Touch cross-platform messenger now available for BlackBerry 10

Touch cross-platform messenger now available for BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 13 Feb 2013 04:34 pm EST

Looking for a cross-platform messaging app on your BlackBerry Z10? If so, Enflick has let us know their app Touch is now ready and available for download on BlackBerry 10 smartphones. We saw updates to their original BlackBerry version not that long ago and with this release, they've opened the doors to quite a few new users. Not sure why you want Touch? Check out some the features they have included in their app:

  • Message your friends through Chats that feel like you are talking in person. Enjoy chatting with unlimited text, video, and voice messaging, delivery and read receipts, typing status, and top-notch speed and reliability.

The app is free to download and use, so you can hit the link below to head on into BlackBerry World. I do however feel compelled to let folks know, because I'm sure many of you are wondering, it's not a native app at the moment.

Download Touch for BlackBerry 10



Too bad you actually need a z10 to download it...


The app is also available for older BlackBerry devices and it works great. Too bad it's not available on the PlayBook. This is why we need BB10 on the PlayBook, in one form or another.


You can sideload it onto the Playbook, mine is working just fine.


Which file? I tried previously and couldn't get past the login screen.


Same here. I don't think it works...


Yes me too, it works for me very well in my PB


Do you have a link of the BAR file or is there some trick to get it to sign in?


I've got version 3.0.1 on mine right now, can't find my bar file or I'd upload it for you.


I wonder if BBM should have gone cross platform. I'm still leaning towards no when I weigh the pros and cons.


This is actually a great app. I have used it on my iPhone with some friends... too bad is not as popular as whatsapp!


WhatsApp makes my 9900 freeze with absurd frequency. Touch trumps it in every way, save for the emoticons. WhatsApp has all the new updated ones that are available on iOS.


For some reason this app has always felt like it was BBM on extra steroids. like BBM + Twitter + FB + Instagram all in one... anyone else feel the same? Well, at least thats what it seems like when I see the demo video on their site :P


Call me old-fashioned, but why cant people just text if they have a non BB or BBM if they do?


I have a lot of friends in Canada and texting then costs up to $.50 each. Other people don't want to pay for a texting plan (hence why BBM is so popular). I'm currently using whatsApp for this and hopefully bb10 will have it ASAP.


In addition to that, I hate texting because I feel like it's so slow.


So, if you do not have your contacts email address saved in address book details, the app (Touch), does not find the contacts while scanning your address book? Am I understanding this correctly?


this app is so lame.... i have to basically convert people first before being able to use it. too much work, i'd rather send text messages... i'm missing out on my group conversations without whatsapp and imessage :/


Hi everyone, especially people who live in the US. I heard that T-mobile will be releasing BB Z10 earliest!

Everyone please go to to read the news~! (last 2 words of the link are "advanced-weeks")

Keep your fingers crossed~! I live in Canada by the way but im very happy to hear the news. Those who are angry that Z10 hasn't been launched in the US yet should be patient as its arrival will hopefully sort out all the bugs! I still haven't gotten my Z10 yet for that very reason~!!Please spread out the good news so the other carriers will pull their a**** together and release the Z10 sooner!!

LoL I hope I won't get banned for spamming on every article.

Cheers ;)


People need to stop complaining. Just try the app out and if it's not for you, delete it and move on. That's how I roll. Don't even leave bad/negative reviews either. Just. Move. On. ;)


Does anyone know what the max group size is on this app?


not sure about the limit, but I'm in a group that has around 65 people in it.. just moved from a 9900 to the Z10. It looks like with the Z10 you have to have the app running in order to get messages. Whereas with the 9900 you did not.


Why does the app want access to internet, device information, contacts, shared files, etc? Is this safe?