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How to purchase music from BlackBerry World on BlackBerry 10

How to purchase music from BlackBerry World on BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2013 03:56 pm EST

Much like how you can purchase movies and tv shows on BlackBerry 10 through BlackBerry World, you can also now purchase music directly on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The music store in this case is powered by 7Digital and offers over 22 million tracks available from all the major and indie record labels in DRM free mp3 format.

In short, there is a wide array of content available so with that in mind, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes. If you're looking to learn how to purchase music on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, jump below where we've laid out the full details for you all.

Getting Started

BlackBerry 10 Set Up

In order to get up and running with purchasing music on BlackBerry 10, you'll first need to create yourself a BlackBerry ID account assuming you don't already have one. For the most part, everyone should already have this set up unless you skipped it during the initial device set up.

To initiate this process should you need to, simply tap on the BlackBerry World icon and follow through with the on-screen instructions from there. You'll be setting up your email, screen name, password and any payment details you may wish to provide be it - PayPal, Credit Cards or even carrier billing where supported.

Selecting Content

Music Store

When you load up BlackBerry World on BlackBerry 10 you'll find the menu on the left. From there you can move on down to the 'Music' section and start browsing the available content. In here, you'll find the headlined content front and center but if you're looking for something in particular, you can tap on the search feature or break it all down via specific genres.

Music Store Preview

Once you find something you're considering purchasing, you're able to view all the relevant information that goes along with it. In addition to that, any music you're considering purchasing can be previewed within BlackBerry World. If you're not wanting to buy a full album, you can also just buy singles for pretty reasonable prices plus, all the content is DRM free.

Purchasing Content

Purchasing Music

With your preferred music now picked out, you can tap on the green purchase price up in the top right. Once tapped, you'll then be asked how you wish to pay for the content. Depending on your set up, the payment will either be through PayPal, Credit Card or carrier billing. Once payment is confirmed, your content will begin downloading and will be store on your device and ready for access. That's pretty much it, you're good to go.



I have been using the 7 digital music store for around 2-3 years.. I currently use it within the playbook app and the standalone android app, my question is, will I be able to re download my purchased music with my BBID even though my 7 digital account info is different?

Hmm.. This might cause problems I don't want to risk losing my music collection


As near as I can tell, it doesn't integrate like that. Though, that said -- you can transfer your already purchased 7Digital music to your BlackBerry 10 device using BlackBerry Link and any new purchases you make through BlackBerry World can be managed there (in BlackBerry Link) as well.


I thought of that as a last resort.. Shame as it takes away the integration of BB World, I buy an album on my playbook yet can't directly download to my Z10, I really hope that BB10 update for the playbook supports bluetooth transfers at long last!

Well it beats iTunes anyday so I'm still happy!


What format are the songs in? Or do you get to select one? I have always loved how BlackBerry supports FLAC. It would be amazing if you could buy songs in FLAC format. Albeit they would be large files.


7Digital uses DRM free MP3's


My question is similar to the first post: if I buy from BlackBerry World, will I be able to have the 7digital automatic downloader put the songs on my computer as well? Or will I have to sync up by plugging in the device every time I want to move something around.


As far as I can tell, you'll have to use BlackBerry Link which offers wireless desktop sync.


$11 for an album? I'll stick with Amazon MP3's for $4 an album.


I would guess they are Canadian prices. We can't buy mP3s from Amazon in Canada I don't think.


Nice! But a little bit more info about the quality and sync options would be great!


Sync isn't a problem as it saves to your digital locker and can then be downloaded to any smartphone with the available app plus windows/mac downloader as well.

Annoyingly the quality does vary depending on the download. I purchased a single and it was clearly low quality yet downloaded an album a day later and it was amazing... I dont know exact kbps.


I can't buy a bb10 if it doesn't have pandora or something similar


Apollo on BlackBerry 10 is actually better than the native Pandora client on previous BlackBerries. Allows for full use of the service. Worst case use the website from the browser - you do have full flash support, after all. Finally, then only way a Pandora app will end up in BlackBerry World is if there's enough demand, so get your BlackBerry 10 and email their support requesting the app!


What bit rate are the songs in?


256-320 kilobits per second.


Hello, I was thinkin of downloading music to my Z10 using the BlackBerry Music Store but I found out that when I open my BlackBerry World, on the left side theres is only the apps, games and my world, no music and no video. I have the Z10 STL 100-2, OS and I'm situated in Belgium. Is it maybe a location problem, in Belgium BlackBerry World doesn't support the music and video store? Can anyone help me? Thank you

Sandy Marcoux

When we tried to download 7 Digital on one of our lawyer's new Q10 devices, we could not find it in Blackberry World. All of the forums say this is available for Q10 so what's the deal? We are in Canada and Rogers is our SP. Please help!


Music from the store is censored :(


I don't have the music option on my Z30. Is it because I live in Sweden?


I don't have the music option in BlackBerry world on my Z30. I bought it from Selfridges London and I live in Sweden. Any ideas on what to do?


Same in Finland - no music or video. I used to be able to buy from 7Digital on OS 7 though...sort it out blackberry!