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How to delete an application on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 Delete Application
By Adam Zeis on 13 Feb 2013 01:25 pm EST

On prior BlackBerry devices, removing an application was a bit of a chore. You had to go deep into the settings, uninstall the app, then reboot the device to completely remove it. On the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, this process is way easier and takes no time at all. Best of all? No reboot either. I go through a ton of apps and remove them quite often (I never like to have apps I don't use on my device) so this is a big win for me. Keep reading to see how to remove an application on BlackBerry 10.

This one is super easy - ready?

  • Find the app/game you want to remove
  • Tap and hold the icon
  • When it jiggles, tap the trash can on the top right of the icon
BlackBerry 10 Delete Application

Poof! It's gone. That was easy, right? 



Does this just remove the icon or it uninstalls the whole app?


The directions state that it removes the app without restart. I believe that means it removes/deletes/uninstalls the app including the app icon associated with it.


I believe this also uninstalls the app. You can always check by going into BB World and 'my world' to see what apps you have and if they were uninstalled.


You are given the option of uninstalling the app (leaving the installer on the device for a quick reinstall) or completely deleting it. It's not just the icon -- all apps have to have an icon on one of the homescreens I believe.


Telanis> Could you explain this? I have never seen the option of uninstalling/deleting. My experience is a complete uninstall with nothing left on the device.


I remember seeing the delete/uninstall option when I first got the Z10, but can't remember how I found it. Lately I've been using the garbage can, and that seems to be an uninstall as I can see those apps under "available" in My World.


when I delete my fb application in my hub still remain the notification and I can't delete them or make them read!


On the legacy devices you could just select the icon, press the menu key and delete. I am no sure if you had to show the full menu (I had to many beers at BB Jam in Amsterdam last week so my good old BB 9900 got lost ... but we had a great evening and my Z10 has never made me look back :-))


Its like removing an app on the PlayBook...Press, Hold, tap the garbage can, and gone.


Same as PlayBook has been since the start.


Hey, could you post a copy of that brushed steel wallpaper? It's awesome!


^^what he said ^^



I have noticed that when i do this to delete an app, and for some reason or another i restart my phone, when it turns back on, there is like a place holder for where the app icon was with just a black icon, and i have to hold it down and do the trash can thing again, and then its usually gone for good. this doesnt happen with all apps, but it does tend to happen with a lot of side loaded apps, usually have to delete, then i restart to make sure it doesnt come back, if it does, i have to delete it again, have never had to delete an app more than twice to get completely rid of it, but there have been enough occasions for me to want to post this!


I have the same problem with box, dropbox, foursquae and newsstand. I posted this in the z10 forum but didn't really get anywhere. I also looked at the my world section in blackberry world and there is nothing under installed or uninstalled for those programs. I have deleted them at least 5 times and rebooted the device but still doesn't fix it.

They don't actually launch as they are no longer there but I took the place holders for all 4 apps and placed them together in a folder I called uninstalled apps.

Hope this gets fixed.



I did read your post. I have already stated that none of them are listed as installed or uninstalled. I should have said non are listed as downloaded.



Look under Available. If apps are there download again and than uninstall, just give it a try.


Looked in both locations. Available has nothing there. Thanks for your help.



If you delete app from the screen your app is still installed on your BB10 device, to uninstall completely app from your BB10 go to BB World-my world, look under downloaded apps, tap app and hold it,tap on delete and you get the message, tap uninstall. Very simple, if you only delete - app still will be installed on your BB10.


One thing – I have not yet found a way to delete Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, or Twitter. Hate them all. I guess they're too embedded in the system so they'll just have to live in a "meh" folder like all the apps I couldn't delete in BB7 – only I won't be able to hide that folder.


Cool thanks!

Did you know when it Jiggles is the time to move an App to where you want it?

Just hold it till it Jiggles and drag it where you want.

Nav Matharoo

this actually didnt work- i did this to about 6 apps and when i did do a battery pull a few days latter the apps magically re appeared onto my z10


I just uninstall them from blackberry world's myworld section.


Hi, new here :) I am trying to completely remove facebook from my Z10...I have tried all suggestions here such as holding the icon and throwing it in the trash...removing from BB world...uninstalling from BB World. I lose the icon and shows uninstalled, but I am still getting notifications and it still shows in the Hub.

The reason I am trying to lose facebook off my BB(maybe there is another idea out there??) the very first message I sent on FB is stuck in some kind cycle and keep sending the same message to the same person about twice an hour for the last few days...I figured removing fb would do the trick, but it hasn't.

Thanks for any thoughts!


When I delete an app on the phone desktop (for lack of better wording) I find the app and long hold the app till you get the garbage can, then delete app.

Then I go to BB World -> My World -> My Apps and Games -> click on the Available when I see the app I want to permanently remove, I press and long hold that app again and there is a Remove from My App World (cloud with an x in it) option. A pop up asks if you want to permanentkly remove app - Confirm by clicking Delete.

Voila - app is completely removed from the Z10!