YouTube no longer working on BlackBerry OS 7 / 7.1 devices (Updated)

YouTube no longer working on BlackBerry OS devices
By Bla1ze on 17 Feb 2013 03:38 am EST

* Update 2 from Kevin - 6:40am, Monday morning - I just received word that the Google code issue has been fixed and Youtube videos are working once again on OS 7.1 / 7 phones!

* Update from Kevin -  Still waiting for official word back from BlackBerry, but sources are telling me it's nothing on the BlackBerry side and the issue can only be replicated on BlackBerry OS 7 and 7.1 devices, over WiFi and various carrier networks. Older BBOS devices (OS 6, 5, 4, etc. are not affected). Also sounds like Google/Youtube has been contacted about the issue. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. We'll keep you posted as we learn more! *

Looking through the CrackBerry forums for the past couple of days, it's looking as though a lot of BlackBerry OS (OS 5,6, 7 and 7.1) users are no longer able to access YouTube videos on their device. I've tested it out on the BlackBerry Z10 and everything appears fine there, so that's a bit weird but I've also been able to recreate the issue on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 that others running a BlackBerry OS device are seeing. The videos show up but cannot be played.

At this time, there isn't any information available as to why things have stopped working but it's looking as though YouTube changed something in how their videos appear. In fact, it's not only affecting BlackBerry devices. Web services and various other apps that tap into YouTube are also coming up borked for many users.

We've reached out BlackBerry to see if they've heard anything on the matter and will update this post if we hear anything. For now, there are a couple of suggestions in the forums as to how to get them working again but none are really ideal and it'd just be easier if Google didn't muck it up in the first place.

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YouTube no longer working on BlackBerry OS 7 / 7.1 devices (Updated)


Sucks ... but built in apps to Blackberry or other devices can always drop access via the backend changes and then the app has to be redone.

Hope the fix things but why not just go via the web brower access like most of us do.

Because it doesn't work in the browser either. That's kind of the point lol. The app itself, isn't even an app. It's a mobile link.. YouTube changed something on their end entirely.

Just like to offer a less than ideal workaround for everyone. I noticed this problem today. However, Youtube videos can still be accessed via Opera Mini but Opera Mini also compromises the quality.

Edit: I just noticed BB-BMore said this earlier, whoops.


Go to Youtube video you want to see, click the arrow icon on top right over video.

This wll slide out a bar showing thumbs up, thumbs down, plus and share icon.

Click on share icon (last one on right) and choose EMAIL.

This will open an email on your Blackberry with the youtube link.

Click on the link in your email to watch video, cancel the email.


This worked great for me on a Verizon 9850. It seems that as long as its not redirected to the mobile site it works. I tried a video via a link through Bing and that worked as well. I didn't seem to be kicked to the mobile site that way either.

Works totally fine on my Galaxy S3 and Playbook both mobile and desktop site and also the apps so I don't think YouTube changed anything. Maybe they're starting to block Blackberries as well just like Hulu did. xD

Easier Workaround : Launch the App , Click on the 3 lines in the upper left corner for the Menu , scroll down , then click the Desktop . Works Perf ! Thanx , I'll be here all week . . .

People! Get youtube player pro for blackberry! Set the play mode to browser.. It works less laggy and seamless on bbos

Give it a try. Youtube doesn't work on mobile site torch 9860

Doesn't work on Torch 9810 either through mobile site, except WORKAROUND above fixes problem.

Yes, ichat, I agree. I just reinstalled Player For You Tube Pro by Smarter Apps, and the videos work fine on my 9900 with the embedded player and most importantly the native browser. Seamless.

You might be a little crazy... YouTube works fine on my Telus 9860 using os 7.1 over wifi.

I'm able to play the videos on with no problems.

Youtube seems to be working as normal from my 9780 on I'm able to play videos from the mobile site.

Any work around other than using the desktop site? Or any other youtube-like sites that will stream on Blackberry. This is pretty crappy on googles-youtubes part.

Opera mini is the easiest work around that I know of right now. Whenever I wan to click a Youtube link I just long press the trachpad and click "luanch in Opera mini" from the pop up menu.

It's not working in my BB OS7 either. It's true that Google needs to make money but what they're doing recently really suits the Scroogle name coined by Microsoft.

Direct links to video work (unless you have the 1:19 error like I do where video cuts out after 1 minute and 19 seconds).

Its a problem with the video launcher on the mobile site.

I have a Verizon Torch 9850 and I cannot watch any videos from youtube from either wifi or verizon network. However I am able to watch very crappy quality with Opera Mini... I have been waiting for 2 days to see someone put up a post! Hope we get youtube back soon! I spend a great deal of time watching from my phone...

I tried it from the YouTube "app" and videos don't play. But they play just fine from Facebook or with the direct video link. I think it's just the "app," such as it is, that doesn't work. Videos play just fine on my phone.

Why? I can see Youtube via my BlackBerry 9220 and can CrackBerry Forum add link that everyone see youtube via BB is incorrect? I can see nomally. Check again, please.

I just tried it on my 9800 Torch, on the Rogers network... worked fine for me. of course I get redirected to

Just tested it on my BlackBerry 9900 in the Netherlands (always used the Mobile Site) and still works just fine =).

When someone posts a link on the forums or when you search the video on google click the video/link and there video works.

Video's will not work on the youtube mobile site on my Bold 9900! What a bummer, I hope this is just a temporary bug, I really watch a lot of youtube video's at home when I'm on wifi, everything from howard stern interviews to boxing fights :(

I actually never bothered with Youtube on my Bold, however I can confirm I can't play any videos either.
Phone is a Bold 9900 with .746 firmware.

Thats the way pimps always behave when there whores didnt earn enough money... Cant decide who is the pimp and who's the whore...but I know, WE are the punter....:-(

nice move google... nice move, not being able to take down the Ten...and then trying to hurt the rest of the family. You will pay for this...

I can play play YouTube videos using my Blackberry Playbook's YouTube app client.

My blackberry 9900 cannot play any youTube videos, only see the static preview frame with a non-working play button in the centre.

I have a 9900 and indeed have some issues since a couple of days. Embedded youtube videos work, visiting the mobile youtube site works, untill I want to hit the play button of a video. Somehow it has become unclickable.

Really curious as to what the deal with this is.

Well Yeah Iam having the same problem its only in the play button But whats strange is that youtube still actually works on some devices ... Thats strange :/ Hoping a fix from google as soon as possible

Torch 9800 - Working fine on Wi-Fi or 3G here in OH, USA. In an article on CrackBerry or the youtube site, still works.

I am using an 8520 .... Works just fine ....on wifi or just on the edge connection .. Had no issues , have no issues .. hope will have no issues in the feature :)

I believe older devices (OS 6 and below) are getting a simpler version of the mobile site, not the Javascript heavy version with the fancy slide-in menus that OS 7 browsers see. As people have mentioned, when you use the simple text based site (like what you see in Opera mini with the white background and everything is text with no pop in or slide in menus), then it works fine. But then you get really low quality video--no hd.

Mines not working... It just means Blackberry 10 needs to get to us here in America ASAP since the fix probably wont present itself before then anyway assuming it isn't part of Google's Us against the World plan they instituted shutting down access for apps and access for BB & Windows Phones back in January.

I have the torch 9800 and it works fine, I just watched two video's with no problem at all, For me it's the same as it always was, nothing has changed, I'm in Ontario and i use Rogers, but i dont think my location and carrier will have anything to do with it, just thought i would mention that anyway

I already hate youtube and all their ads now enough to start boycotting them, but starting today, no more youtube for me and I just deleted Chrome browser with great pleasure from my PC and laptop. Also deleted Google maps from my 9930. Gmail goes next. See ya google!

google is and will continue to make it difficult for the competition more and more... our own fault for depending on so many of they're services.

they tried to restrict WP last month from youtube

Browser won't even acknowledge the play button is there on 9900/ but it works fine on my youtube player pro.

Hi guys,

I have spent hours trouble shooting this and would like to add my 2 cents: I think it is Google, not YouTube. To make a long investigative story short, if you use another browser on your BB 9900 with OS7 or 7.1, (eg Opera Mini), there is no problem. So am fairly sure it is not BB, not YouTube, but Google.

Hi guys, sorry just to add. This (using another browser as posted above) of course is painful. I much prefer just using google to navigate to youtube and search and play videos in that way. So it would be great if the experts/hosts of this forum could investigate with google and see if they are prepared to undo what they seem to have done.

Please do not add comments about other operating systems besides OS 7 and OS 7.1 - we know that works. So posting a comment that says "it works on my BB with OS6" is not helpful.

Its not working on wi fi either or 3G I'm on t mobile uk 9790/ as well no idea my home broadband is talk talk add me on bbm so tell me how to work over wi fi? pin:2A894CF3

My Torch 9810 has same issue. I can access & play on desktop version, but not mobile.

I had a look at a few blog threads this morning & this is by far the most relevant & informative.

Hopefully, there will be a fix soon, as I'd prefer not to install another browser. However, if that's what it takes, then so be it.

I'm in UK on O2.

Meant to add that the email "workaround" above doesn't work for me.

I rarely watch YouTube on my phone but tried today and the video selection appears but will not play. At one point I received an error message video not available for mobile device. I am using a BB 9930 running 7.1.

Also after I Google this issue it appears to have happened in the past and possibly a server issue with you tube.

Thats only the beginn of the business game played by Google. You will see what will happen when Google will stop the ActiveSync services on Gmail accounts...Google announced this for July 2013.

Wish I could've known this 4 days ago when I did a security wipe because I thought there was something wrong with my 9900. Now I can't retrieve my BlackBerry ID because it was an address. There goes $50+ of BlackBerry app world apps. Oh well, I have to say I'm used to getting the s#it end of the stick with BlackBerry and their luck with these type of things

I have to ask what does have to do with not accessing your BBID? Not being a jerk here, just confused as to why that matters for being able to log in to it

My "" email was linked to my BlackBerry ID account that was used on App World. Back then, you could only use an "" email address for your BlackBerry ID. Since I'm not used to typing my BlackBerry ID password everyday I seemed to have forgotten it and the only way to retrieve it is if I have access to my email address which I cannot access because I don't know the password in the first place. If I've confused you by now then welcome to my world. If anyone knows how to retrieve my "" password then please do let me know.

Try contacting att for the password, I have the same type email via sprint which I rarely use. But it came with my service and they had never given the password to me. When I needed to add other email accounts to BIS I had to contact sprint and get the password before I could access BIS. Also try contacting them 1st before creating another account, I did this thinking I had forgotten the password and they could not retrieve any emails from the 1st account.

I had a few videos do this to me (ones linked from crackberry) and I noticed that the URL started with www. instead of m. so I went ahead and changed it, hit enter and voila, worked. Not saying this will work for everyone, but it worked fine on every video I tried it on

CrackBerry should block the ads from Google until this is fixed. Ironically if you view these comments without logging in first there about 10 Google ads mixed in with the comments already. Stop the madness, block the Google ads until this is fixed. Boycott google!

Wow this doesn't bother me! I rather watch you tube or any videos on my iPad.. BB's for me are strictly for phone, messaging and social networking! I have tried to watch videos from you tube on my 9900 and its horrible at the task.. So I don't anymore.. Just my 2 cents..

How'd you get those last two bottom right folders to display like that on the 9900's screen?

They are like the PB folders, I can't get my 9900 to do that.

How'd you get those last two bottom right folders to display like that on the 9900's screen?

They are like the PB folders, I can't get my 9900 to do that.

I thought it was just my blackberry! This really sucks. If I didn't know other people were having the same problem I would of probably changed phones.

I doubt Google will rush to "fix" this. I wouldn't be surprised if they planned this all along to try to bring down one of their competitors...

Looks like Google / Android really messed up.
I wonder if they were hacked like FaceBook and Twitter.

All this hacking ..... what a mess. It's good think that BlackBerry is there to save the day !!!

I was on it last Wednesday and noticed I couldn't play the videos on Thursday..3 other people with a BB Torch can't access it..

Hi guys, few things: it really irritates me when someone says "I watch YouTube videos on my iPad" - that is not the point, the point is the functionality of BB phones with OS7 and OS7.1 (which the other day was fine, and yesterday wasn't fine anymore, due to - we established - google).

This morning I can view youtube videos again, on my BB (9900) with OS7 and OS7.1. And yes, do so with google.

HOWEVER, google takes me to first, and "makes me" search there and when I've searched for the video there and have clicked there on a result, THEN it takes me to the video on, which video then plays fine this morning.

Before, I never used to have to pass by or through the global site. So this remains changed from google's side.


So it looks like all is back to normal on my 9860. Can view youtube videos again normally through the mobile site. Crackberry nation does have a voice afterall!!

Haven't tried watching youtube on my 9900 in several days. Just saw this, so I tried, and mine's working fine, over the network, youtube mobile site. Maybe I'm just late to this article, but everything is working fine, as it always did. Telus H+ btw.

Youtube mobile's 'Play' link now works again.

Ufortunately, I'm on Rogers so I can only watch 1 minute and 19 seconds of any video :(

From the 1 minute and 19 seconds of video I can see, it looks like the video quality may be lower than before the fix, but not sure...

I need Help to my Blackberry 9220 when I cant open some videos on youtube I delete my apps how can I back my youtube apps with no Payment plss help me guys

Google being rude to us blackberry users. Glad they fixed it. I even told them off via my video blog. It's up there. If they didn't fix it, many would be quite pissed off. I know I was. Damn you google.