BlackBerry 10 launch in India - Watch the live webcast!

BlackBerry 10 launch in India - Watch the live webcast!
By Bla1ze on 25 Feb 2013 12:23 am EST

February 25th marks the launch of BlackBerry 10 in India and to help celebrate the occassion, BlackBerry will be holding a webcast of the event hosted by BlackBerry Brand Ambassador, Ranbir Kapoor. The event itself will kick off at 7:30PM IST and you can tune in via the BlackBerry India Facebook page. We'll be checking out the launch as it happens and following up with any details that might follow as well. Will you be tuning in?

Watch the BlackBerry 10 India launch event

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BlackBerry 10 launch in India - Watch the live webcast!


I rushed to the link to view the webcast only to find that it isn't starting for another 8 hours! lol
Guess I'll go sleep and wake up to watch it then!

IT'S NOT A BRICK! Maybe you need to enable flash. That's why it won't play. Oh that's right, you don't have a playbook.

The Z10 sold out in every country that it has been launched in,and India will be no different, other then the fact that it will be done in record time.
Sell out happening by the end of tomorrow.

1 million phones out the door.

Thor better really up the production.

I wonder what will happen when the keyboard version comes out, and they sell 60 million of those in the first year.

The price needs to be right as well. Think 45,000 Rupees is on the high end. They need to launch around the 38,000 Rupees mark....

Plus I hope they really explain and clear up the BIS issue. I would hate to see Indian consumers confused like the South African one..

The people who buys these phones it makes no diffrence to them to pay 45k vs 38k at launch time. I agree that it should reduced to 38ks after the launch rush, hype is over..First week it will be bought out by rich filthy indians including celebs, business owners, Remeber 5000 BES servers in India..

BlackBerrys slowly taking back the smartphone game. USA your time is coming.

get your "TeeRapMoneyGang" app on bb10!

Just bring it to the US already. I'm really considering getting on the Iphone bandwagon. This waiting and watching every other country get love is pissing me off big time. Stil no word of when or anything. Crackberry, dig deep and get us some solid info before I pull my damn hair out and jump ship.

Live event happening now in mumbai, first BBM video call made to ranbir kapoor by Vivek Bhardwaj... Finally BBM voice n video came to india

Priced at Rs. 43490 - Isnt that a bit too high. I somehow feel this is gonna hurt BB in India. BTW is the launch on now? I thought it was to start at 7:30 pm IST

As an old blackberry fanboy, I think Blackberry India has hit the nail on ITS OWN head!

This is ridiculous pricing, and no sir, as an early adopter of the Playbook, the Storm, the Storm 2,, the 9900 I think I will give this a pass... And that I will do with mighty disappointment.
I worked with a popular telecom company in India, and I know about the vanilla BB10 devices in the sub 20K mark, but I DID not want a vanilla variant and I DID not want to be fleeced once again as well.
Utter disappointment... I think I will smash my BB devices and post a YouTube video for the kicks..

i agree with you mate!!...43900/- !!! WTF was the BB - India CEO Sanjay Dutt thinking ..... with S3 priced at 26 to 29k even hardcore BB fans like me are pissed off!!

What a piss fan fare news paper ads.....just some random posts on the net regarding Ranbir Kapoor launching the BB10 platform.......i feel Ranbir is diluting his class by pormoting a brand which even the hardcore BB fans are detesting from being associated with.....i still feel the BB7 powered devices rock better than the BB10....really pissed off i am better off buying the Lumia 920 or the iphone 5 which are available in awesome finance schemes...also the HTC One is worth waiting for......FUCK YOU BB.......waste waiting for the BB10 since last 2 years and showing loyalty....even my purchase of Playbook was a waste....

Screw you too, if you cannot appreciate anything blackberry offers. SAVE UP!!! Don't let the troll guard slap you in the face on the way out the door.

Ranbir is with a Q10 and Z10... I hope they announce the launch here in India... I might just switch my order to Q10.... :)

This launch was painful to watch! You would think after a few launches BB would learn to bring a little more excitement to these events. Ranbir looked like he was winging it without doing any preparing.......typical though lol. Vivek couldn't get out of that place fast enough lol Price? come on get with the program already. Want to sell a few more BB drop the price a wee bit. Oh well they know more than me. :)

honestly, if I was Vivek, i'd probably run out of that train-wreck as fast as I possibly could. It was a phone launch, along with a whole new platform, and what did they do? DANCE On stage for most part, along with a stand up comedian who desperately tried to get applause but failed! Poor Thor, he must be biting his fingers off!

WTF was that I can't belive I sat thru that S#4@!!!!!! Blackberry needs to take Charge of this Launches, if you came in half way into it you would have had no idea it was suppose to be ALL about BB10..... Is was all Bollywood It SUCKED......... >:O

I so agree with you guys! Couldn't help but compare it to the Jan 30 webcast. It was EMBARRASSING! Mr.Sunil Dutt was so in awe of the Bollywood star - Ranbir Kapoor! He was almost praying that the latter would take him home. And OMG: The continuous microphone fiasco. They couldn't even get Vivek's collar mic working either! The poor guy had to hold a mic in one hand and give the demo with the other. He too must have been super embarrassed. No wonder he ran away from this circus asap. They should have hired someone professional to handle the show!

O my ...... I am not from India .... but I think that needed some polishing.

Hey everyone from India - rush out and get your Z10 TODAY!
Before they are all gone. It is an awesome phone.