Unlocked BlackBerry Z10's fetching over $1K on eBay

By Bla1ze on 1 Feb 2013 01:16 am EST
BlackBerry Z10 eBay

For those of you out there who weren't able to attend one the BlackBerry Experience launch events held around the world but are still looking to get your hands on a BlackBerry Z10 as soon as possible, eBay is the best place to look for one right now. Unless of course you live in the UK, where they went on sale already. If you head on over there and do a search BlackBerry Z10, you'll find a slew of them available to buy. They won't be cheap though mind you, as most are currently fetching over $1,000.

As some folks already know, BlackBerry issued unlocked versions of the BlackBerry Z10 at the launch events but none of them were Verizon or Sprint so alas, some folks are looking to flip them out for a nice sum of cash and hold out for Verizon compatible versions to launch. If you look hard enough, you may even find some limited edition and white versions available. Despite the fact the people who have them can't make use of the versions they recieved, there is a pretty clear demand for them given the prices they're reaching.

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Unlocked BlackBerry Z10's fetching over $1K on eBay


yeah awesome. And the one i saw yesterday even had a CRACKBERRY picture posted and claimed "these are my own photo's."

Since I live in the Philippines, the first thing I check when I visited eBay.com was BlackBerry Z10. The $1,000 is really tempting but I'll just wait for the price to drop below $800 then I'll decide if I'll buy one.

I'd be tempted if I didn't just see on the news last week it was now illegal to unlock cell phones in the US. Kinda makes me nervous.

Nor is it illegal to call the company and ask for the unlock code. For the life of me, I can't understand why so many people don't know this. All you have to do is ask the provider.

I wonder if the unlocked Z10s here in the UK would work in the US? The cost of an unlocked Z10 here works out at about $761 plus eBay fees this is around $840. Could make some profit by selling these for $900+postage

The UK version would not tend to work for LTE on AT&T and would miss out on UMTS band 4 which I think is needed for T-MO US, so they would be far better off buying a Canadian one.

Buy from Rogers next week for $599, unlock it for less than $30, and you have an AT&T hspa+ device in the US for less than $650. Don't be suckered into $1,000 eBay nonsense.

Msg me if anyone wants one from Rogers (LTE) or one from TELUS (hspa+) I'll only charge shipping, no mark up on the phone, I want people to have these devices so we can all show others why BlackBerry is best at getting shit done! Also show the isheep who just got there new phones what they're missing since they just signed a 2 yr contract ;)

Can't be just giving out a bunch of new phones... I would love to have a new BB10, but..... What's the catch? What's the price, before shipping?

It's $600 outright on Rogers and the tax in Manitoba is 12% so it'll come up to $672 after taxes. Not sure about the shipping though, depends on the postal service the shipper chooses.

Actually a client of mine checked with their Rogers rep yesterday and they were told Rogers will be selling the phone for $650, plus tax, and a data plan. Even if you plan to buy the device to unlock it you need to get a basic data plan and cancel it 60 days after giving them 30 days notice so you pay for 3 months of service that you'll never use. :)

I definitely want the phone! I am a blackberry fan and I live in the Bahamas and if it isn't coming to america until March I probably won't get it here until Decemeber. I felt like i was being pulled in the darkness of the Iphone but if some fellow crackberry canadian will help me get the phone I will be more than happy! Let me know what I have to do

Rogers is fail. I currently have a plan with them and quite frankly I can't wait to be off contract. I'll never buy a locked phone again -.-

Also I think my wife would kill me if I were to go buy a Z10 right now. Spent money on a galaxy nexus not long ago, lol.. didn't spend $600 on it though and certainly not $1000 O_O

No more contracts for me...I haven't been feeding any of the big fish for last two years in canada...wind has been the best value but seems come feb 5th..I would be carrying two numbers...the other one from kooodo...oh yeah...can't wait...550 sounds just right..
Rogers=Rip off

Damn! Damn! Damn! If I could buy an unlocked white one right now I surely would but US$1000 amounts to around XCD$2700 I wish I had that kind of money...

Mz. K!ki

I have Tmobile USA and was thinking of getting it from one of the canadian or uk carriers. Any idea which version will work for Tmobile? Thanks.

I'm in London cash in hand can't find a single Z10 to buy at the full price, carphone warehouse have stopped selling sim free, only got contracts I'm on my way to the airport heading back to Lagos, extremely disappointed! I missed the sim free batch by an hour! :(

Probably might be prototypes with the NOT FOR SALE notice on them rubbed or worn off? Or d even alpha units? Stupid to sell them.

When the heck will the blackberry.com site start selling unbranded phones? And how much did it cost to attend the BlackBerry Event?