loved the suggestions given, but I ended sticking to my Insanity workout and let me just say the cardio work is crazy.

been using sports tracker pro and runtastic pushups along with a reduced diet and i am 6 pounds lighter than at the beining of February thanks Crackberry its been a blast, now to keep it up

With all the latest apps and tech out there, there shouldn't be any excuse for me to not use the treadmill in my basement. Plenty of stuff to listen to and apps to measure weight loss and exercise. Thanks Mobile Nations crew for kicking us into gear to get healthy.

with fitness month I've begun my training one again and have been going strong I've turned my body fat into muscle and have lost the facial great that made me feel the worst I'm confident and think I deserve a little reward.

Started with fitness month last year, now I have kept off over 60lbs. Been using the apps to track all my food, water & exercise! Still going strong and appreciate the videos and reviews!

Fitness month came along on month 2 of p90x so I was well on my way to fitness. Its always nice to read/watch other people getting in shape though. The companionship is really motivating.

I have honestly been trying to finetune my sleep pattern. I haven't had much luck at all. I tried everything, even being a zombie, but that didn't do much. I need to bike more, but since the damn cold is killing my dreams of biking a great distance all the time, I haven't had much of a valid chance or reason. I need to get more with the flow the best I can.

Started Insanity about 3 weeks ago. Its tough but I survived 3 WEEKS doing it every day! Improving my abilities every day! :-)

Fitness month saw my wife doing 10 miles on the treadmill while I worked myself into exhaustion (not her fault, demanding clients). Maybe next month *le sigh*

i use my phablet during all my workouts, gyms have some of the most awful playlists and tracks that do not help with maintaining concentration while working out. i've maintained my weight, but have converted a lot, and i mean A LOT of fat into muscle. i look and above all FEEL GREAT! thanx for the all the inspirations to keep me motivated!

Im convinced to stay with OS7.1 and my 9900 until Endo or realy good repalcements show up for that POS data hog OS10 BS

I work out three-to-five days a week, and I push weights, do some cardio and plyometrics. It doesn't cause any weight loss though - food has always been the big thing.

Read Gary Taubes "Why we get fat" or better yet, Good Calories, Bad Calories if you're looking for weight loss and why the SAD diet doesn't work.

That being said - I use my phone constantly for music while I work out - and I'd love to have a new phone.

Seeing these articles occasionally reminds me of my goals, and I push a little harder.


I got motivated to get out and enjoy the fresh air. The days are getting longer and spring can't arrive too soon. I would purchase a BB 10 to enhance my workouts

Maine Lwyr

What did I get out of it? Uh, that I need to put down the slice of pizza and get off my ass more and onto the treadmill Endomondo style.

All these fitness posts during mobile fitness month have really made me think about living a healthier life to be a better example for my son. With all these apps that are out there I can really get excited about living healthy. Hopefully that excitement will rub off on my son as he gets older.

I've been using the fitness apps for a while and they've helped me increase my cardio and endurance for basketball can't wait for AAU props to you crackberry

I work five days a week, and I have one football game a week.

And, I also have some cardio at home , usually after supper. About 1 - 1.5 hour.

I need to lose my weight, and be a strong man!!!

It came just in time! im on college vacation right now and i planed on exercising a bit this month so when i saw this on mobilenations it really helped me keep motivated!!!

It helped me keep on track with my fitness goals, and allowed me to make sure I didn't waste any valuable family time.

I changed absolutely nothing, but it's nice to see others staying active! Perhaps an Xbox with Kinect would get me moving more while at home.

I've been inspired to find a balance between my study time and exercise time. As a student, I always study hard to get good grade all the time, that's why I am lack of exercise. I will plan regular exercise throughout the year while still maintaining the balance between it and my academic life.

i learned how to balance sleep, relaxation and of course exercise. i'm looking forward in continuing the progress i made in losing weight!

For a lot of us who keep up with current tech news and reviews and stuff it involves a lot of time on the computer and reading. Fitness and health usually got put on the back burner personally so Fitness month helped give ideas and insight and motivation to get back into it :)

So I just need to leave a response telling y'all what I got out of fitness month? Okay; here it is: Nothing. Now I can win a wii?

First of all, a big thanks to Mobile Nations for running Mobile Nations Fitness Month !

I have managed to strike a balance between my academic and social life. I spend time with my friends without worrying about the impact it will have on my studies, as I complete my studies first.

I have also been inspired to exercise more regularly, eat the right foods and, to sleep early to keep my mind, body and soul balanced.

Keep up the good work ! :)

Its been encouraging to learn about what other people have been doing to archive their fitness goals, im trying to incorporate some of their ideas into my routine, getting those recipes down and generally making better health choices!

My "balance" achievement this month is more towards balancing my emotion and treatment towards my mother and my wife. Both women had driven me crazy with their own childish and attention-getting attitude. I had achieved the ability to be more ignorant and enjoy what is essentially important to me. The rest of the "bla bla bla" finally managed to be filtered out automatically. This, I would say, is a very important balancing, which eventually improved my mental health.

Great! I needed something to kick start my fitness and re joining rowing. At 17 I lost to the gold medalist this year by 1.5 seconds in the u/23 so this fitness thing has inspired me to retrain but now with the medalist as he was one of my brothers former team members. I have started running with my sister on weekends (she has dropped 20kg), running to my sessions were i coach 14 year olds which is about 10km when i can, cycling to uni about another 20km every day, going rowing 5-6 mornings a week and when I have breaks a long ride.

IT has made me manage my sleep, i approximately get 8ish hours always told never less and if you cant just rest your eyes at you will be 95% of your sleep. So i go to bed 8:30ish - 9 and wake up about 5am for training. If I can I will have a nanna nap during the day.

As for food, I have cut a lot of junk out my system, big breakies after training porridge / cereal but I do have a few treats as my coach says since i dropped for 79kg to 71.8-73 (changes) and I am a light weight (72.5kg and below) I should keep my eating habbits right up so i don't go too light into the 60s.

In winter thanks to you kick starting my plan my coaches and former coachs at my old school i coach at have created to bulk me up muscle wise in winter. I am 2 weeks into rowing but a month or two into my general fitness which this comp made me not give up on. They say it takes a month to create a fitness habbit and you guys have helped me. So thank-you from Tom Fairclough

I use RunTastic Pro on my Nexus 4 while using my tablet (iPAD 2) for entertaining myself (and diverting my mind from the stats screen on the treadmill) while walking/jogging!!

Fitness month was very informative. I was made more aware on how I abuse my sleep...a habit which I am going to break
... Thanks Mobile Nations!!

Fitness month guilted me into exercising (a good thing) and made me pay attention to the my sleep patterns on my jawbone up.

I've got sore legs, new bruises, lost two pounds, fell off my bar stool last night. But, hey, can always use a new device. Thanks!

I am exercising six days a week for 35 minutes starting at the beginning of January. I am tracking my workouts with endomondo pro and tracking my calorie intake with myfitnesspal. Having the tracking software on my phone has helped with motivation. I feel stronger and more alert. I sleep better.

I got a fitbit based on a review I saw here and made a change in my diet. I'm eating less meat now. I've gone from 96 kilos down to 92. I'm happy and I think I will continue watching what I eat and what I do going forward.

Fitbit one FTW. loving it even though it was ran over by a car.

Would get a blackberry Q10 when they come out, looks awesome.

Through all the apps and workout recommendations, as well as just living a healthier lifestyle mostly I've been motivated to get into the gym more and actually push myself. As for the future, it'll be a little more difficult but I plan on keeping up my gym time as much as possibly during my deployment.

I started working out for my new year's resolution. That lasted about 3 weeks. Fitness Month got me removitated. I've lost 8 lbs this month!

Your "Fitness Month" helped get me out of the holiday slump and back into my regular exercise routines. Thank you for this!!

The Fitness month made me think about my health. I should be eating well, should have a good sleeping habit and, of course, be doing exercise regularly. I really should start soon. :D

Fitness Month came at a good time for me!

I have a 15 month old Son and as a new parent in the last year I have had very little time to do any sort of physical activity let alone work out.. Before parenthood my wife and I would go play volleyball together, i would play hockey at least twice a week and probably hit the Gym 1 to 2 times a week. Since parenthood i am lucky if i can play hockey even once a week.

In the Month of December I got really Sick and it required me to have surgery and in bed rest for 4 weeks.. During this time it REALLY HIT ME HARD that i really need to make an effort with my wife to be healthy for our Son and future kids.. I don't want to be that Dad that can;t run around with my kids and be sick too early in my life to not be able to enjoy camping, hiking, hockey, etc etc... I want to be able to help my kids experience the most out of life away from sitting in front of a computer and chat on Facebook or playing video games (although there will be plenty of video gaming, there has to be a good BALANCE).

Fitness month has helped me actually get up and sign up for Hockey again, and helping watching the baby while my wife goes to work out and vice versa. We have changed our diets because our Son is starting to eat what we eat.. and we don't want him eating junk food all the time.

So Thanks Fitness Month for helping me realize that it's important to stay healthy and fit even with a busy schedule!

I always exercise but it is also reassuring to know that there are folks who take their health seriously. I've learnt a few tips from mobile nations that I plan on sharing with others as well as putting them in practise.

You Learn Everything From Fitness, Foods that are Fatty and High-Calories, Healthy Diet, Improve your Healthy LifeStyles! What More Can you ask For!!! ^_^

i dont use any apps to track my progress but i give all these insights to my mom and dad. well im really skinny so i just eat all i can to put some meat on them bones. But my dad used to over eat and now i told him how to go about with it and explained all the details about how it takes 20 min for the brain to tell us that our stomach is full. i also take them with me for a morning walk and i take my dog along as well. Feb fitness month was really great and gave me alot of info which i really didnt know. I am going to keep me and my family fit and healthy from now on :)

Talking about balance for the end of fitness month...
I balance a lot, a full time job working 50 hours a week, a second job working 30 hours a week, a wife to keep happy, and an active 4 year old that has soccer, tball, school, and play dates to organize.

on top of that I am training for the Chicago marathon, and after losing 160lbs I am lifting and running my way to be an inspirational role model for all the people who want to lose the weight and look good but keep thinking whatever they see on TV or hear on the radio is the newest fad. The diet industry is a vicious cycle and a horrible marketing monster that preys on the fact that they KNOW you will fail.

eat better, lift weights, do some cardio each week, and stop sitting on the couch.

I say this to a lot of people, I don't know who said it first, but I say it a lot.
There are more places on this planet that you have NOT seen than you have seen, go out, live your adventure, have purpose, win your race, see your's never too late to start living.

I would get an Iphone5, because it would help simplify my life with my wife/daughter/schedule for training/work/running
use endomodo, bodybot, google music, podcaster, music, HR monitor, nike run, and nike fuel if I had an Iphone(no android app)

Georgia, you're so friggin' hot. YOU are my motivation to keep it up at the gym! Wait, can I say that?

I love me some Endomondo (which I discovered last year during your fitness month). I've been using it regularly for the last year. I hope that counts.

Hello! Fairly new to this wonderful place...loving it, learning a lot and getting inspired. Thank you!!

I started going to the gym 5 days a week again! Still have to look into the fitness apps. Thanks Crackberry and Mobile Nations!

I gained some nice tips from listening to the weekly Zen and Tech podcasts with Rene, Georgia, and guests. I especially enjoyed the episode with CrackBerry Kevin and the exercise tips

Fitness month is awesome! From the apps you guys have suggested.. I selected 6 week training and my god! My chest has increased by 3 inches! Now no one calls me a skeleton! Thanks you guys :) THANK YOU MOBILE NATIONS!

I don't mean to brag and I dont mean to boast...j/k but the awareness was very helpful knowing I had my mobile community getting fit at the same time I am.

Steps I'v taken to drop 20 lbs in 26 days (from 235 to 215 and counting!):

#1) Watch "Forks Over Knives" and "Vegucated" on Netflix (mobile)
#2) Go Peskatarian, Take Corella (anti-mercury) with your salmon or albacore! $4 per half pound at the salad bar in your grocery store. Also the Chipolte veggie bowl is $6.82. I did zero exercise in my first week.
#3) Buy the armband for your mobile and use Map my Run/Ride and Zombies, Run!
#4) Sideload P90X on your phone and use it during your lunch break. You need a towel and a yoga mat.
#5) Enjoy the compliments that come with your new lifestyle!

I had so much fun with fitness month, it was inspiring to see how my devices can be used with fitness. Thanks to your advice, I am no longer bored on the treadmill!

I was reminded how Lazy I am personally. Even with all the apps and tools available it really starts with the self wanting to improve. The tools are great help though.

lost over half a stone this month and all because i can load up my Blackberry devices with vids and shoot interviews and just jog or cycle away with out getting bored.

Keeps me keeping on.

Cheers Mobile Nations.....

Remembering to eat well while overworking so that I do not lose weight (that is also a problem).

I've lost 25 lbs in the past 3months... Aim is to hit 50 by the end of year. This contest would help me reach that goal!

It's reminded me that I need to keep fit during university. With lots of classes and work I don't have much free time, but Fitness Month has kept keeping in shape on my mind. I haven't lost any weight, because at 19 years old and my size, I don't need to, but I have maintained my weight and fitness.

It is due to all the fitness tips I got....that I was so impressed I made an account I am a glad member :)
Thank you Mobile Nations Fitness Month for changing my wrong habits and helping me adopt new healthy habits :)

I have lost 10 pounds working out with Insanity paired with a low carb diet. I am also using the "FATCALC" app to track my body composition!

All my life I have been one of those guys that are anything and any amount but still stayed in shape. All that changed when I hit the big 40 and since then I have had to watch my diet. Your advice summed it up all in one word; Balance. I was not the very physical type but now I exercise a little, watch what I eat, and don't party as hard as I use too. Everything in moderation.

I have been able to fit a workout routine into my schedule. Im also eating better and tracking calories with a fitness app. Im going to continue to work out and limit the amount of alcohol I consume.

Definitely learned some new techniques for mind body awareness. I'm using a couple of yoga apps as well as NIKE+ which is great. Motivation and consistency we all need support there!!

After the merry-gorge-round that is the winter/holiday season, (Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years) I was a real tubb-ster. But throughout fitness month I've been diligent in maintaining a solid workout regimen in addition to proper meals/portion control. Before participating in Mobile Fitness Month I didn't realize how much you could integrate technology into your routine. It made it fun and something I now look forward to.

Even though the month is over I'm going to continue this healthy lifestyle and make myself even better. 20lbs down, so far, and I've been in the best shape in years!

Thank you Mobile Nations!

I just liked learning about all the different apps that I hadn't even heard of yet to help me track and improve my workouts! :)

Well-Being-The holistic approach(Health, Career, Financial, Social, and ............). for me it's the device of my dreams(W.I.N.)

As a type-2 diabetic, I have been enthusiasticaly using some of the blood glucose/diet tracking apps to better manage my lifestyle.

I took this month as an opportunity to start my training for a triathlon later this year. so gonna rock this thing, just need more cycle training, good thing I have an app for that.

you guys have kept me pumped during this crazy month of sports!!! I laterally have sport 5 to 6 times a week! Somehow I still manage to make my way to mobile nations????

Blacberry by choice!

I find new apps to keep me motivated. I listen to music when hiking up a mountain whos trail is 5 miles long. Its a great time to focus on what i need to do for the day and week.

A big thanks to CrackBerry.

I love kicking my own butt when I run or cycle up some hills. My BlackBerry music keeps me going while I'm in pain.

It's been great to see practical tips to help us use our tech for our personal health.

Thanks for all the tips and comments.