IM+ Pro now available to download for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 8 Feb 2013 07:38 am EST

The popular cross platform messaging app; IM+ Pro is now in BlackBerry World ready for you instant messaging addicts to grab. If you have not used it before it is essentially a cross platform messaging client with support for Gtalk, Facebook chat, Skype, just to name a few. The application is actually a port of their Android app which works beautifully. I reviewed it a while ago for our sister site androidcentral so if you fancy reading all about it you can do so there.

There's a load of great features within the app apart from just the instant messaging. You can send photos, have group messages in Skype and customize your sound notifications just for starters.

IM+ Pro for BlackBerry 10 will set you back £3.50/$4.99 and although not the cheapest application it does offer good value for money. I know loads of folk that use it daily and wouldn't want to be without it.

If you use a few different instant messaging clients why not have them all running together in IM+ Pro? Makes sense to me.

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Reader comments

IM+ Pro now available to download for BlackBerry 10


I think BBM is the best. Does this also have BBM along with the other services.
Either way this app is great.

judging from reviews on bb world, skype doesn't work. You should mention that James, so people don't waste their money if they are buying it just for that one service

I just had a meeting in skype (10 people conversation) in IM+ and it works fine. TXT only, no audio/video calls.

Is there a way to have these other services integrated into the BBM application interface on the Z10? Same for WhatsApp or Kik?

I bought this app and there are a couple more limitations:

1. Can't save credentials if you have 2-factor authentication enabled. Every time the app starts or it gets disconnected it ends up prompting you for your password and current 6 digit token again. It won't let you use an application-specific password either.

2. Doesn't support Google Push mode, so it's constantly polling, severely hurting battery life. On my first day with the Z10 (without this app), I had 45% battery after 10 hours. On the second day (with this app installed and running all day), I had 0% battery after 8 hours.

Works for me without problems. Exit app and open and signs in to all services pretty quickly. And yes I use 2-factor authentication for all my gmail and Google apps accounts.

Still doesn't save credentials for me with 2 factor auth. Every time I sign out and try to sign in again I get a message in the Hub from IM+ saying it uses OAUTH now and I have to login again.

But even if that worked correctly, the battery drain issue is a deal breaker for me. Won't be using this again until they fix it.

For some reason on the playbook these Android ports make the battery run really warm and intermittently would kill off battery really quickly and other times last the whole day.

BBRY needs to make a list of NATIVE apps and Ports, I don't think I should be buying a Z10 to run ports. If I am buying a Z10 to run half baked Android ports, why not go full Android ?

Connection to Skype service should work fine now. There was some congestion on the server side, but it has been fixed already. Please check now and sorry for inconveniences caused.

Used to use this service all the time on my 9800, but since getting my Z10 and seeing it was on the store but not being able to use it has really got me cheesed....

After contacting Shape they say I have to buy a new version for my Z10, claiming changes the BB world makes the old key invalid.

And...any word on system integration. BB10 advertises this, so I'm curious how good the instant messager services integrate themselves into the BB10 Flow?

Having to open individual apps just for instant messaging is a NO-GO!!!

Good application. My only concern is that the multitasking of the Z10 means that after you open eight other applications this one closes. I would like to See the z10 get the ability to lock active frames. I know that has been discussed in other forums however I think it is relevant to the app especially ad when closed it doesn't interact with Hub. Would like to see a native app that doesn't need to be open to get messages like bbm.

From what I read even if an application is no longer on the active frames pages its still running in the back pig round, that is the power of QNX.

Why does this app not allow me to choose its application permissions? Every permission is set to "On" without my ability to set them "Off".