Rogers and Bell overview the BlackBerry Z10 on video

By Simon Sage on 3 Feb 2013 06:46 pm EST

What, you need a closer look at the BlackBerry Z10 than what our staggeringly exhaustive review provides? Fine, here are some overview videos that Rogers and Bell posted recently. We're only slightly jealous of their production values. I'm sure TELUS will have one up shortly too, and the U.S. carriers will probably have their up closer to the March launch. All three will be offering the Z10 on February 5 for $150-ish on a three-year contract, and we're hearing off-contract pricing will be in the $650 range.

Obviously both Rogers and Bell devices are going to look awfully similar, but either carrier are offering different perks. Rogers is expanding their own SIM-based mobile payment system called suretap to the BlackBerry Z10. Meanwhile, Bell's touting Canada's largest LTE network, which should be appealing to those in remote reaches.

Take either selling point as you will. So far what's the killer feature on the BlackBerry 10 for you? These overviews are going over the big ones, but is there anything more subtle about the BlackBerry Z10 that you're really getting into.

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Rogers and Bell overview the BlackBerry Z10 on video


Here's hoping they can actually sell some post per-order. I was in conestoga mall today (5 min from BB HQ) and the retail experience was pathetic. This is one area of the company that obviously has not gotten its ish together yet.

Best buy mobile store had a demo stand with a dummy white unit and a real black Z10. Unfortunately it was suffering from the same retail issue as the PlayBook did 2 years ago. No WiFi connection so it was stuck in the initial setup menu.... No spark, no peek, and certainly no flow.

Second shot was at wireless wave surely the workers there were able to complete the setup process of their functional demo unit and allow consumers to go hands on with this revolutionary new mobile computing paradigm.

Well yes aaaaaand no. The device was set up and functioning as blackberry intended however. The retail demo for the unit is an application that can only be exited with an admin password. Within this application you can swipe from right to left to view one of seven or so pages that describe in text each of the platforms exciting new features. Accidentally scroll past the page you wanted? Well that's simple just swipe left to right and go back to... Wait wtf omg no don't swipe left whatever you do don't swipe left! As you will soon learn each swipe from the left brings up the faux hub, yes that's right each and every swipe from left to right brings you into a fake demo hub. No bezel contact required. Talk about confusing. Isn't the bezel the magic sauce that makes this whole OS work? Once again no peek no flow and absolutely no spark.

Anyway as a BB die hard who has been following all of the content for close to two years now and reveling in each and every one of Vivek and Michaels hands on demos I must say my first hands on experience with BB10 was crap :( and to make it even worse it was the first experience that BlackBerry intended me to have.

Seriously just put dummy units put there and leave the videos of your amazing demo team playing on repeat. I fear my experience is not unique and you are going to loose retail sales as a result.

Agree 100%. The playbook retail support was dismal. Indifferent sales people, non-functioning units. I updated the Staples demo unit myself! I can see why Apple keeps such a tight grip on retail operations (for example having their own dedicated staff at Futureshop). The non-blackberry die hards will not understand the BB10 interface especially that demo that Lonestar has described.

I agree with you 100%. I have seen Future Shop, Best Buy, Walmart and others put the most pathetic displays on for the Playbook even as it gains traction. Well I won't buy electronics from them anymore if that is how they are going to treat a homeland company. Guess what, did Future and Best Buy (they are the same) not have to shut down like 6 big stores in Canada......well I hope they get a taste of how it feels. BB users and Canadians should stop shopping there. On top of the displays, they work hard at trying to get you to buy something Apple.

Rogers was advertising $139 with $100 off for current subscribers here in Windsor, ON. I went to wireless wave @COSTCO and their Z10's were both functional but no sim.

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Z10 w/ $50 back for surrendering the Curve on Thursday)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

It looks like Bell has changed their pricing on the Z10, making it only available with a 3yr contract at $150 according to their website...

This better not be the case, otherwise I will be having a word with a manager on Tuesday when I pick up my pre-order...

lol Rogers couldn't have re-shot the time shift section? They still didn't get a good picture, making the time shift function look pointless.

Bell's ad was classier. Seems like they did their homework and a much better job at presenting BB10 than the other company.

I'm a rogers customer and I have to say Bell's ad looked way better.. almost makes me want to switch. Too bad it sucks to get out of a contract with ANYONE, lol...

Different approaches but both getting the message across and the word out...
Although the Rogers guy kinda came across like Mr. Dress - Up on qualuudes...


I kept busy on Friday and Saturday visiting Bell, Rogers, Koodo, Telus, Virgin and Fido for Z10s and Plans.

Except for one carrier I was quoted $650 to buy the phone outright.
Also except for one carrier plans are more or less the same with $150 for the phone and variations in minutes and features amounting to pretty much the same 3 year plans.
Extrapolating costs over 3 years my results calculated as, on average, from a low of $2280 to a high of $2320.

Then we get to FIDO's promo plan:

$350 front end one-time and a $40/m 2, yes, TWO year 'entry level' Smart Plan. Plus a $25 voucher to be applied to 2nd monthly bill.
Works out over 3 years to $1765. !!!

I'm with Virgin now but I would have had to cancel and buy out 1.5 years with any carrier to get the Z10.
It's worth it to me to eat that cost and sign up with FIDO.
My phone has a post-it sticky on it in lockup and I pick it up on Tuesday at noon.

Corporately we are stuck with Rogers. I was very disappointed with my agent about a month ago when he suggested we switch to wp8. As if I told him, asked him to make sure I had 2 sample Z10 phones when they come out. We'll I should have them tomorrow. But I did check in with Bell around 1 month ago and they seemed very excited about the BB10 phone as one of the employees had time with a development unit. He said the phone is a power house and very we will see.