EE in the UK now offering BlackBerry Bold 9900 customers the chance to switch to 4G and a BlackBerry Z10

By James Richardson on 18 Feb 2013 10:51 am EST

It looks like EE in the UK are offering existing Orange and T-Mobile customers who recently took out a contract with a Bold 9900 the opportunity to upgrade to a 4G LTE contract with a BlackBerry Z10 - with no fees! Customers who have a 3G contract that is less than six months old now qualify for the early upgrade. The cost of the handset must be covered but there are no fees being implemented for the early termination of the current contract.

This isn't common practice for UK carriers so it's a nice move by EE. On the EE webpage it doesn't clearly mention the Bold 9900 however if you dive a bit deeper and jump into the terms and conditions it is clearly listed.

This offer is available to current T-Mobile and Orange customers only. The offer is available in our retail stores only and will end on 30 April 2013.

The offer allows you to swap your old 3G phone for a new 4G one, and upgrade your plan to a superfast 4GEE phone plan.  To redeem this offer, please note that:

i. You need to be on an existing T-Mobile or Orange plan - whether that's a new plan or an upgrade/renewal from a previous plan and including plans which were taken out from one of our indirect partners such as the Carphone Warehouse;
ii. You can upgrade to 4GEE at any time during your contract with Orange or T-Mobile and there are no charges for terminating your current contract (subject to our 14 day returns policy).
iii. You will have  to enter into a new minimum term on EE;
iv. You  can only sign up to a new minimum term on EE which is the same length or longer than your current minimum term on T-Mobile or Orange;
v. You can only sign up to a consumer plan on EE with a monthly cost (excluding any out of allowances costs for calls, texts or data) that is the same monthly cost or higher than your current plan on T-Mobile or Orange;
vi. You will  have to pay any applicable upfront handset cost as part of your new plan on EE; and
vii. It will take up to one business day to transfer your old number to your new EE phone.

Your current phone and plan can't have been purchased in the last 14 days of the date you want to swap to EE as part of this offer.

Swapping your current handset
You can only swap to 4GEE from consumer plans on T-Mobile or Orange if you have the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One X or Blackberry 9900. You can swap to eligible 4G phones which can be found on our website. (Please note, as part of the swap to EE, you will be required to pay the upfront handset cost as part of your new plan on EE).
Condition of your current handset
You will need to give us back your old T-Mobile or Orange handset. The handset must be in perfect, working condition and be capable of being switched on. We will not accept handsets that do not turn on or are damaged; that have cracked or scratched screens; or that have cracks to the device casing.  Our retail staff will decide whether to accept your phone based on its condition and their decision is final. You should back up all contacts and data from your old phone before giving it to us.

4G Coverage
We have limited 4G coverage in the UK. You can only use mobile internet on our 4G network if you're within a 4G enabled area and in range of a 4G mast. 4G is only available in select cities in the UK. Your 4G phone may not be compatible with other 4G networks outside the UK. If you don't have 4G coverage, your phone will drop back to our 3G network if you're in a 3G covered area. You should check your personal 4G coverage before you move to EE at

Returns policy regarding your new EE plan
Your new plan purchase on EE is subject to our returns policy which you can find at If you return your phone within 14 days of purchase in accordance with our returns policy, we will give you back a phone that is the same model as your old one and in the same condition.

More details can be found here. Will you be ditching 3G and jumping over to 4G with a nice new shiny BlackBerry Z10? Sound off in the comments.

Reader comments

EE in the UK now offering BlackBerry Bold 9900 customers the chance to switch to 4G and a BlackBerry Z10


Nope not with the rip off prices they are charging for 4G plans. I'll wait till the prices come down, which should be soon hopefully as 3 and voda will be rolling out their 4G network soon.

3 and Vodafone? Have I missed something? And Vodafone and o2 will be partnering (but not merging) to create a 4G network so they will have it at the same time but that wont even START rolling out until late 2013/early 2014.

Good idea but the 4g price deal is a bit steep considering the lack of availability and yes you have to cover cost of handset? Which is how much!!

EE - £36 per month for only main city coverage. 500Mb data

EE - 3G package for the phone is the same price but 1Gb data

O2 I think charging £36pm no 4G yet

may want to check as may be specific to your own circumstances

I checked into an early upgrade on Bell, up here in the Great White North. With 9 months left to go, they would give me a $50 "loyalty credit" and charge me a $120 early upgrade fee. I just laughed. It would be $70 cheaper to buy the phone outright, than to sign a three-year agreement! I will just wait til my contract expires, look for a used one and go to monthly. Their marketing genius should experience a "loyalty pay cut"!

Limited 4G coverage and will 'drop back to our 3G network' if there's no 4G coverage. As Orange have been turning off 3G masts all over the country in the race to be the first to offer 4G, their 3G coverage is just as rubbish. I'm (just) getting by with a signal that drops to GSM about 40% of the day - the official answer from Orange? My 9900 is at fault and would I like to upgrade to an iphone. So no, I won't be taking up their kind offer .

Upgrade to faux 4G (basically trade in a 3G for another 3G lol), well, that kind of makes sense. No pun intended. :P