Now boarding at Gate 5 - Easyjet for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 15 Feb 2013 09:02 am EST

Coming to Europe? Fancy booking and managing your flights from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone? You can now with the new easyjet application that arrived in BlackBerry World the other day. Free to download, the app allows users to not only browse and purchase tickets, but you can also make adjustments afterwards which may come in rather handy.

There is also the option to track flights so you can sure that your plane is running on time - neat. With a simple login screen, checking your bookings is always only a few seconds away. I'm off to Mobile World Congress later in the month and there is every chance I will be flying easyjet. It should prove the perfect time to put the app through its paces.

The easyjet application for BlackBerry 10 is another one that has been ported over from Android. However, it doesn't feel like an Android app. In fact, if I hadn't of mentioned it most people probably wouldn't even know. If you are using easyjet for business or a holiday grabbing the BB10 app is a must.

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Now boarding at Gate 5 - Easyjet for BlackBerry 10


It is these kind of app that are going to make or break BlackBerry. When the majority of large companies (ie. Banks, Airlines, Malls, Credit Card companies, etc) are building for BB10 then you know that BlackBerry will make it. If they continue to be shunned by these kind of companies then it will be a slow descent into oblivion for them. The good news is that America's largest airline, United Airlines, just uploaded their Android app into BB World. Fantastic news. Let's hope it comes on coming.

These apps, regardless if they're ports or not, are NOT going to "make or break" blackberry. Stop being so debby downer about it.