How to rename a text message conversation on BlackBerry 10

Name Text Chat
By Adam Zeis on 11 Feb 2013 12:23 pm EST

Over the weekend I discovered a fun little customization you can use for text message conversations on your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry 10 allows you to change the name for a text message conversation to whatever you want - so instead of seeing the contact name as it appears in your contact list, you can make it something unique.

For my wife, rather than showing her full name I can simply change the name of the chat to be anything I want.

You can easily do this for any SMS chats you have started, keep reading to find out how.

Name Text Chat

  • When viewing the SMS conversation, press the overflow icon (3 dots)
  • Choose Name Chat
  • Enter any name you'd like for the chat

The custom name you chose will now appear for the chat instead of the contact name or number. Awesome! 



very cool not sure if id use the feature but nice find Adam


This has been available for a very long time. I use it on my 9700 running OS6.


Huh your right. I just tried it on my 9780. Thanks I guess I never noticed it. It may come in handy.


In earlier OS versions, hit the menu key while in an SMS chat and choose "Set Conversation Name." I believe this has been around since OS5, and perhaps before (haven't used my 8820 in years).


Is it true that you can no longer do group testing on BB10?


I know this is available with BBM chats on BBOS devices but I don't think I've ever seen it with SMS conversations. Nice find Adam!


Your wife should be on a BlackBerry and using BBM


Awwww, she Loves you ;^)


nicely made sure that her number isn't out in the wild.. wouldn't want the random stalker getting a hold of her number too.... creepy for sure..

Babatunde Enitan

I sorry to have bumped this in as am sure they are in no way related. My Question here is simple and I'd be glad if anyone out here can help. Before having to come up with the question I have tried to check in the forum but could not get a proper answer for it or maybe I have been looking in the wrong place.

I tried to update my app world sometimes last year and after rebooting my device I couldn't get a hold of it and several attempts to redownload it again was not positive.

I wait to see any useful link or solution on how I can go about it. My device is BB 9800 (Torch 1)


Reload the OS clean, don't keep posting the same thing everywhere, as it can be annoying.


Nice, but can you change the color of the font to Navy?

Adam Zeis

I wish. I love that navy font.


Ya I can do that on SMS on my 9900 discovered that once, kinda fun to mess this up on your wifes phone.


That's funny, I just started doing this on my 9930. My group conversation with my two brothers is currently called "My Brothers Never Answer Me." :)


haha. i should do that with some conversations :P


Hahaha! Yeah I'd put a "this girl's a b*tch" if that girl from work sends text brigades to get all the credit or tries to have a pity party for herself.


I never really bothered with text chat names. But I will if I need to. :)


Adam: Is there a way to change the reference to one's self in text message threads (conversations) from "Me" to something else (as there was in BB OS 7.1)? Is there a way to change the way text message threads display from bubbles to lines (as there also was in BB OS 7.1)? Is there a way to create groups in contacts consisting just of mobile phone numbers to make sending texts to those groups easier than selecting each recipient serially each time (as there also was in BB OS 7.1)? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.