Rogers opens pre-orders for the BlackBerry Q10

By Zach Gilbert on 3 Feb 2013 05:24 pm EST

If you haven’t pre-ordered the new BlackBerry Z10 because you've been holding out for the BlackBerry Q10, then the wait is now over. Rogers has added the all new QWERTY BlackBerry device to their pre-ordering system. As far as we know, Rogers is the first carrier in the world to put the Q10 up for pre-order.

The most we've heard from BlackBerry is that the Q10 is coming out in April, but that hasn’t stopped Rogers from getting the ball rolling now. Who knows, maybe it will come earlier to Canada. I’m personally loving the BlackBerry Z10, but I may just have to pick up the Q10 as well. Sound off in the comments on which device you’ve pre-ordered or are picking up.

Preorder the all new BlackBerry Q10 from Rogers Wireless

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Rogers opens pre-orders for the BlackBerry Q10


Ya I tweeted CB and Adam and Kevin the day it was announced first thing in the morning! Oh well, forgivable lol

they offer it only for people who already have a contract, new contract will have the option of the z10 only for now..just fyi as i booked my z10 :p

Too bad they didn't stay with the classic, well-known, curved keyboard that had really become the standard for physical keyboards. Stupid, dumb move. Nothing to gain by this move, lots to lose.
BTW, can someone from Rogers post what the prices are! For some reason the author of the lead item didn't post that info.

What was lost? Please elaborate because BBRY said the keys are just as wide, and even taller, and their tests concluded that the new keyboard is just as good and accurate as the old one.

It's not a dumb move. The keys are now bigger. In the past they could reduce the size of the call and end call button to curve the keyboard, but with no menu buttons and only a touchscreen with the qwerty keyboard, they decided to make the keys straight and then make the keys bigger.

I think you need to try the keyboard instead of prejudging.
It really bugs me when people like something and will say that anything different is worse, without even trying it.

Wait till they launch it, try it in store. Then come back and tell me it is bad.

Not a dumb move at all. I tried the Q10 on January 30th at the Fan night party and it is EVERY bit as good as the 9900 keyboard. Would you care to elaborate on WHY you think it's a "Stupid, dumb move"?

I think that the Q10 will bring back throngs of former BB people. Everything just blended together beautifully! I'll likely give my Z10 that I have now to my wife, and get a Q10 for myself.

BlackBerry Q10

The Q10 Black sports a 1.5GHz processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of onboard storage, which is expandable with a microSD slot. The 3.1-inch touchscreen has

330ppi, 720 x 720 display.

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The Z10 is the latest smartphone from Blackberry. Featuring RIM's all new BB10 mobile operating system complete with a new interface. Other features include

a 4.2 inch HD Display, 2GB of RAM, and an 8 MP rear camera. The Z10 is powered with dual-core 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4470 processor and 1GB of RAM. Built-in memory

of 16GB is provided with expandable microSD slot.


Blackberry Z10 Operating System
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I don't get why people are complaining about the straight keys. The keys are bigger as a result - do curved keys really make the typing better? I doubt it ... I also think the straight keys make the phone look amazing.

The keys are also significantly bigger than the 9900, which should counteract any convievable advantage curved keys would provide. 

The straight keys are a non-issue. Once people get their hands on it, they'll see there was nothing to worry about. Everything just felt "right". The design team did a fantastic job!

If you think about it, which most people don't, the straight keys just mirror that of the Z10, therefore further unifying the Blackberry Experience.

I think we all just hate change. I'm ready for some straight keys. I'll complain about it after I've actually tried typing on it. Visually, I think the straight keyboard still looks nice.

After handling the Z10 today I fear the Q10 will be the Last of the MohiQans for physical keyboards. I may pick up one for my time capsule. (This coming from a staunch hater of touchscreen keyboards).

I wouldn't count out the qwertys just yet, what a successful range of all-touch devices might do is free this model to be more distinct and from having to slavish follow trends that do not always make sense e.g. we have this device being a fraction thicker than the 9900 due to them deciding to put in a larger battery.

Don't be so sure. The only thing I think the Z10 needs (for me anyway) are handle bars. Yes, the keyboard is amazing and I love it. The only reasons I am drawn to the Q10 are the keyboard shortcuts, it fits better in my hand and the better battery life. It just depends on your personal preferences.

I really wanted to get a Z10, but have a feeling I'll just be more comfortable with the Q. Be it as a result of familiarity or something else, the device looks good. Especially now that it has 3 rows of apps haha .

can't wait still torn between the too i Miss my 9700 .. im used to touch screen now, but that Q10 looks so dam good

I just want to feel the qwerty in my hands , as I said the Z10 for the martini bars and Q10 for the Hyper connection in my holster !
My friend said his Bold 9900 was his pack of cigarettes he never smoked but it was a habit !

A good friend of mine is at #1386 for your help Black Z10, but this was approx: 48hrs after they were accepting pre-order email notifications. If you do the math, this was several weeks ago. The Rogers clerk was overwhelmed with how much demand the Z10 has caused via pre-orders.

Hopefully BlackBerry made enough Z10's. The Q10 should be just as popular, but mostly for the business people.

Played with Z10 yesteugeday. There was a huge line-up just to tuch this phone and I'm 367 in line for Q10
Thanks you CB for letting me know and of course thanks Rogers for doing this

I get my Z10 on Tuesday and have already pre-reg'd for the Q10. Position#46. I wouldn't rush for it anyhow. My Z10 will be bought flat out and I'll just get my Q10 in June when my contract is up. Why the pre-reg? Just in case I don't feel the Z10 will be my everyday, the Q10 would be a suitable replacement.

Loving the Q10 look as i've had the 9000 and the 9900... so the Q10 would be the next logical step. However, i've played with the Z10 today and its amazing. Will just get both..

I'm stoked in Stratford ON. Did due diligent carrier research. Going with FIDO promo plan. $350 up front for the Z10, 2 year entry level SmartPlan @ $40/m. This plan will suit me fine w 100MB of data, 200 anytime minutes and no long distance since I do not use a cellphone as my principal phone nor do I Facebook, Twitter or text message. As I get familiar with the Z10 and if I exceed limits then I will upgrade to the $45 plan.

Today, Saturday, I cocked the hammer w FIDO and watched the agent Angelica stick a post-it w my information on a sealed boxed Z10 in her lock-up cabinet.
Trigger gets pulled at noon on Tuesday February 5.

Oh yeah, the Bell Store in the local Mall had both the white and black Z10 dummies on display for hands-on fondling...just what I was expecting, sensuous Class.

Too impatient to delay, I ordered the Battery Charger Bundle and a Red Flipshell case for my Z10 which should ship on Monday Feb 4. That'll keep it purty and I WANT it to be noticed!!

I'm getting a Z10 and then waiting for a clamp shell to be released. Little bit nervous that I haven't seen a BB10 travel app yet.

I initially wanted the z10, but the more I look at it the more I want the q10. It's a beautiful looking phone that demands attention - a wise choice for productive and hard working professionals. I just hope that it has spotify (as I have a subscription) and pandora. I currently have an Apple 4s, by all accounts a great gaming device. I've played all the popular games but have found very little enjoyment on such a small screen, this coming from a retired gamer. Therefore I don't care for the top gaming apps to be on the q10 as I love playing them on my playbook, I just hope it has all the popular media and news apps, possibly flipboard. Great job BB, looking forward to the US release date.

Waiting for WIND to get it will be the most difficult part unless mobilicity gets it before them, I'll buy it outright, unlock it and shove my sim inside it. :D

Waiting for an actual confirmed date, c'mon the launch was how long ago and although april is 2 weeks has 30 daysssss.

Rogers claims LTE 2600 MHz for Q10, but no such spec listed on Blackberry Q10 models. Is LTE 2600 exclusive to Rogers? Will a Rogers Q10 not work on other networks? Will a Q10 from other providers work on Rogers network? Will an unlocked Q10 also have the 2600 MHZ frequency?