BlackBerry Flip Shell Case brings smart protection to the BlackBerry Z10

It helps your BlackBerry Z10 stand up and stay cozy. 

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Feb 2013 08:50 am EST

The BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10 offers a happy balance of protection and functionality. Like the Transform Shell for the Z10, the Flip Shell has the ability to turn into a handy multimedia kickstand for the Z10, but in comparison to the Transform Shell provides more protection on all sides. The magnetic flip closure also helps to preserve battery life by putting the Z10's display to sleep when closed and saves a swipe by automatically powering up and unlocking the display when opened.

I really like the look of the Flip Shell a lot. It features a one piece case design containing two key parts - the hard shell case in which the Z10 sits and the magnetic flip closure that wraps around the front to cover the display. The front cover features an embossed BlackBerry logo for a stylish touch of branding. I also like how the cover wraps around to the back of the phone, giving off a sort of paperback novel vibe. Available colors include black, white and red. As you can tell from the photos, the red version looks HOT. MSRP is $34.99, but you can find it for less at

When it comes to putting the Z10 into the Flip Shell, the Z10 sits securely within the hard shell back piece. READ: That means once your Z10 is in this case, it does not come out easily. If you are planning on popping your Z10 out of its case frequently, you may want to check out the Transform Shell (also note, the Transform Shell will work with the upcoming Z10 Multimedia Dock, while the Flip Shell will not).

The magnetic cover of the Flip Shell case features a hinged design akin to the Smart Cover that Apple introduced on the iPad 2 back in 2011. In our minds it's pretty clear that Apple took inspiration for the function of that case from BlackBerry, who has been taking advantage of magnets for years with in / out holster mode on BlackBerry phones. It seems fitting that BlackBerry borrow a little inspiration back from them on the cover design of this one. And the hinged cover design is definitely clever. It can be folded into a triangle which creates a stable kickstand for the Z10 both in landscape and portrait orientations. For a shallower viewing angle, the cover can simply be laid out behind the Z10. The cover is soft to the touch, with a micro fiber like finish. Not only does the cover feel good on the outside, but the inside of the cover also serves double duty in the smudge-fighting department, helping to keep the display clean.

Overall, the BlackBerry Flip Shell is a really nice case and I think one that will be a popular choice among Z10 owners. With the cover closed, you have full protection around the phone, and the smart nature of the cover actually makes turning the Z10's display on and off more efficient. Check out the video and photos below for a closer look, and hit the link for more.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Flip Shell Case brings smart protection to the BlackBerry Z10


BlackBerry isn't selling accessories to US distributors yet. They'll start doing that closer to the launch of the Z10 in the US. As soon as they do then the US store will start shipping.

So our Canada store has inventory, as Canadian distributors are receiving supply. USA is still pre-order. Hard keeping items in stock in Canada right now too -- Z10 stuff is selling really well -- but e-commerce teams are hustling to get everything they can as fast as they can. 

Ah ok, I'm from the UK, but yeh guess I'll have to wait it out.

I got my Z10 yesterday and still have the front and back plastic on, I'm one of those who leave it on til it starts peeling, and when it peels I press it back on again lol

I'm not a fan of cases though oddly enough, but I like this so I guess why not :)

* edit
Carephonewarehouse have these on their site for those in the UK, in stock.

Well, that's a nice twist on the usual "Not available in the Canada store".

I feel a little schadenfreude...

I like my case except when it comes time to take it out of the case... It's locked in there really good. No chance to take it out to put it in a charger stand easily.

I found that too.

After a few times popping it in and out, it now has a little bit of give and comes out without me feeling like I'm going to snap my phone in two.

I bought this case with my z10 but I did not like it much so I returned it. I did end up removing the phone from the case all the time.

I've had mine for a week (I got the white case) I just need the phone. Thieves lifted my CC# somewhere. New CC on its way.

Here where I live there was a chain where workers at convenience stores and gas stations would use the cameras and get peoples credit card numbers and use them. Pretty weird stuff.

Personally I find the flip case easy to take off although you have to be used to it. Pop out 3 corners and presto; watch out for your battery door coming a little undone. However, I feel that the case should have a way to stay closed. I like my black case but after seeing the red one, I have to go and buy it.

I love my flip case :) but I'm surprised Kevin didn't show off the other way to use it as a kickstand. If you flip the case over, so that the USB/HDMI ports are at the top, it gives you a more stable "shallow" viewing angle, while also exposing the ports for charging or to connect to a TV. This is my preferred viewing angle as the phone feels a little more secure at the shallow angle.

Think I may have convinced my cousin to switch from his iPhone 4S to this instead of the iPhone 5 :D he played with it for 5 minutes over the weekend and was really impressed with it.

Thanks for the comment! In the video I show off the shallower viewing angle - didn't grab a photo of that somehow when we were set up doing photos.

Definitely an awesome case. Really happy with all of the accessories for the Z10 so far. Good stuff all around. 

Hey Kevin. Great review as always. I do have a question though. Does the cover lay flat to the back of the phone when opened to make holding while making a call more comfortable? Seems that it might be awkward to hold on a call if it will only go into the triangle shape. Thanks

I have one of these in red, and yes it does. There are 2 soft "hinge" areas, one at the corner of the case, that wraps around the side to the back and the other at the mid point of the front.

that's a very cool design. i'm so getting that case... in red :) ... maybe white. i haven't decided yet.

Initially the case was tough to remove, but has become easier. Just a note, I personally am not too happy with the functionality/usability of the case. Design, and protection is great, but one handed us is a little cumbersome, and its far more comfortable to hold like a book. This could be that the case is still new and ridgid and perhaps ovetime the flap will fold behind to make a little more comfortable for one handed use. Again, this is just my opinion. I'm still waiting for CB to restock the White Transform hardshell so I can buy that and try it out...Anyone from CB have an idea when it will be available?


I Bleed Black & Berry

Great concept.. My only concern and reason not to buy is what happens when you just want a clean front with nothing impeding handling from either side on the sides, etc.

Love the fact that you called out the magnetic capabilities BB's have had for YEARS. And, everyone thinks that Apple invented the world. Such BS.

That whole magnetic connector on apple laptops - My Japanese hot water boiler had that 20 years ago.


A few questions

Can you flip the part covering the screen right round so it sits flat along the back of the phone so it's easy to hold without bits sticking out? (hope that made sense)

If it can, would the magnetic thing put the phone to sleep in that position? (which would obviously be a bad thing)

Bought the case, its quite nice.. however Charging the BB10 with the case on means the case needs to stay open (would have been nice to be able to charge from the bottom rather from the side)

Agreed!! I bought this case the day the 10 became available and has done a great job at what it's supposed to do, but I noticed within a few days how stupid the case was designed as when the cover is closed.. The iconic red led notification light is covered !!! No little hole in the cover that would allow the blinking red led log to shine through. I'm currently looking for a silicone grommet the right size to put in. Second problem I have motives is the lack of proper marketing on the back of the case. That is, when I'm holding the phone taking a picture etc, nobody in front of the phone knows its a blackberry... It could be any touch screen phone.

I have a black Flip Shell case with a white phone, and it looks amazing.

I do like that the phone goes into holster mode when the cover is closed, but the cover when closed slides around, BB should have added some way to hold the cover closed. Maybe magnets in the corners. This to me is an issue, so I have ordered a transform case as a replacement.

I really like this case except for three issues: the lack of magnets to hold it shut, the inability to access the charging ports while it is shut, and most of all the covering up of everyone's favorite blinking red light. Any one of these three I would be willing to deal with, but with all three I feel compelled to look elsewhere

My Z10 is on order (in the UK) and I'm very interested in this case. From the video, it looks like the front cover does not stay closed too well. Does the cover stay closed on its own?

Is it a flip case or more of a flap case?

Thanks for any input.

Might be a dumb question, but how do you fold the cover back if you actually want to talk on the phone when it rings?

I love that functional case design. I wish that there was one made for the PlayBook, even though it does not seem to have the magnetic switch to put it into sleep mode.

direct copy of the apple smart covers...kinda disappointed they didn't create they're own. Wonder if apple will try a law suit.

Samsung beat BBRY to "copy" the case design. The S3 and Note2 had this style of case before the Z10. Apple doesn't own the world geez.

I agree Exactly, my first thought of it.... a pretty shameless copy of the iPad cover... Come on, it has the same look and same function.

Apple would get counter-sued heavily by BlackBerry.
BlackBerry has been very lenient, and not sue-happy.
That could change though...

I don't have one yet but why not just "Flip" it around when charging or at night so the connections are exposed????

This is the case I want. But I have to wait until the end of March to get my phone. Maybe by then the case will be on sale.

So far the comments tell me:

The case isn't held shut very strongly with the screen covered
You can't charge the phone with the case closed
The case doesn't hold itself open when you want the screen exposed.

Are all of these true? If so, this sounds very flawed.

Someone already asked this but have not seen a response yet.
What do you do with the flap/screen cover when you want to make a phone call?
It looks like it might be bulky to use for a phone conversation.
This is the type of case I have been wanting but need to be able to hold it to my ear comfortably.

It was the first case I got. (Best Buy). I returned it because I found it hard to type with when it was folded over.

I now have the hard kickstand OEM one, and the wood backed CaseMate.

I have had this case for a little less than a week now and I can answer some of the questions posted here.

-You can just flip the cover around the back when making or answering a phone call. Sort of like how you flip the cover of a magazine over to hold it in one hand. I have found this a little cumbersome and have had the phone slip out of my hand because of it. Fortunatly I was sitting on my couch when it happened. It is bulky when on a phone call. But I do tend to use bluetooth or the speaker(which is awesome by the way) most of the time.
-The cover does fold back flat like an open book and stays there.

-It is true the cover does not lie very flat over the front of the phone when closed. This is a pet peeve of mine. I am thinking though as the cover wears it will lie more flat.

-it is fairly hard to get out of the case but the flip side it is super secure in the case.
-Folding the cover around the back does not put the phone into "holster" mode.

Overall I like the case, I do not use it all the time because i do feel, like any case, it covers up the beauty that lies beneath. I will probably buy a different case and switch them around depending on my mood.

darn. I don't know what it is but no reviewer of this case wants to show how it looks folded back and held in one hand. I was hoping Kevin would do it.. I was also interested to know if the cover flip flops a lot given that nothing grabs it on the display..

I found it very awkard to remove the Z10 from the case and often popped the battery cover off a little. I also found it awkward to hold with the cover folded back in my left hand. If these issues dont bother you then this a very nice case. I prefer the Transform personally after trying out both.

I just got this red case for my brick yesterday. Looks good and feels great. The brick fits in snugly and if you are used to getting the PlayBook in and out of the BB Keyboard case then you will have no problem getting your z10 out of this case. Note: the battery cover of my brick did come slightly off every time I removed it.

The price is also great. Every Canadian retailer sells it for $34.99 but i got it for under $30 at Crackberry.

I am not using it anymore though as I see no reason to protect my brick. When Rogers sends me my replacement Z10, I'll be slipping it into the flip case pronto like.

Also got the spare battery and charger combo from Crackberry. It isn't available anywhere else yet (retail or online). I look forward to using it soon too.

Get the transformer case if you intend on using the Multimedia Dock.
I've used both and the Transformer works better with the dock and with my custom holster (old 9000 BB Holster from RIM) Just cut the flap off and it fits great I hate using the flaps anyway and usually cut it off no matter what device I used. Prior to using the modified bold case with Z10, I used it with a Storm 2 with the Otterbox case on. The Transformer case actually fit and is gripped by the case well. I tried using the Flip case and it was too snug.

Case is great for keeping the phone clean and protected, but probably not an ideal case in terms of function. To address some of the concerns (and reiterate some of the answers already listed above):

- When closed, no access to the USB port for charging or syncing (not a huge deal - just flip the front cover behind the device).

- Front cover is a little flimsy and does not sit securely against the front of the device (especially after having it set up as a kickstand for a while - the cover has a bit of a "memory" because of the fold that allows it to transform into the kickstand).

- Surprised no has mentioned it yet, but camera use is akward when the case is installed too. You can't fold the cover around back because you will cover the lens, and you can't have it covering the screen (obviously). You pretty well need to use two hands to operate successfully.
You CAN fold the front in two, and THEN flip around back and operate one-handed, but just not ideal; doesn't feel natural.

- Has a knack for attracting pet hair too, because of the velvet-y texture of inside and outside front cover

- It is a little difficult to remove the phone from the case (although, I assume most buy cases to leave on anyways, not change like a pair of underwear)

- Just a little akward when answering or talking on the phone

Just note that all of the above are minor inconveniences and in no way are meant to deter anyone from picking one up. They look and feel great, are reasonably priced, and you do adapt to it pretty easily. Just depends on the individuals preferences and intended use, much like anything else.

I hope they make more colours... I like the white one the best, but that would get dirty in a heartbeat. I LOVE the samsung cases, especially the bright colours they come in.

Flip case needs an opening down the spine to allow charging when case closed especially when in the car .

That way you can leave it in your purse for charging and not walk away without it.

Exacto knife solved that problem

Also needs a cut out to see LED flashing

Great case and a great price from the Crackberry Store. I got the white to go with my white Z10. Everyone calls their white Z10 a storm trooper... well, I now call mine Storm Shadow!

Warning on this case, or others. I have has this case for a few weeks. I was just taking my BB out of the case and lightly pushing down on the tip left corner to flip the edge off the bottom right. Hear a pop and looked at the BB. The top right corner of the screen is now cracked, a full triangle from about a thumb width down the side across to between the speaker and light. The entire top of the BB is now dead to the touch and I can not access any swipe down menus. Be very careful when removing the BB from the case, I have done so many times with no issue and I was not pressing hard at all.

Hello all, I havent read a single comment about the auto dimmer function not working. I just got my case and auto dimmer doesnt work. I was excited about this function to save battery life as mine doesnt last a whole day. Anyone knows why it doesnt work? Is it because of the screen protector on the phone or is it the setting? Thanks in advance.

Best case is a soft plastic case.. flexible durable.. add a screen protector and that's all you need!

Posted via CB10

Very nice!

Quick question I have is the inside back of the OEM Z10 has a thin film circuit glued to it with two gold color metal contact points for presumably power and data; I believe it is the transmit/receive component of the NFC via the metal BlackBerry insignia on the back as antenna.

Will this cover, or any of the other 3rd party covers, disable the NFC by not having that antenna circuitry at the back? Perhaps it is there and not shown?? Any feedback on this would be very much appreciated

Thank you

Got mine today in red, and it is awesome!!!!!! Full access to all ports/buttons. Feels good to the touch, and it came with a high-quality screen protector.

Posted via CB10

Got mine in black and it is going strong. the only 'hindrance' i face is while charging as I have to keep the flap open for the whole time.

IF it truly was magnetic it would stay closed when flat on the screen and not flop around when turned upside down. None the less its a great case but makes my z10 feel heavier. Would like to see a higher edge to protect the screen if the phone falls on its face since the semi-magnetic case doesn't stay closed when you turn the phone upside down. This sucker is also is a dirt magnet and quite expensive but cheaper than repairing a broken z10 :p

I ordered this case from the UK immediately after purchasing the Z10. I like it a lot. Yes, the white cover is getting dirty--I haven't tried to clean it yet, but I can live with a "worn look." Unlike someone's comment on not being able to see the red blinking light, I like that feature--not seeing the blinking light is a bit of a blessing. I check my messages I go to it instead of the cell "bugging me" with sometimes low interest emails.

Although the shell look elegant and is quite useful, i doubt the build quality, mainly the hard case. bought one some time back, and within a week or so crack started appearing in both the top corners, got it replaced, and within 3-4 days again, crack can be seen in the top edges. i really doubt, that the build or the material used are not of good quality!!

My husband has one of those & they are cool they way they put the phone to sleep when you close the cover. I bought a knock off & it does not do that (nor does it fit 100% properly because apparently the white phone is a different size than the black & no one makes anything for the size variance) so I dumped the case (but it was pink :) )

P.S. BB should not make the different coloured phones, different sizes!

Is sucks you can't access the port's. The main reason I bought the transform shrell case instead.

Posted via CB10

I found this flip cover very useful as it covers almost all the phone. it has also got unique magnetic feature, which is not available easily here in india. i have been using it since last 1 and half year, now my cover has become dirty, now when i tried to purchase a new one, but it is not available in india.