CrackBerry Canada Store Update: Contest winner, BlackBerry Z10 accessory first look and another chance to win $100 of stuff!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Feb 2013 05:18 pm EST

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win $100 worth of cases and accessories from our CrackBerry Canada store!

Last Week's Contest: This past Friday we ran a little store contest here on the blogs, giving soon to be BlackBerry Z10 owners in Canada a chance to win $100 worth of accessories from our CrackBerry Canada store. We promised we would announce the winner on February 5th, the official release date of the BlackBerry Z10 in Canada, so here it is. And the lucky winner is....  Swamp_Donkey. Congrats!!

BlackBerry Z10 Accessory Preview Video: Now that cases and accessories for the BlackBerry Z10 are becoming available, we'll be checking them all out. In the video above you can take a gander at some of the new cases and accessories initially available for the Z10. The BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle is a must-have for power users. I'm really liking the BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell Case, which also serves as a great stand for watching movies. And when it comes to beating the heck out of your device and making sure it survives, the OtterBox Defender Case for the Z10 is probably going to be your best bet. It's looking like the Z10 is going to have solid support from third party manufacturers, so expect the selection to continue to grow. 

This Week's Contest: Win $100 in BlackBerry Z10 accessories - Last week's contest was a hit so we're doing it again. Jump over to if you're in Canada or if you're anywhere else. Let us know in the comments what you accessories you want to get for your Z10 and you can win. This contest runs until this Sunday night at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Canada Store Update: Contest winner, BlackBerry Z10 accessory first look and another chance to win $100 of stuff!



Same.. I'm terrified of dropping this phone. My old 9800 could take the abuse.. Z10 definitely can't

I want the "BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle (ACC-50256-101) for Z10" or the "BlackBerry Music Gateway for Z10" please

Z10 Blackberry Battery Charger combo. As for cases I'm waiting for the Seidio ones. But the Blackberry Music Gateway still looks good too.

Definitely the battery charger bundle, I miss having battery chargers for spares instead of just USB chargers.

I already pre-ordered the "essential" accessory (the charger bundle), but I would LOVE to get my hands on an otterbox and leather pocket with that awesome carbon fiber weave on the back!

Oh man could i ever use this lol. The casemate cases really caught my attention, also the battery charger, and well everything!

Would love to win the Sandisk Ultra MicroSD 64gb that is currently on sale. Failing that the Battery Charger Bundle and the Blackberry music gateway!

I would to get a BlackBerry Leather Holster for Z10. I cannot live without this case, as my Blackberry is always on my hip wherever I travel!

I want to get a flip cover to protect my new baby and a charger bundle to make sure she keeps going the whole day :)

The charger bundle to keep me moving, and the leather swivel hoslter.. gotta wear the Z10 on my belt the BB style!

Got my z10 this Morning best blackberry I've had yet. In dire need and would love an Otter and back up charger bundle to cover all my bases.

Need some sweet accessories from Crackberry for my wife's new white BB10 ... still waiting for mine from work :(

I don't understand the point to the battery bundle. I get it if you are in the middle of a call but just replace the dead battery with the charged one....

Always helps to see whats out there for the new BB Z10 and CB makes the shopping experience painless.

It would be great to have some accessories prior to getting the phone, hopefully the new employer has it as an option or I will have to get it for myself.

Definitely the charging bundle and the microfiber pocket. I would love to see if the pocket can replace my wallet for day-to-day purchases.

I would get the BlackBerry Charger Bundle. Always nice to have an extra battery available.

A good case (Otterbox or Balistics) is the first choice to protect the investment. After that.....BB music? Charger kit? Hmmmmmm.

Congratulations Swamp_Donkey on the win!!

Andd as for the accessories, I'd likew the 64GB microSD seeing as I don't have the Z10 yet but I can still be handy in the meantime.

**** LETS MAKE IT INTERESTING, HOW ABOUT IF I WIN YOU PICK WHAT TO SEND ME, JUST TO MAKE IT INTERESTING. I TRUST YOUR TASTE & WOULD BE EVENT MORE SPECIAL TO HAVE MY ACCESSORIES CHOSEN BY THE CRACKBERRY TEAM. TRY TO CONVERT ME - KID ANDROID (TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA) ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************×

I want the "BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle and the "BlackBerry Music Gateway for Z10" please.

just got the new z10 today - best phone ever. I had to buy it off contract so I could use a little cash for accessories!! @Crackberry - best BB10 coverage - thanks for making it happen!

I would love one of those convertible cases that you could use as a stand when I get my Z10 and maybe a bluetooth earpiece. Thanks CrackBerry for the chances to win!

Would love the charger with extra battery, car charger, and the flipshell case! And maybe a screen protector! :)

I would love to get the battery charger bundle. Just like BlackBerry Gateway, this is a product that you can use almost for anything!

Had a Ballistic case for 9900 and LOVED it, one for the Z10 would be great! Spare battery as well :)

Hit me with some accessories's money CrackBerry, The case Kevin use in the video looks nice and useful, also nobody get hurt by a little BlackBerry Music Gateway... Thanks CrackBerry.

I would love a flip case (Black please) and one of the cool new battery and charger combo things, and if that isn't quite $100 how about one of the cool new BlackBerry speaker things!!!

I really like the look of the new flip one, looks nice in red actually, but the transform also has my attention. And of course, need that second battery and charger.


Bring on a new case, screen protector and a Glock to keep everyone's greasy hands off my Z10 !!!

I need a casemate barely there, otterbox commuter, extra battery bundle and the music gateway. Will wait till there all in stock before I order.

Loving my Z10 so far and im not even through the tutorials yet lol

I don't need the complete $100 - just the "battery Bundle" and a flip case in black for now, please.



i would have to go with the BlackBerry Leather Holster so as to protect my Z10 while not in use. I am not really into cases because they take away from the sexyness of the phone.

Would like to see what the charging cradle will be like. Love having them for the night stand but could also go for a pouch and a flip case.

Would love a BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle (ACC-50256-101), BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 or Tru Protection Anti Glare Screen Protector (TRU1073) (2-Pack)!

I NEED a spare battery charger bundle & definitely either the hard transform case or folding case but it gotta be red!! Please pick me. ; )

Would love a cool silicone case for the Z10, transform hard shell AND the battery bundle pack! What a combo!! Let's go Blackberry! Let's go Z10!!

If I win give the $100 to a Canadian Childrens Charity!

Kev I am a White Blackberry Man like yourself would love to know if you have those Otter boxes in white I think you called them the defender series if so can I get one sent to the UK?

On the Charity thing I just had a thought we should do something for the Kids with Blackberry 10 as they are our future any thoughts?

I just picked up my z10 today and it needs a black flip case and a charger combo to keep me going... Love the vibe this site is alive!!!!

I don't have my Z10 yet, but I would love to rock a case and holster, or the flip stand case that Kevin has in the video would be sweet.

I wouldn't mind winning some accessories for my nice new Z10! Please pick me!!! By the way, this post was written on my Z10 in around 20 seconds.

Leather holster for sure and most like the battery charger bundle. Need the juice!!! Now only if I could get the phone first.

I would take the Flip Shell Case, a transform hard shell (both black), and a 32GB microSD Card (a class 4)

I'm not sure which case is coming with the Limited Edition but I'll probably want a better one. With the easier-to-remove back door (compared to the 9900), I'd also love a spare battery.