WIND Mobile and Mobilicity confirm they're getting the BlackBerry Z10... eventually

BlackBerry Z10 coming soon
By Simon Sage on 5 Feb 2013 02:33 pm EST

WIND Mobile has opened up pre-registration for the BlackBerry Z10 in Canada, and told us that it would be available this month. Meanwhile Mobilicity confirmed with us that they'll get it (and have been teasing the Z10 since the announcement), though there's no announcement about date or pricing just yet.  

The Big Three carriers and their subsidiaries dominated the Toronto launch event - not only when the Canadian speakers were on stage, but also in the app exhibition area.  The Z10 is a big launch for Canadians, and WIND and Mobilicity will be awfully late to the game if they're on the American availability schedule. We're fairly sure the Z10 from Rogers, Bell and TELUS does not support AWS, and even if it did, we're having a heck of a time unlocking the SIM slot.

Any WIND or Mobilicity customers trying to get their mitts on a Z10? Would you bite the bullet and sign up with Rogers, Bell, or TELUS if they don't have Z10s available relatively soon? 

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WIND Mobile and Mobilicity confirm they're getting the BlackBerry Z10... eventually


WIND will only sell the Z10 to new activations only and not to their current subscribers (I have email confirmation of this). You will also not be able to choose how to get the phone it will only be available on the "Tab" (a nicer way of saying contract without saying contract). So if you like to buy the phone outright, like I do, then you'll have to go somewhere else, like I did.

Sorry WIND, I'm fed up with being treated increasingly less like a customer of 3 years and more like an encumbrance.

Unfortunately it is. I've been with them 3 years and really have had not bad service from them, but it's almost like my business doesn't matter any more. So, I took it elsewhere.

Watch the price too, they're likely to be the most expensive in Canada. They just launched the Nexus4 for $549, $449/$349/$249 on 3 year Tab (payment dependent). Fido launched it yesterday for $425, $100/2 year contract. They've consistently been over charging for phones for at least the last year.

You realize it's because they don't subsidize phones. Not really anyway and because of that you don't have a contract either. You can pay 150 with Rogers for a 3 year plan, but if you cancel early there is a min 200$ cancellation on data and voice separately. THat's been my experience anyways.

Rogers changed that practice almost a year ago. Their "contracts" are essentially the same as Wind's Tab now.

I couldn't believe this when I read it, so I called for myself. You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Way to keep your loyal customers happy Wind! Now I'm glad the federal gov't didn't give Wind what they wanted in the up coming spectrum auction.

See ya Wind. I'd say it was nice, but I'd be lying.

One good thing about wind was that their 3G bands work for T mobile in the USA. I had a 9700 from wind and it worked on the T mobile network. I don't know about the LTE bands. So if Wind gets the Z10 before T mobile in the States then someone on T mobile willing to pay full price for a 3G device would benefit from this. Other than that I haven't heard good things about wind

If you are buying a Z10 and unlocking it and hoping that it will work on Wind or Mobilicity, it won't work. The reason is because Rogers, Bell, and Telus DO USE the AWS spectrum BUT only for LTE. Wind uses AWS for HSPA + but The Big Three use a different frequency for HSPA +. So basically,
ROGERS, BELL, TELUS (and all their subsidies) = AWS 1700 LTE
The two are not compatible.

P.S. The only way a Big Three Z10 will work on Wind or Mobilicity is if they both launch LTE on the AWS 1700 frequency. BUT they won't since Wind and Mobilicity don't have enough bandwidth left on the 1700 frequency. That's why the next auction (700 MHz) is really important (every carrier will be on this frequency so you can take your phone to any carrier).

So ovi08 is dead wrong. I have had a Z10 since Jan 23. I've been using it with my Wind Sim. I've been able to Video call with it as well. It is the same model the big three are selling. STL100-3 aka the Lisbon variant of the Z10. If you look at the Rogers specs it supports 2100mhz on UMTS (one of Winds bands) Also, we have had confirmation from another Z10 owner that they have gotten it to work on Mobilicity, but it requires you to get a NEW micro sim, cutting the older sim for some reason will prevent you from getting data.

Are you getting Edge, 3G or HSPA on Wind with your Z10, because the only way you could be getting 3G or HSPA on Wind would be if The Big 3 put their HSPA frequency on AWS, which as far as I know they haven't done so (they use AWS only for LTE). Also, bands don't work in a singular fashion. Rogers would have to support 1700 mHz uplink AND 2100 mHz downlink on HSPA for it to work on the Wind HSPA network. Rogers supports 900 mHz uplink and 2100 mhZ downlink on HSPA which is why they look like they work. If the phone does end up working it is because you are on Edge not 3G or HSPA. So correct me if I'm wrong but you must be on the Edge network. It will might show up as 3G on the menu but the speeds will definitely not be 3G.

Hi there Kutty...

Can you tell me how those with the z10 got it working on Mobilicity?
Or can you possibly refer me to their thread or better yet if you can inbox me on the "How to" get my Mobilicity data working on a Rogers z10 that'd be sooo great! Y

ou've been about the only post I've seen of possibly confirming Mobilicity data working on a Rogers Carrier.

Would you be able to tell us, from the box it came in what the model number was? It would start with R F F _ _ _ _

I'm no longer waiting for WIND. I'm frustrated as hell and fed up.
I'll be passing through Futureshop and/or Bestbuy on my way home from work tonight. I need my Z10 right now, not towards the end of the month.

I really want one I hope you guys are right, I don't want to get one and it not work with mobilicity, maybe they are not putting the aws band on their specs page so people don't just buy them outright.

I just picked up a Z10 from Fido and when I requested a 3-year plan, they now say they want me to upgrade my plan. We use this phone for data only, we don't talk on it. I wanted them to up my data ONLY, to 2 gb and at first they agreed and now that I have the phone, they declined.

At the end of the day, if I can use it with an unlimited data plan from Wind, I would be happy with that. Should I buy this phone from Fido and use it with Wind for data or am I screwed and have to return it?

I want to use it for internet surfing while at the lake, 70 miles away from my city.

From GSMArena:

There are 3 models of Z10, #1 will work for WIND & the big 3.

1. STL100-3 RFK121LW model: HSDPA 800 / 850 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100, LTE 700 / 850 / 1700 / 1900

2. STL100-3 RFF91LW model: HSDPA 800 / 850 / 1900 / 2100, LTE 700 / 850 / 1700 / 1900

3. STL100-4 model: CDMA 800 / 1900, HSDPA 900 / 2100, LTE 700 MHz Class 13

Which one works with Wind? I need to get this right if I'm to buy the one I picked up from Fido an hour ago. I am so pissed right now. THanks

The first one (#1 in the list).

Below is an excerpt from WIND's FAQ page:|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=wind%20mobile%2017%20ave&__utmv=-&__utmk=150883766

I already have a phone - can I bring it to WIND?
Last Updated: Dec 01, 2011 10:42AM EST
There are a few criteria for bringing your own unlocked phone with you to WIND:

a) Must be compatible with our network. The WIND Mobile network uses a frequency called AWS, with bands 1700/2100.

b) Must NOT be locked to another carrier

c) Phones compatible with the U.S. T-Mobile network often work with WIND

If you're in doubt, bring your phone into any WIND store and we'll check it out on the spot.

Here's how our lawyers say it:
By activating services using your WIND licensed SIM card, you acknowledge receipt of and agree to accept and abide by our Terms of Service (which are included with the SIM card and are available here).WIND does not make and expressly disclaims any representations and warranties relating to the SIM card or handset and does not represent or warrant that any particular handset will work with your SIM card and/or that all services available to WIND customers are available on your handset. Not all phones designed to work on the AWS band will work on your SIM card. Please check handset compatibility before licensing your SIM card from us.

Thanks for that, I was too ticked off to figure it out myself. I had a deal for this phone with Fido. I'll look at Wind now and see if I want to wait for their phone to come out. Does anyone know if their data works well around Southern Ontario? Thanks again.

Also, as for the two models of the STL100-3, impossible to tell. As when you do MYVER it doesn't give you anything past STL100-3 and there is no pages in the about section detailing what bands the device works on like the previous Bold 9900 did.

Is that mean Model 1 is Penta-band?
Works on every carrier in Canada? Like Nexus 4?

Anyone think that model is available on Koodo?

@Kuttysark but you got yours you say the 23 on January, is your even a bell, telus or rogers official device?

There is a post on NerdBerry that may come in handy to you new users too who can't get their brand new Z10's to work on their network:

Thank them, this is a direct copy/paste:

Some Canadian BlackBerry users are having major issues with getting their brand new BlackBerry Z10′s to connect to their network. If you are experiencing issues activating your new BlackBerry Z10 or just getting it on the network hit the break and try the following!

New BlackBerry customers in Canada are experiencing network connection problems on the Z10 to the carrier networks. As a result customers are getting upset at BlackBerry Z10 for the problem. The work around to this issue is to connect the Z10 to WiFi and then activate the phone. This will allow for the Z10 to connect to the carrier network.

Also, the Z10 may indicate to do a software update in the initial setup, click do not update, finish the setup and update from the settings menu. Some Z10 devices freeze indefinitely when you update from the setup.

I wish WIND would just post the info we all want. I don't understand how they do not have this ready to go at launchtime in Canada. Pricing and Plans should be released already, this is a poor decision to not have it out by now.

My Telus contract is up within 2 weeks and I was planning to see what WIND has to offer as getting more and paying less is something that I'll take any day. I also do not want to be tied into a contract (wintab is good as you can cancel service (and pay off the rest of your tab) or just pay off your tab whenever you like).

But not having pricing, plans, other details is leaving people like me in the dark (which i'm sure there are lots) and the day is coming in which I have to make a decision or risk losing my number forever. And i'm not going to lose my number because WIND is dropping the ball. They could be potentially losing lots of new customers because of this delayed informing.

Hurry up WIND for F'k Sakes.

Hey! Hows about someone at the crackberry HQ in toronto go out and buy a WIND sim card (25$) and a 15$ plan just to test it out on different carriers Z10's then cancle the plan later on! Sorry I don't mean to make you guys waste your money, but it would make your readers very happy :D

Phone selection has never really been stellar with either WIND or Mobilicity. They new models arrive... eventually. Sometimes new phone arrive only after they are no longer "new".

While I'm upset I can't buy a Z10 today, I'm not really surprised.

As for the comments above about the Z10 only being for new customers, that doesn't make much sense. WIND & Mobi will be launching the phone after all other carriers (missed out on excitement of launch date) and will offer the phone at a price that is not subsidized by 2yr or 3yr contracts. Why would that make people switch?

I'm pretty sure WIND or Mobi will sell the phone to existing customers.

I thought the same thing, but I called 3 times just to be sure. All 3 CSRs confirmed that it will be for new activations only. One CSR told me the galaxy SIII was the same way when it was released. They only offered it as an upgrade after more than 4 months. That would bring us to sometime in August.

I guess you can join the conversation, but once you're part of it no one listens.

I called corporate store and they took my name and will call me when the phone arrives. I am an existing wind customer and was told it doesn't matter if I am new or current customer I can buy it. When I called customer service I was told that the bb Z10 will only be sold to preregister customers on wind Web site but they don't know when. They had no information in regards to new activation only. They had new activation only for the galaxy s3 release I was told. The corporate store said they should have the phones next week or week after.

They've prioritized new users in the past with most new phones. Current users couldn't get phones for like 2 weeks after release.

Winds has gone down hill. Their customer service is crap. Their reception in many areas is crap. Their indoor reception is crap. Only thing going for them is their prices. I used to recommend them however reception in my house has gotten worse, you can't use your phone in crowded places like the CNE or at the beaches during Canada day, and their outsourced call Centre service is so ridiculously bad. When you combine it with the rude in store staff at the yonge and Dundas & Gerrard and Jones locations, I wonder how they will stay in business in the long run.

I don't hate wind but many things have made me start to dislike them. The queen and spadina location Has nice workers though.

Nope. Wind won't offer Z10 to existing customers. They will only offer it to new customers. If you're an existing one they'll suggest that you open a new line as a workaround. Dumb policy. I speak from experience. That's what they did when the Galaxy S3 first came out. Existing customers were locked out of buying the S3 for a good 2-3 wks. By the time they said it was okay for existing customers to get the phone, I was too annoyed and refused to get it. Which, in hindsight is a good thing because now the Z10 is out (or coming soon in WIND/Mobi's case) :-) When Z10 comes out on mobility I think I'm switching over to them. It'll probably be waaay cheaper than WIND anyways. Sorry for the long post. I suddenly just had a flashback of that time and got all worked up again.

Re-Join the Big 3.. for a phone?.. HA!

I'll wait. I'm not going to shell out an extra $40-90 per month just to get the Z10 a few weeks faster.

Geez this is TERRIBLE news! I'm all set to get my Z10 and now I read that at WIND it's for new activations only???...what the F*%^# is that???

This policy will have to change otherwise WIND will be loosing customers in droves.

What a short-sighted STUPID decision WIND!

This doesn't concern me greatly.

I'm hoping though that there is little delay in the Q10 on WIND.

I wouldn't mind buying from another provider, unlocking and bringing it to WIND if that's what I can or have to do.

I'm sure I can also wait a quarter or two while the stock price increases to be able to fund my new purchase. I did play with a Z10 today, but I really like the physical keyboard so I'm waiting anyways.

I did hear on CBC Radio that Heins was putting the Q10 in the April-May timeline rather than April, so their may be a delay in that model.

Do you know what the warranty implications would be if you buy a phone form Koodoo and use it on Wind? Would Koodoo honor the warranty if you don't have an account with them?

I have been with Wind for 3yrs and had no problems. I'm looking forward to get z10. Tab is fine with me, getting unlimited data it will be sweet.

I have been with Wind for 3yrs and had no problems. I'm looking forward to get z10. Tab is fine with me, getting unlimited data it will be sweet.

I'll be waiting for the phone with Wind. Unlimited everything and not having a bill over $51 (with tax) in two years? Yes please :)

I may as well wait for WIND too. If there services turn out to be good as there offer (have to do some research) I see no reason as why not to switch to them. Rogers is extremely pricey, $60 a month for 150mb, what is this 2004? Bell is a bit better, so I'll consider them too unless someone can give me some insight.

Can someone please confirm a Rogers or Telus device would work with WIND? I know its alot of trouble, but its cheaper for someone already with rogers to unlock they're Z10 and test it out then someone on WIND to buy one and pray it works.

I bought a Fido device on day one, and had it unlocked through Fido ($50, ugh). Last night, tried it with a buddies Wind microsim and... 3G appears in the connection bar, along with the blackberry network icon. Was a bit suspicious that maybe it wasn't really 3G -- but browsing the web was speedy. Didn't do any real/formal speed tests, but it seems as though it will work on Wind just fine, and at 3G speed.

Just found this as an answer to somesones question on WINDs facebook page

"sorry we don't have a date for the Z10 yet, but it will be in the next couple of weeks. We're just waiting for Blackberry to confirm their shipping date. As soon as we know, we'll post on our website and update everyone."

So in other words, WIND is saying this is BlackBerrys problem?!?


Hey guys, the model that works on Wind & Mobilicity is the STL100-3, Model: RFF91LW, check behind the battery of the phone on the imei sticker on the top left to determine which one you have, mine got sent to me by blackberry but was locked to rogers and works flawlessly with Wind, the other 2 models won't work with Wind or Mobilicity, best of luck