Hockey Night in Canada brings scores, news and more to BlackBerry 10

By Simon Sage on 1 Feb 2013 01:17 am EST

Yet another solid app I checked out at Toronto's BlackBerry 10 launch event was CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, featuring video highlights, live scores, upcoming schedule, standings, and lots more. We scoped this one out just a bit before the big announcement day, but it was good to see everything in action and getting a few hints on what's coming next - namely premium subscription features.

The Hockey Night in Canada app for BlackBerry 10 isn't in BlackBerry World just yet, but you can expect it to land soon. How do you usually check scores on your BlackBerry?

Reader comments

Hockey Night in Canada brings scores, news and more to BlackBerry 10


They must have pulled the app because i was able to download it on the Dev Alpha earlier. Very buggy and the data's way off. Little bit more work needed.

Not necc. pulled.. more so transitioning.. everything on the dev alpha is pretty much a testing ground so, they're just switching the app over to the normal server and it'll be a newer version when it gets there.

I use Score Mobile to check my scores for hockey, football, etc. I like the detail I get from their app. As for HNIC, if their app is like their broadcast, I won't touch it with someone else's 40' pole. I find their commentary to be off mark and their depth of knowledge to be poor. Now if SportsNet came out with an app, I would get that in a heartbeat!

The CBC App is crap. Schedule is pre-lockout and scores are not updated. The Score APP is crap in BB10. No Scoring summary and there are ads. The BEST sports app by far and away is the Sportsnet App....absolutely awesome.

HA! I didn't even check if Sportsnet had an app! I'll be downloading that baby pretty quick. Thanks for the tip!

It would be awesome if you can select a game you want to follow and have the docked window tile show the current score and stats without having to open up the entire app

You mean like "pin" a game to active frames so it updates right? That's called innovation and lot of companies lack it

Looks like both the Score and CBC got updates today which makes both those apps usable....The Score also removed the IOS ads. #ThankGod