Shark Dash swims its way onto the BlackBerry Z10

Shark Dash
By Zach Gilbert on 11 Feb 2013 01:30 pm EST

Back at BlackBerry Jams America, BlackBerry took to the stage with some of the big gun developers that they are working with on BlackBerry 10. One of the development houses that came on stage was Gameloft. Now, we’ve seen Gameloft support the BlackBerry PlayBook, so it wasn’t too far of a stretch to find out that they would be supporting BlackBerry 10 as well. Now, Gameloft has released Shark Dash onto the BlackBerry Z10.

While on the cover Shark Dash may present itself as a simple game designed for a younger audience, I warn you not to judge a book by it's cover. Shark Dash is a challenging game that will get progressively harder as you complete each level. Shark Dash is available for the BlackBerry Z10 and can be bought from BlackBerry World for .99 cents. Also you will want to stay tuned for the full review of Shark Dash making its way onto

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Shark Dash swims its way onto the BlackBerry Z10


Still haven't downloaded it, thanks to App world being a turd.

I do not like how App world does not let me download games/apps which are over 50MB in size using my phone's data plan. I keep forgetting to download it when I'm in a wifi zone.

I should be able to make my own decision on how I use the data I pay for.


@feldmen01, I think if you go onto app world, swipe down from the top, select the settings, and then select "Network & Data Limits" you can turn the Use Wi-Fi Only option off. I would assume that once you do this you are good to go and that nothing needs to be fixed.

It doesn't matter if you turn it off right below it says "All downloads over 50MB will require a wi-fi connection, whether it is set or not". Which I find to be total nonsense.

My bad. I remembered where the setting was but did not remember the message.

That is kind of sh!tty. I am surprised that this would even matter. If I want to chew up all my data downloading apps greater than 50MB what does it matter? Does anyone know of any technical reason why this is limited?

I think they just put it there as a safety guard so that we don't go over our data limit per month. However I believe we should have a choice though especially if we've paid for the game. Even on my android tablet the large games will not download unless wi-fi is on....very frustrating.

Since they decided to impose this restriction on EVERYBDOY including EVERY SINGLE device maker since day one! They don't want us to download anything larger than what was stated. It's NONE of the manufacturer's faults.

They imposed that restriction on EVERY MOBILE DEVICE MAKER, including blackberry. It's NOT blackberry's fault, BUT the carriers.

This is a great little game, lots of fun and definitely worth 99 cents! And guys relax these games will make their way over to playbook, hopefully soon. BlackBerry has been really busy working on bb10 for Z10 and Q10, im sure they are working hard to bring bb10 over to playbook asap. Trust me if they could they would probably release it for playbook on Jan 30th, but clearly it has to be optimized differently for the pb (1g dual core, 1g ram vs z10 1.5d dual core, 2g ram). Be patient, good things come to those who wait!