Chimpact for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - brings Scoreloop support and graphics improvements

By James Richardson on 23 Feb 2013 05:23 pm EST

If you saw our review of Chimpact a short time ago you maybe under the impression that I blooming love the game. You would be right. An update to the game hit my Z10 today and while this isn't the biggest news of the week the update has brought a couple of nice new features to the awesome game.

These include:

  • Updated BB10 with Super HD textures
  • Added BB10 Scoreloop support
  • Bug fixes and performance optimisations

I'm pretty stoked to see the developers integrate Scoreloop. Now all my 'Games' friends can see when I'm playing Chimpact and how well I do at it. If you haven't tried Chimpact yet I urge you to. It is truly stunning.

Download Chimpact for BlackBerry 10



Got mine updated already. I actually got the game after reading the original article. Great game.


I hope they update the PB version. I would love to have scoreloop on it.


Playbook probably won't be updated. Like everything else lately there it's all OLD releases. Or flood with garbage app generator apps which are useless.


serious what a useless game . any real apps i dont play games .


Seriously? Don't piss all over these reviews. Get off if you don't like it.


I downloaded Version last week. The picture above shows the game at version
It does not have an update in BlackBerry World as of 9:15 this morning (Canada - EST).

So what is the updated version number?