More BlackBerry 10 webcasts, guides and ebooks now available to help get your enterprise on

Mobile Fusion
By Adam Zeis on 8 Feb 2013 09:03 am EST

Still want to learn more about BlackBerry 10 in enterprise? We have some more great webcasts, guides and ebooks you can check out to keep you informed. There is a new batch to pick from, so even if you already took in the earlier ones, you can certainly tune in for some more. The webcasts include titles such as Apps on BlackBerry 10: What Every Developer Should Know and The Enterprise Security Capabilities of BlackBerry 10 and are totally free to view. So if you're at all interested in learning more about BlackBerry 10 and enterprise, hit up the link below to see all the latest webcasts.

Check out the BlackBerry 10 webcast series 

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More BlackBerry 10 webcasts, guides and ebooks now available to help get your enterprise on


i gotta start watching these and learning how it works for install for my clients, sucks not being taught by BlackBerry anymore lol i used to love being taught internally.

I'm scheduled to attend an event I understand to be hosted by Blackberry, in Chicago, March 6. I'm not sure what the agenda will be, given there has been no announcement as to a specific release date by any of the carriers here in the US. But, my point is BB apparently has some dog and pony shows forthcoming.

I have RSVP'd the event. I can't wait to show off my three-year old BB Tour 9630. Yes, it still works, albeit barely.

My company is concerned that BES 10/ Mobile Fusion doesn't support BYOD very well (limited functionality for IOS and Android containerization I believe apparently coming to BES 10 in Q2 so by 30-Jun-13) and went out and purchased Airwatch, which doesn't support BB 10. We can upgrade our BES 5 to BES 10 but then all our BES 5 devices won't work, not even with Airwatch since it only passes info back to a BES 5 server. They aren't keen to run 3 platforms (i.e. BES 5, BES 10 and Airwatch) just to handle new Blackberry and old Blackberry technology and other BYOD devices not supported by BES 10, ie. WP or Samsungs security extentions for it's Android phones and hence are now considering doing away with BES altogether. HELP! I really want my new Z10 (which I had to put on hold) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Note: Unsecured Active sync is not a option for security conscious companies. P.S. I am open to alternate thinking. i.e. a way to get webmail notifications in the HUB so I don't have to go through BES or active sync.

@BBZ10wannabe ;
Initially BES10 will not support BB7 or previous devices, the update in May 2013 actually WILL. You can co-exist BES5.0.4 along with BES10 (they don't have to be on the same server or VMServer (BES10 doesn't have to be on the same server as the mailbox).

We use Airwatch where I work and its a fraking joke! Errors etc. Implementing this was a half-fast job that did NOT follow our proposed guidelines for testing.

BES10 will replace BES5; and CALS are 1 to one for BB10 from BBOS for BES; you r company should develop device support standards, just like they would if on Windows/OSX/Linux.

Webmail uses Outlook Anywhere so its pretty much the same as ActiveSync in terms of security.

The KEY for your CIO is:
How much more productive are users using iOS/Android devices?
How can they make assumptions without full research and engaging RIM about BES10/MobileFusion?!!
What time frame is critical for implementation?
Airwatch does NOT fully secure iOS devices!!
(Email attachments are saved and users can use WiFi/USB or other apps like dropbox/ to save corporate sensitive data. I know because we've used it for months now; it is NOT secure its an illusion; there is no sandboxing).

Thank-you, so if I understand correctly.. BES 10 and 5 need to be separate for now, but in May, we can ditch BES 5 because the update will make it fully integrated into BES 10.

As for Airwatch, it's not up to snuff and if we had the highest device support standards (I'm trying to read a bit into what you're saying) it might not be a good idea to allow WP or some of these Samsung's onto our network until they can be secured bettter than Airwatch can currently handle them.

We should never be allowed to use Webmail on any phone that isn't already secured through our BES or an MDM perhaps better than Airwatch.

To respond to the questions:
More productive with iOS/ Andriod? Irrelevant, Top Brass like them, case closed
They were inches from implementing Fusion until it fell over on Android. I realize that BES goes further but it sounds like in May it will be further still
If people start buying Z10's things will get complicated very quickly but I control most purchases so we are in a holding pattern until I get okay's from the CIO

Airwatch does not fully secure iOS, which is probably the most important point, which If I can prove it will at least allow us to rely on BES 10 to do that job..

Thanks very much. Not sure how to prove Airwatch doesn't fully secure iOS but I'll try. If you have any helpful links, that would be great.