Cineplex releases native app for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 25 Feb 2013 01:23 am EST

Although I don't use the app myself, there seems to be a good amount of folks out there who frequent the Cineplex app. With that being said, those looking for it on their BlackBerry 10 smartphone may have been a little upset to find the app was not quite ready as of a few days ago. Now though, if you search for Cineplex in BlackBerry World you'll find it has finally been released and not only is it available, its been created using native tools to ensure it runs great.

  • Buy tickets for Cineplex theatres with NO additional service fees!
  • Check your SCENE points balance and add your SCENE card to your phone for an even easier way to earn points
  • Read the latest Entertainment News and enjoy exclusive trailers, footage and interviews - View theatre information by radius, with maps, phone number, admission prices, showtimes and ticketing information
  • Search by theatre, movie, actor, news, photos and videos
  • Create Facebook Events for the movie and theatre instantly - Available in English & French 

After having downloaded it, I did sign up for the service and got some bonus points out of the deal. I've not tried purchasing any tickets as of yet but the overall experience looks pretty awesome plus, the viewing trailers and such works pretty flawlessy. Hit the link below to get it downloaded to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Download Cineplex for BlackBerry 10

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Cineplex releases native app for BlackBerry 10

It's a preorder. You'd have to be off your rocker stupid to even consider that. -

1) it's a Canadian app. Hence why you can't download it.

2) No. Comments are not yet enabled for the CB 10 app, as noted in the details, they're read only for now and will be updated when the new site launches.

1) makes sense...just going to have to get it when I'm up there then

2) right, forgot about that little detail

thanks for the clarifications

Love the app, however, now I am questioning the validity of the ratings. I gave it 4 stars based on the fact that the video player is not correct yet. It buffers the entire time. Quite annoying. Today I reviewed all the reviews and came across my has been upgraded to FIVE star! imagine that! So is that how these apps get to the front of the line for advertising themselves? Don't get me wrong, I love the app. Was flawless on my kids Galaxy S3. But it makes you wonder how many other apps are having the ratings changed?

I'm fairly sure the rating change is only a visual thing. I noticed that if you scroll down from a review and then back up the ratings for the review changes. If you scroll to the end of the list and the next batch of reviews loads you will also sometimes see duplicate reviews.

I'm fairly sure it's a bug and the listview elements are not being updated properly when they come on screen. It should only affect the look, and not the average rating.

It's a must if you like to go to the movies a lot. I have accumulated 14 free movies since signing up 3 years ago.

I was happy to see it show up for BB10 in BlackBerry World today, downloaded instantly. The app has helped me secure tickets for blockbuster opening nights from my 9860.

Love it! Apps I've been waiting for are rolling in! about adding an edit in your article stating for Canada only? would save hundreds of people going to the app store only to be disappointed. Cheers.

I WAS pretty bummed when I got my z10, as this was the first app I looked for. Now that it's out though, it just proves what I've been saying to everyone complaining about lack of apps.

It's a new phone. If something is missing odds are it'll be out soon.

I actually used this LOTS on my Torch. Was happy to see it released for the Z10. The apps will trickle in :)

I was just saying that I wished this app would be made available and behold!!! I love this app! Great if you go to the movies a lot, YAY

I use the Torch and PlayBook versions all the time and was disappointed to see no Cineplex version for the Z10 when I got it (although it does have Flixter which I use regularly as well). I was pleasantly surprised to see this and when I downloaded it, it's a real BB10 application that fits right in with the hub/flow scheme - like CB10. Very nicely done. Get's 5* from me.