Guide your space pod to safety with 6th Planet for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 11 Feb 2013 06:31 pm EST

6th Planet has already had great success on iOS and luckily us BlackBerry PlayBook owners now have the opportunity to get a slice of the pie. The game is all about controlling your space pod and guiding it to the landing area. That sounds pretty easy but of course it isn't that straight forward. Gravity is sucking you down so you must utilise the controls to avoid crashing into the ground or other obstacles. There are only two on-screen controls and these manoeuvre the pod either left/right or holding down both at the same time will move it upwards.

As you progress through the levels the course you need to take gets harder and with other objects entering your space you need to guide your pod around them. Just to make life a little harder you only get a certain amount of fuel so speed is of the essence. Running out of juice will send you plummeting to your doom.

As shown in the video, there are a selection of hand drawn animations before each level so if you appreciate a good comic then you will love this extra feature. There is the option within the settings to disable them if they get on your nerves.

6th Planet is a pretty chilled out game but will test your piloting skills. As well as being addictive the game comes at a decent price too - only $0.99/£1.00. Well worth the money in my opinion.

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Reader comments

Guide your space pod to safety with 6th Planet for the BlackBerry PlayBook


honestly i cant remember.. I went on a downloading spree on my z10. If i paid another dollar for it I dont really care haha. Its cheaper than a pack of gum.

Yeah it's not a big deal... I was just curious. Is there any way to tell ahead of time whether a purchase will get you both the BB10 and PB versions of a game?

Hmm not that I know of. I just know if you go into MyWorld on your Z10 it will show the apps that are available to download, these are apps that you have on your PB already. Wish more devs would allow multiple downloads on the same account :(

Ok so my question was already asked and im curious of the answer. I am hesitant to even buy another app on the playbook until i know if an update is coming, i can use these apps on the eventual z10. Or if we do get an update will the apps I already purchased keep working? I'm not so much concerned if i will pay again on the phone since the fella above already mentioned how cheap these apps can be but i'm curious if the update will stop my previously purchased apps from working. I've spent quite a bit of money on my 64 and would rather not feel like i wasted it all.