Super Hexagon is ridiculously hard, addictive and now available in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 9 Feb 2013 11:43 pm EST

Are you tired of games that are insanely easy to beat and leave you wanting more? If so, you'll want to grab one of the latest BlackBerry 10 compatible entrants into BlackBerry World called Super Hexagon. Aside from being full of trippy 8-bit music and even trippier visuals, the game is incredibly hard and addictive. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is that you have to guide the triangle through the spaces of the incoming designs as they collapse in on the central hexagram.

You'll start off with three unlocked levels of difficulty, "hard," "harder" and "hardest." After that, who knows? There just might be a level called insanity or similar which is sure to drive you to the edge of your limits. Sound interesting? You can hit the link below to learn more and grab the game from BlackBerry World for your BlackBerry Z10 for $2.99! 

Purchase and download Super Hexagon

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Reader comments

Super Hexagon is ridiculously hard, addictive and now available in BlackBerry World


WOW!!! For only $2.99 I can become totally addicted to pointless waste of my precious free time! Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

It's not using the app player as far as I can tell. Looks to be native. Not that it matters, the app works great.

Something to bear in mind though... Its a HUGE download (120mb) so don't do it via cell network.

Ok, that's not a game. That's just mean. 7.2 seconds... new record. Way to make me feel like I suck at life.
Totally fun. Hard as hell. Must make it to a minute!

+1, I just went to buy it when i heard .99, wonder if there is a typo, or if it is actually supposed to be .99? :P

What would be really cool would be if you could link it to you music files....but you'd never get past the intro to any song...really hard.

FYI.. just updated the price to $2.99. Not sure if he Bla1ze just typed that wrong or what when he put in 99 cents. It was late when he blogged it up. Sorry for the confusion!

Holy Cow!
Just watched that video and it looks blooming fast. Looks like fun if it was a bit slower. But as it is, I'd struggle to last 10 seconds.

Can't believe I just typed that ;-)