Hands on with the Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10

By James Richardson on 5 Feb 2013 07:30 am EST

Over at BlackBerry 10 Jam Europe in Amsterdam we saw earlier for the first time at the keynote the new Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 that developers can get for free. Of course, devs need to qualify as we have already outlined.

I managed to 'find one' a short while ago and using my ninja powers we managed to spend a short time alone with it -- and what a beauty it is.

The handset looks glorious in red. The back cover is made from a different material from the black variant. It doesn't have that kind of mottled effect to it and instead is more glossy. That said it still feels awesome.

Apart from that there is no difference between the black and white version. I'm rather jealous of the qualifying developers - but I shall be content with my black one.

We will have a picture gallery containing more shots of the red Z10 up later. 

Reader comments

Hands on with the Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10


To be honest I kind of hoped the LE would've been the same baby blue colour that they used all around the OS, or if they went for a different design to be like the Porshe-y inspired first leaks of the london. But I guess now people will be able to spot me talking on my phone from miles away :D

I am loving the fact that BlackBerry is listening to their customers and making developers feel welcomed. BlackBerry, if you continue to be a company that listens to your customers and also show us new possibilities, you will go a long way.

Now if I can only get off this site. CrackBerry is way to addictive!

I can't wait to get mine. I've released few games for BB10 and Playbook and I was happy to qualify for one of these beauty :)

If that wouldn't be able to make an average iPhone user at least a little bit jealous, nothing will. It's freaking gorgeous! :O

I don't know how feasible it would have been, but the devs should have gotten one with some added specs rather than just a different colored case (which looks really sharp, by the way.)

Then again, the US should be celebrating with Canada today, too.


The red Z10 will definitely stand out, that's for sure! I don't know if I'm completely sold on the glossy back cover, but it does look nice. Hopefully they will be shipping them soon!