How to enable Parental Controls on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 Parental Controls
By Adam Zeis on 9 Feb 2013 03:48 pm EST

BlackBerry 10 comes with a great set of parental control features. Most times you won't need to use them, but if you're handing your device over to your kids for any reason, they may come in handy. There is plenty on the device and on the web that you won't want them to have access to, so thankfully you can let them have at it worry-free as long as you set up a few parental controls first.

It's easy to do and only takes a minute, so keep reading and we'll check out all the available parental control features on BlackBerry 10. Once setup and enabled, you can pass your kid your BlackBerry Z10 and let them have some fun with it (be warned, if you have kids like mine you may want to put it in a nice strong case first).

BlackBerry 10 Parental Controls

  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Tap Security and Privacy
  • Tap Parental Controls

You can also get to Parental Controls via Universal Search. Simply tap the magnification glass icon on the homescreen and begin typing P -A - R - E - N and you'll see Parental Controls pop up as a suggestion.  

First, tap the toggle to turn these controls on. You will be asked to enter and confirm a password for accessing these features.

BlackBerry 10 Parental Controls

From here, you can scroll down the list of available restrictions. The first are phone call and text message restrictions. Checking these boxes will only allow phone calls or texts from people already in your contact list.

The settings below are all for application usage on the device. Turning the toggles on will disable those apps from the device. You can choose to disable: 

  • Camera and Video features
  • Browser
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Email Account Setup
  • Location Information
  • Purchase Content - IMPORTANT... kids are smart and will rack up the app purchases!
  • Install Application
  • Remove Application

You can also restrict downloads from BlackBerry World based on content rating.

Parental Controls

And that's all there is to it! It's a great feature to have on your phone!

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How to enable Parental Controls on BlackBerry 10


Oh I get it, Adam is the dad who gives his phone to his kid (B1aze), who then looks at porn on it. :D

A very sweet way of saying, "How to hide your porn. "
Thanks for the always-useful tips, Adam!


+10 Yes, please! The CB staff have the right to post whatever they like according to their discretion and the majority of their readers, even if it differs from the opinions of certain people.

"Purchase Content - IMPORTANT... kids are smart and will rack up the app purchases!"

Correction, those are the stupid kids with no common sense

HAHAHAHAHAHA after looking at all the commotion in the forum today about the porn article and this being the most recent story on CrackBerry, classic. Well played men, well played.

What has hurt BlackBerry the most is the drop in perceived brand value in what is one of the most lucrative smartphone markets in the world, the U.S., where the company has now lost its 3rd position to Windows Phone. According to Strategy Analytics, Q4 2012 saw Windows Phone make good market share gains on some high-profile smartphone launches to overtake BB for the first time ever. BlackBerry will he hoping to reverse the losses now that BB10 is out but delays in launching the first BB10 smartphones on U.S. soil is going to make it much tougher. According to the company, the first BB10 device won’t be launched in the U.S. until mid-March at least.

In such a scenario, where BlackBerry will be looking to push its latest smartphones is to its installed subscriber base. Despite falling market share, BlackBerry has been able to retain most of its 80 million subscriber base. It is on the back of its huge subscriber base that the company has been able to sustain cash flow through steady high-margin carrier fees despite reporting net losses for three quarters straight. And with BB nowhere near its peaks of customer appeal, RIM will be primarily looking to get this installed base to upgrade to BB10 initially.

Perhaps...the Z is a great device, couple issues but they will get resolved with updates...very competitive with any top brand, (including the upcoming launches). Build it and they will come...yup, this thing will gain market share...great big bites of it, even in the US.

GO STEELERS!! Big Ben needed the season he will dominate!

Good to know, it might be great to keep prying eyes out of your shit when handing the smartphone over. Who would want someone snooping through your private conversations?