Why you should ALWAYS listen to what Kevin has to say

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By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2013 05:06 pm EST

With all the BlackBerry 10 craziness the last few weeks (more so this week) it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. We've been non-stop posting all the BlackBerry 10BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 stuff we can find and we won't be slowing down anytime soon -- we're all crazy excited for BlackBerry and what's in store for the coming months.

Kevin and Bla1ze are on a plane back to Toronto at the moment, so before he advises against it, I figured I'd drop this post in.

Cruising around the site today to catch up, I was pulled around to some older posts and noticed a few things that pretty much blew my mind.  Hence, why you should always believe what Kevin says.

Numero Uno: Yesterday, Research In Motion officially rebranded to simply BlackBerry. It was a change that was long overdue and that we'd be waiting on for quite a while. It's awesome and needed to be done. So awesome in fact that Kevin suggested it should happen - and he did so a year earlier to the day

RIM at the time was just off a huge change in CEO Thorsten Heins. Mike and Jim were out and it was the start of a new RIM. Heins was seeking out a new CMO (later choosing Frank Boulben) and also making plenty of changes around the company.


Our fearless leader Kevin new darn well that change was good, but bigger change was better.  He suggested that RIM drop their long-standing title and go with just BlackBerry instead. 

It's time to change the name of the company from Research In Motion to BlackBerry. Period. New CEO. Let's finally do what should have been done years ago and make the BlackBerry brand one and the same with the corporation and people that deliver the product. I know there is a long history with the Research In Motion name and I'm sure it will cost a chunk of cash and be a headache for a company of RIM's size to go through the change, but the time is now to get it done. 

Well, it only took a year, but the folks at BlackBerry saw the light and did just that - yesterday it was announced that Research In Motion was no more and the company would be BlackBerry from here on out. 365 days later. One year. Only a mere 7 minutes keep the announcements from being exactly one year apart. Thanks CookMon!

Numero Dos: It's not so much what Kevin said, but what he did - and it just adds to the crazy factor.

Anyone remember this image?

BlackBerry London 

That was the first leaked image of the BlackBerry London - aka BlackBerry Superphone, BBX and ultimately BlackBerry 10. There was an earlier image that was of a BBX phone at the time, making this the first BlackBerry 10 image to hit the web. The image was posted here on CrackBerry a year ago today. Today is the day that the BlackBerry Z10 went on sale in the UK -- including London. If that doesn't blow your mind that I don't know what else to say.

I'm not trying to butter up Kevin or be a brown-noser (I just spent 10 days with him so I don't owe him any favors, trust me) I just think it's pretty insane how the timing on all of this worked out.

So remember, you don't have to believe everything that Kevin says, but this should be proof enough that he knows what he's talking about. 

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Why you should ALWAYS listen to what Kevin has to say


Exactly. That editorial by Kevin was the first thing that came to my mind after Thor announced the rebranding. But it's just now that I realize it was exactly one year ago, just remarkable!

Big thumbs up Kevin, keep being spot on ;)

exactly why we need a date :) OR do we need to wait for Blackberry 10.1 and then he would owe us a car OR do we need to wait for Blackberry 11?

If Instagram becomes available in BlackBerry 10.1 or above Kevin doesn't own us a car contest, but if BlackBerry 11 came first without Instagram in BB10 then I think Kevin owns us a Car Contest =]

But Kevin has been very confident with Instagram that it will be on BlackBerry 10 so like what I've said in BGR, when CrackBerry Kevin says it's coming, it's coming!

Nah, I'm convinced Heins is just a figurehead and Kevin is the REAL mastermind behind the new RIM/BlackBerry. Isn't it rather interesting that Thor's first phone call as "CEO" was to Kevin? I bet that conversation had more to it than what Kevin posted here! ;)


The conversation probably started like this "So Kevin, I finally got the CEO job. Now boss, what's the first thing you want me to do? "

That made me remember of the joke of "I hid the body, now what?"
It turns out Thorsten was joking but called the real boss at BlackBerry. XD

Kevin said in December that we're gonna get Instagram for sure. So we just have to wait one more year? :P

I remember when he said that RIM should become BlackBerry last year, and it was the first thing I remembered when they announced the change yesterday.

Being that Kevin is the BB guru maybe he can influence the carriers here in the U.S. to release the z10 earlier.

...and I wish the US carriers would listen and act on it. If we have to wait until March maybe it will come out in time for my birthday on March 14th and not the end of the month.

No wonder these new changes sound so familiar to me, I've heard them before and NOT just in my head. As long as Instagram doesn't take a year to come out. ha!

From what I remember, Kevin was also the person that first described the always running "Hub" before it was publicly revealed. I remember him saying in a podcast or video that he wanted the email app to always be running.

I think you're right. And I might be making this one up but I also seem to remember him suggesting changing App World to BlackBerry World.

Yep, he got it right. :)
I feel pretty certain that Monsieur Boulben had a LOT to say about the name change. I would also speculate that, due to Kevin's article, Thor was already thinking about it. Thor seems to be far more attentive to The Nation.
Good post. Them are some freaky-deaky facts...


Kev looks like a sinister puppeteer that undoubtably "pulls the strings", if you will, inside BlackBerry.

He was correct with both of these. Everyone that somewhat follows BlackBerry knows instgram is coming. But how about Google Maps? I'm hearing a lot more people talk about that app as the "deal breaker".

Please. The people who are saying that are just those who aren't happy unless they have something to whine about.

Their entire wishlist has been fulfilled, so they had to scramble for a new "deal-breaker".

Whiny brats, I say...

Excuse me? Google maps is a deal breaker... So many people rely on a good maps application to navigate and search for a ton of stuff... I know we are blackberry fans but let's be objective and realistic here eh? I'd do anything to get Google develop the app for the z10 ..

Excuse me? Google maps is a deal breaker... So many people rely on a good maps application to navigate and search for a ton of stuff... I know we are blackberry fans but let's be objective and realistic here eh? I'd do anything to get Google develop the app for the z10 ..

No native Google Maps app yet, but it works in the browser. Just go to maps.google.com on the BB10 browser. This includes:
* finding your location
* directions
* layers (like traffic conditions)
* and of course, local search

I haven't tried to see if StreetView is available or not.

Turn-by-turn is not available, although it was never there for the BBOS app either.

Yes it does have the google maps functionality, but after everything the past year about, "BlackBerry people are people who do. Don't waste time messing around with other stuff" The OS should be seamless I think. Not having to go into browser, then to google maps, then type in where you want to go. I was hoping for at least some sort of announcement on this.

He's also the dedicated leader of the CB nation, dude got a live haircut for BB, after growing his hair OUT for BB. Man that guy blows my mind!

That's actually nuts. So Kevin has a method to ALL of his madness Adam? Ahaha guess jersey guys aren't the end all be all.


It looks like the jacket Kevin wore was standard issue. Interviewer seems to be wearing the same lol

That was probably the standard jacket they used before they put anyone on screen (like the jacket the maitre d' has in fancy jacket-only places for those who show up without one). LOL

Is Kevin actually the CEO of BlackBerry? Maybe Thor is just his puppet! haha
Good on you, Kevin!

So I am totally amazed that there is so much chatter about Instagram. Seriously what is the deal with this app. Sure I have used it, and it’s a good place to put your pics, but I can’t believe it’s such a necessity. Netflix I can understand, Skype I can understand, but I can’t wrap my head around instagram LOL!

It's one of the apps that users from other platforms would want if they were to switch. Basically, it's needed to cover all bases...

Don't be amazed. Several reasons why it could be an important app in the BB10 ecosystem. They have something like 100 million+ users as of late last year. Compare that to Netflix: roughly 35-40 million users (they reported 31.9 million oct 12). It's probably the only company that's made a billion dollars solely off of one app. Plus it is more than an app, it's a social network with plenty of room to grow. Then of course there are iphone/android people that say, "well, BlackBerry doesn't have instagram"

Not only can I too not understand this Instagram crap, but personally I don't give a rat's behind about Netflix. They used to be awesome. Then their Instant Viewing library went to hell, then they pulled that price hike BS. I dropped them then and haven't missed it.

If I ever got a streaming subscription again, it would be Amazon's. Which I'm told works on the PlayBook... Anyone care to confirm if it works on BB10?

Isn't Instagram really just a hipster trend that stopped being cool a year ago?

All hail king Kevin.......

No but seriously, kind of creepy and cool! :b

We are just so lucky to have kevin!
Blacberry by choice!

What about the splat/spark naming? Wasn't that Kevin as well?

And how many people in the global audience went "who the *#@! is that?" when Kevin's pictures were put up on the screens! LOL


Funny post. So this is what happens when I leave for a few hours and don't give you explicit instructions to follow. :p

Totally freaky about being only 7 minutes to a year off on the BlackBerry re-branding. Inception freaky.

Re: Instagram... so yeah... it's coming to BlackBerry. We got word on that yesterday. Not at the point where an announcement can be made yet, but BlackBerry / Instragram is working it out and it'll be there.

Hopefully it'll be there sooner than a year from the day I said it would it come to BlackBerry 10.

Iz Kevin on BlackBerry's Payroll hahah :) that's what makes CrackBerry addicitive hmm. On point and timely news/info. CrackBerry World.

Kevin was BlackBerryScoop. He called out the fake one on the thread almost immediately. And BBScoop was kinda spot on with all the scoops.


Now I must admit, this is just uncanny. Kevin was truly on point. I remember seeing these articles because I've been watching everything since two months before the famous BIS/BES outage of 2011. I love BB and I'm in shock at how Kevin and the Crackberry Team nailed it straight on in prediction.

So why didn't Kevin become the new Creative Director? They should at least make him like an honorary board member, grant him special priviledges, Blackberry VIP, personal advisor to the Thor, or knight him to be Sir Blackberry.

Anyway, it seems that with the new leadership changes at Blackberry they are keeping a closer ear to what the Crackberry community has to say.... and that's a GOOD thing.

Kevin is a true Crackhead, but in a good way :-) I detect some inside information though. I can hardly guess what my wife will do tomorrow and we have been married for 30+ years. Maybe BlackBerry used him to check users thoughts.

maybe Kevin should have been the creative director :) but i agree with ^ i do think BlackBerry used him to get users input. which is fine either way.

He did seem to have unlimited access to the RIM HQ two years back when he was at the shareholders meeting.
Getting all that video of the new OS7 devices, and the PlayBook patrol car.
A little too much ;)

Now can our fearless leader predict if and when Sprint will have the Z10.

All hail Berrimus Prime!

Thats what im calling him from now on!!

you know with the passion that kevin has for blackberry they should have hired him instead of Miss Alicia Keys ........................................ hope rim is listening it is people like kevin they should have as part of their PR and development team someone on the ground who knows what people would want on their phones etc