PSA: No you cannot change the default font color for replying to emails on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 11 Feb 2013 10:29 am EST
 BlackBerry 10 Email Font

At least yet. By default, the font color when replying to emails on BlackBerry 10 is navy -- not black. No, you cannot change it. Many people, myself included, will find that super annoying. Why is this way? It seems BlackBerry took a page out of the Outlook book on this one. We did find it cool at first because it gave us an easy way to know who was replying from a BlackBerry Z10, but now we're pretty much over it and just want to change it back to black -- but we can't. You can change the font size and color on a per-email basis, but unfortunately there is no option to change the default, and that's just dumb. I guess it's not bad by comparison since on some phones (we're looking at you Windows Phone 8!!) you can't even change the font size of emails. The more personalization options the better, and being able to change the color of your default font in email replies is something we'd love to see in BlackBerry 10.

What do you think - do you like the navy color for replying to emails or would you rather be able to change it to something else by default?  

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PSA: No you cannot change the default font color for replying to emails on BlackBerry 10


You do have the option, but there is no way to set the default - so you can change it each time you reply to an email but that's a PITA.

Personally I really dont like having to change font size/color on each email. Drove me crazy all weekend. Customization of the phone is a big reason I love BB's and (at least for now) things seem to be getting more and more standard. Hopefully small things like this get fixed in updates. Still loving my Z10 though!

You can change it in BB10 too. Either Adam hasn't seen the setting (you have to bring down the keyboard when replying to see it), or he's upset that the DEFAULT cant be changed...

Either way, this is a poor article. It is not the least bit informative, as even I wasn't aware that you can change the color until I looked on my Z10. He could've at least mentioned that it's possible to change the color, but just not possible to set a default color...

We get that you can change the email font color, you just can't set a default for it. 

And I did mention it when I said "You can change the font size and color on a per-email basis ..."

Its not a bad color however the NON-ability to change it would be most annoying.. Gosh I wish I had one.. Com' on tmobile usa!

You can change it. Either Adam missed the option (you have to minimize the keyboard while replying to click the format button) or he's angry that you can't change the default color...

You can change it, but that change is only for that email, there is no way to make it black for all future email replies.

After seeing some online reviews and comments like this I think we all need to remember that these 'problems' are only a software update away from not being a problem anymore. I would like to think that we will see software updates on a more regular basis than say Apple or Droid. I can remember updating my BB every month or so it seemed as new software was put out... whether or not they stick with that routine we will find out.

So far I have seen complaints about the maps, no panorama pictures, email color, and a few other subtle requests... who is to say they won't use this late US release to their advantage and have some of these 'issues' fixed by the time the US sees them showing up at carriers. It would seem only logical there is at least one software update by the time it hits the US as they should be taking note of everything so far.

I see no reason why each user should not be able to choose their default colour in email if they so please.

Since the option to change per mail is there, it would make sense to have a default custom colour and even more, since this is yet another of the "standard" BB features that got changed or omitted in the 1.0 release.

Lets give them time to refine, the OS just got here... unlike my z10 which I still have to wait some months for...! :-P

Finally if any one sole colour is by default maybe they should opt for the commonly used standard, which is black(?)


Look at it like this Adam. Your American and you own a Z10....I could definitely overlook the navy blue font if I could get my hands on that device.

I am not that concerned with the email reply colour font but do agree that the more customizations the better. There is one area that I would definitely like to see colour options is in the predictive text on the keyboard. I may be alone in this but when typing I find the words above the letters so small that I am distracted to read them which slows me down however if it were say navy blue or red then it would pop away better making it easier to see and read. I believe having that option would make the experience even better.

Funny. Nearly the same number of people who have Z10s and want to change the font color equals the number who don't have the phone at all, and don't care a bit. What does this mean?

I'm getting more and more frustrated with the things I CAN'T do with this Z10, and this blue font thing is just another.
Where have the email flag properties gone!?
In the words of Paul Alan "You can always give me more, but never give me less".

Exactly! I can't change the flag colors on my Q10! Annoying, with my bold I could classify my emails according to flag color.

I'm quite annoyed this is still outstanding. I love that I can customize email font/color etc on an ad hoc basis, but navy as a default is annoying. I want to be able to set Arial/10/Black as the default.

I believe I've found a way default font can be changed or BlackBerry Z10.

When composing a new message below are (1) Attach, Format, importance and three dots, you've two options choice for selecting format. (2) Select the three vertical dots. On the right tap on it, you'll see selection list tap format you now have an horizantal bar with fonts, colour, sizes and bold etc
Here you can make changes. Enjoy! Hope I've explained clearly.