Live from CrackBerry HQ, it's an ALL NIGHTER Webcast! On the eve of Canada's BlackBerry Z10 Launch and BBJam Europe Keynote!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2013 10:02 pm EST

Grab a coffee, beer or whatever floats your boat and hang with the CrackBerry team ALL NIGHT LONG. We need to stay awake to help James and Richard run the BlackBerry Jam Europe Keynote live blog at 4:30am, and it's the even of the BlackBerry Z10 Launch in Canada - we need to hit the stores EARLY to pick up Z10! This won't be broadcast again later... so join in now. You can chat below!



this is fantastic! here from CA NA DA!


I wish I could go somewhere at midnight and snag one!


ZEE 10! ZED 10! FTW!


So I seen two dumy units today at my bell rep said she didn't know forsure but off contract the z10 would be 650 does this sound about right?


Have a great launch day in Canada!


I am anxioulsy waiting for my tracking #. Rogers offered me the switch to the whote model and I am waiting......



how do you do the video conference live?


Great stuff! Tomorrow's gonna be great!


Awesome Canada launch! I am going from iPhone to bb10 !!


Sad... Phones4U has increased price for Z10 from £480 to £550.. U Bast***!!


Sorry to hear. I hope you can get one and it all goes well with you. No ones to pay more. Maybe wait a bite, or go ahead a get one to enjoy.i feel bad for the US. :-(


Stupid me enrolled in a virtual class for 5:30am.....good news is that I'll be awake for this!


Hi guys,
Can any Crackberry team member put a video about Iphone 5 galaxy s3 and z10 browser comparison.

Thank you in advance.

I do not know why I am even bothering to lie in bed here like this. I had a chance to explore a live Z10 at a store. I'll admit it took a litle bit to get used to. The UI comparison is like going from having to do all the work in a relationship to having a partner.
There are a lot of things we do to accomodate for the silo style of phones on the market.

I bought a 9860, a respectable phone last January just so I would not need to wait a year for the Touchscreen experience. Coulld have gone with an iPhone ( we even have an extra in the house) but it felt wrong.

I will be getting up (or at least out of bed ) at 5 am to get ready to get My Z10.

Oh yea- one more thing- MY CANADA INCLUDES BLACKBERRY!


Awwww!!! I MISSED IT!! :(