BlackBerry World v4.2.1.109 rolling out to some BlackBerry Z10 owners

BlackBerry World v4.2.1.109 rolling out to some BlackBerry Z10 owners
By Bla1ze on 21 Feb 2013 03:37 am EST

Taking a look through the CrackBerry forums and on Twitter, it's looking as though some BlackBerry Z10 owners have an update to BlackBerry World appearing on their devices. The noted version shows as with the change log simply stating improved battery life and bug fixes.

As it appears now, the update isn't showing for everyone and in fact, it actually errors out on some devices leading me to believe it's likely still processing through. Either way, if you're a BlackBerry Z10 owner then go ahead and check for updates. In the meantime, we'll be keeping our eye on this for a more widespread roll out and update the post when necessary.

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BlackBerry World v4.2.1.109 rolling out to some BlackBerry Z10 owners


Honestly, I've had it for two days now and not had that happen. Seems like they're doing some work on BlackBerry World right now.

I cant install it. It saw An error message occurred telling me that I have insufficient coverage even though I am on wifi. My World also states that it was unable to retrieve my "Digital Locker".

I do not own a Z10 yet, but I recall something about if you go to My World in BlackBerry World, and then you either select the app, then/or use the pull down menu at the top to see installed apps. Anyway, if you can find it there, you should be able to delete the app from My World in BlackBerry World. Sorry for the incomplete info, but hopefully this will help.

Same here. Been trying for the past couple of days and still get an error about checking the network connection.

Just realize this morning there was an update. Launched and installed with no issues. It felt a little slow once I started the app afterwards, but all seems to be working well. Fido/Rogers

There is update 4.3 for os7, but as always with appworld updates, the wishlist disappears!?! More and more BB is ticking me off.... And the more I read about incomplete bridge, native apps and other stuff with cs10, the less I want to go there: besides, my two fav everyday apps are not porting to 10, so ooooooo...

My upgrade wasn't successful. Now my BlackBerry World icon is a triangle, square, and circle, and can't even idea how to fix this now

Same here... I went from Can't upgrade: network error to finally I can upgrade to why the new version keep crashing to restart the device to now the only thing I see is a Grade 1 Triangle-Circle-Square shape that doesn't even open.

It's a sad Friday for me....

I'm on Telus in Ontario.... Hope there's a solution for this soon.

"Help me Obi-Wan Kevin Crackberry... you're my only hope"

Mine upgraded on Thursday and ever since I have been getting an error message saying Unable To Retrieve Digital Locker for User.

I am in the UK

Now it appears Blackberry World is down all together.

Z10 Can't Retrieve BlackBerry ID - Cannot backup can't access my apps in BBWorld/updating, also through setting I cannot access BBID properties or Payment options. It seems to be somehow related to the problematic rollout currently underway for updating BBWorld?? I can still login to my BBID via the web. I even tried resetting my password for BBID online....still stuck. Is there any Shift/Alt+RST equivalent for BBW in BB10? I would really like to avoid having to wipe. Thanks!!

I'm with Bell and was finally able to get the update this morning. It seems to have made a huge difference to battery life. I normally would have had to plug in my Z10 by noon but so far still have more than half battery life left.

Updated my wife's z10 and she is definitely seeing better battery life by a huge margin. She is a very light user but would normally come home with half a battery. After update she did 2 days and plugged it in tonight (third day) at half full. On Rogers network.

I'll have to update tomorrow as this was over the weekend and she may not have a good signal at work causing the phone to constantly search for a signal.

Nevertheless nice to be able to get through the weekend with power to spear.


Upgraded to the new app world yesterday, no difference in battery life and the store now shows in a different language than the system's default and changes every now and then on its own. Can't seem to find a way to change that!

I upgraded to Blackberry World yesterday and it says its currently under maintenance and to try back later. :/