From the Editor's Desk: BlackBerry 10 launch, reactions to the Super Bowl ad and the second coming of CrackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2013 12:25 am EST

It's Sunday night. It's been an insanely long and awesome week. I'm a little tipsy from Super Bowl bevvies. I've already done a lot of writing today. So I'm copping out on the writing for this week's From the Editor's Desk and doing it video style.

To be honest, I probably could have went on here for an hour. There's THAT much to talk about between the launch event, the BlackBerry Z10, CrackBerry's upcoming redesign and more. But we'll save that for a full-out podcast this week and a bunch of follow-up editorials. I kept this one to six minutes. Be sure to watch it if you want to hear about my thoughts on BlackBerry's Super Bowl commercial.

As for the second coming of CrackBerry, I just want to say BE READY FOR IT. It's been a LONG time since we've had a new hero device for BlackBerry, and we've NEVER had a BRAND NEW phone platform before. Expect to see the site get flooded with awesome content from all areas over the days and weeks and months ahead. We're going to be covering it all. Help and how tos, app and accessory reviews, editorials like crazy. Remember, CrackBerry isn't a tech news site. I hate it when people think of us in that vein. We're a community and a service provider, and we're here to help BlackBerry owners get the absolute most out of their device ownership experience. We. Do. Everything. This is what makes CrackBerry so Great. So get ready for it!

Hope you enjoy the video. Peace! 

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From the Editor's Desk: BlackBerry 10 launch, reactions to the Super Bowl ad and the second coming of CrackBerry


Damn!!! Wanted to be first.

Commercial was "meh": not great, not bad. I agree with Kevin, it's important that they had one. Would have been nice if it had been a home run, but whatever.

Sounds great! unlock codes for the device sounds good...gonna need that asap! maybe CB will run a contest for that??

Yep...gone! It seems NFL wants the beer commercial to take the 1st place. If you click the top rated link, the first one shows the beer commercial which is the 2nd ranked still...

YouTube has a site where you can watch and vote on your favorite Super Bowl Adds (49 are listed).... but the BlackBerry add isn't there either.

Where have I heard that thing about not being "just a news site" before... Was it in the "Waiting Room" thread? I think it was...

You are far too kind, Kevin. Is the tech blogosphere like politics? Behind the scenes, everyone gets along, but out "in the trenches", it's rhetoric cranked up to 11? Well, at least that's how BGR seems to do it.

They should have emphasized BlackBerry Logo somewhere on the screen for the full 30 seconds ... talking about a huge opportunity for brand recognition here. But you are right Kevin, it's a small step for mankind but a giant step already for BBRY... even though this step can be executed better, it's a step forward after all.

I hope the 2nd coming of CB includes some site infrastructure upgrades. :P

Having a heck of a time logging in the last couple of days, and the site has been bogging down bigtime - try to login, goes very slow then get "Token Expired" error msgs, among other things..

I don't think BBRY succeeded in getting the masses talking. Only people who follow Blackberry. For the masses, it's just "What Blackberry commercial?" The loud colors and special effects just weren't enough

I did love both Doritos commercials and the Volkwagen one (White guy with Jamaican accent) ;).

Thanks, Kevin.
Bottom line? It wasn't what you'd expect from a BlackBerry commercial. The phone looked sharp, good tag line...
We all have such high expectations that it could have been, "Here's God on why He prefers the BlackBerry Z10..."
And folks would still complain.


Commercial is better the more you see it, It was almost like they needed to start with "In 30 seconds its easier to show you what the phone can't do...."

There most be high traffic on Lately there have been several times when the site fails to load...

Keep up the good work!

@Kevin, Please cut your hair already, for reals.

It was way to soon to do the commercial everyone here seems to have wanted to see. The phone is not available yet. Just wait until it gets closer to the release date. This was to get people talking about BB good, bad, or ugly. We here were not the target audience.

Hey Kevin, just want to appreciate all your hard work together with your team! You guys have really been fantastic and sure looking forward to see how BlackBerry going to experience success months and years ahead!

Reverse pyschology, people who seen the commercial and found it good or bad doesn't matter, little did they know that the subconscious mind is now asking what the hell is BlackBerry Z10 is all about. This will lead them to un- fullfillment and un-inform, which the conscious mind will lead them to research what the hell is that untill they are satisfied. What a clever advert! That's marketing genious!


I have hated every single ad they put out before this. This one was just clever. It took me a while to realize. Had to watch it multiple times and read peoples comment, then that's when I realized how the ad actually worked.

It's just one piece of the puzzle. They have to execute the rest of their campaign to get a real verdict on how well the marketing team did.

Kevin is cribbing lines from Thor

Thor: "BlackBerry 10 is more than a mobile phone OS. It's a mobile computing platform."

Kevin: "CrackBerry is more than a tech news site. It's a community and service provider."

It was a terrible commercial. It made no sense and didn't show the phone in action besides a 2 second view of the hub. If I wasn't a BB fan, it would have peaked zero interest in me (which was the case from everyone else at my SB party).

BBRY better get on the horn to NFL offices on Park Ave ASAP. Why is the ad no longer on the SB commercials page??? Because it was beating the Bud ad, a high-paying sponsor of the league?

Why in hell was the BB commercial removed from NFL's website!? They didn't like Canadian company's ad to be the most highly rated ad there. What a shame. You can't keep a great product down. Sooner or later Americans will realize that.

Not sure if the anti-foreign companies is the approach I would take. Kia, Samsung, Toyota, and Hyundai aren't exactly US companies.

I guess they'll put it back once the other ads surpass BB's rating. This is ridiculous. Blackberry should protest. They paid for the ad.

Kevin it looks like you're back in Toronto now so I don't know when or if the ad was aired there. I spent the weekend in Buffalo so got to see it among all the US ads and unfortunately it ran during the power outage when the network was dumping out all the ads in order to kill time. Especially in that context the 30 second slot got a bit lost among the longer more brand obvious ads. As somebody mentioned this could have been resolved by putting the concept first (in 30 seconds we can only show you what the phone can't do) as well as flashing a logo/slogan at the end (ie. "BlackBerry. We're Back." or something like that...). There was no way to know about the power out, and normally people may have been a bit more focused, but we ARE talking about a semidrunk target audience after all, so maybe a few of the subtleties could have been left at the door. As a stand- alone, the ad is pretty good. I agree with you that the most critical thing is that bb showed up to the game.

Another important thing is that our golden voice girl, Ms. Alicia Keys, did a fantastic earth stopping rendition of The Star Spangled Banner to open the game. Even my 7 month old stopped all his squirming and fussing to listen.

So I give it a thumbs up overall, despite the unfortunate game delay.

PS If you want to book a hair appointment with my girl at W on Queen West let me know, its on'm a dude originally from K-W by the way.

That's Alot of fingerprints.

Lately, doing anything on this site is a pain in the ass, it takes FOREVER to load or doesn't load at all.

Sorry, but I thought it was the least memorable ad of the night. No one who wasn't already a Blackberry fan and knew what the Z10 was would even know what it was about.

There were so many themes they could have used - Blackberry rebirth, a Phoenix rising, a brand new Blackberry (e.g. not your father's Blackberry). Could have focused on a brand new OS and amazing capabilities. Nope - instead lots of BS telling us what it can't do???

Major failure in my opinion. If that's hateration - so be it.

Any answers to these questions below:

Why can’t I see what time it is when I’m in an app?

Why does a swipe up on the BlackBerry Hub screen cause a panel to enter the UI from the right?

Why doesn’t it sync to the server instantly when I read an email as with other smartphone platforms, so other devices know to mark opened messages as read?

Why isn’t a BBM chat scrolled down to the most recent message when I get an alert and access the appropriate chat in BlackBerry Hub?