BlackBerry Link updated for both Windows and Mac

BlackBerry Link updated for both Windows and Mac
By Bla1ze on 19 Feb 2013 06:44 pm EST

As we noted just yesterday, BlackBerry has plans to update BlackBerry Link in the coming weeks with Outlook contact and calendar information via USB sync but for now there is a few other issues to address as well. As such, a new BlackBerry Link update is currently rolling out to Windows and Mac OS users. The update brings BlackBerry Link into v1.0.0.94 on Mac and v1.0.0.76 on Windows and should resolve issues folks were seeing when transferring data from a previous BlackBerry smartphone to a new BlackBerry Z10, as well as adding in the capability to reload your OS.

Also of note, an updated version of BlackBerry 10 OS for the BlackBerry Z10 is being provided to carriers for testing and will be released soon to further address device switch issues. The update to BlackBerry Link is live right now, so you can update from within the app or head on over to the link below to grab the BlackBerry Link download to get started.

Download BlackBerry Link

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BlackBerry Link updated for both Windows and Mac


When I goto the BBRY download link on your post, I get version:
BlackBerry Link v1.0.0.75 (Windows OS)

I did an update within Link and its v. like you posted.

Nope, can't do a backup. Again. Still.

I'm really not impressed with Link. I can live with manually syncing media (I've repurposed iSyncr for Android to do just this) but it would be nice to be able to do a device backup.

I can't decide which is worse. "Updating/downloading now!" or "First!". I like to reserve my disdain for only the choicest of stupid. Hmmmmm.

So someone who comes on to CrackBerry and sees that there is a new update for software he uses, isnt allowed to state that he is updating? I wouldnt of known there was an update without coming here. go troll somewhere else!

He's NOT a troll for despising the (mentally) 14 year old boys that have to say "first" or "I'm downloading" like anyone actually gives a flying f*ck. They are the most annoying thing about Crackberry. Grow up and you'll see what we mean.

installing inside the app was available when i went back to it ad that worked. it had not previously been there.

My z10 using link downloaded today doesn't even see iTunes on my Mac. It's absolutely useless. Can't connect to iPhoto cause I don't have '11. I have no way of getting my music on the device unless I put an SD card in it.

They've done a poor job with this as far as the Z10 goes.

You can't just copy it over to the music folder? on PC as soon as i plug in the USB i can access both the internal storage and the SD card.

Can even do it through wifi....

One thing I've loved about BB is not being tied to another software program in order to transfer files of any kind. Drag n drop, baby!

I can't backup with the new Mac version and it tells me it has never been backed up, in spite of managing to get 2 backups completed on the weekend after wrestling with the previous version.

Sounds like you need to figure out what's wrong with your Windows 7 x64. Just as before in the previous version I can still add media folders in this new version without is crashing. I have a lot of clients who have Z10's that also use the Link software on their Windows 7 x64 without it crashing when adding their media folders.

still won't let me sign in,,, "confirm you are connected to the internet & try again..."


I have it working on Win 8 x64 since the beginning.
I find it interesting that when you install it, it still installs under "Research In Motion" folder instead of "BlackBerry"

yup. I'm getting the same error...I'm going to try to delete Link and re-install it - hopefully that helps. I'd really like to back up my Z10 (for the first time!).

Link software is now using like a gig of ram here.. an cant connect to my Z10 to transfer now after updating software.. anyone else having issues

Neither have I. Mine says "Preparing for backup" then errors out asking me to make sure the device is powered on and connected. Contacted BB and sent them logs. Issue identified and will be fixed in an OS update. That's my specific issue but maybe this will help others as well. Win 8, 64bit. Set up device without transferring data from my Bold.

Wait, does this mean BlackBerry 10 updates have to be released by the carrier (I mean unlike the iPhone which receives updates directly from Apple)? I really hope updates do not have to be released by carriers...

Strange I download 100_b075, install it, and BBL says it's version Anyway, I am on recent version and reload device software is in there, could be usefull, you never know. Weird part is that my BBL is in dutch language except for the menu reload device software, that's still in English. Not a problem for me, but I assume this is a minor bug. :)

At last I've just done a back up well chuffed I have every confidence in blackberry to sorry out the other wee tweaks very soon

Complete failure to transfer from old device to new device. But successful backup. Bring back BlackBerry Desktop for Z10 instead of Link.

"Posted by thatplaybookguy Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013 23 hrs ago
click the settings cog int he upper right, next to your name, then look left and you will see it."

On the left side of the screen.