Asphalt 7 and a ton of other games headed to BlackBerry 10

By Simon Sage on 31 Jan 2013 10:53 pm EST

At Toronto's BlackBerry 10 event, I got some hands-on time with a few unreleased games that are launching soon for the platform, including top-notch Gameloft titles such as Asphalt 7 and N.O.V.A. 3. Modern Combat 3 and Shark Dash is on the way, though Gameloft is far from the only major game publisher that's coming to BlackBerry 10.

Halfbrick is bringing Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja, EA will have Plants vs. Zombies, NBA Jam and Dead Space, Disney will have Where's My Water and Where's My Perry, and Madfinger will be hauling in Shadowgun. Oh, and of course Angry Birds Star Wars is already there.

Even just over the last few days, BlackBerry World has been getting a continual feed of top-quality titles (which I intend to round up shortly for our British friends that can already get their mitts on the BlackBerry Z10). I'm hugely impressed by the game selection on BlackBerry 10 this early on, and I've spent a fair bit of time playing stuff on iOS and Android. Which games would you like to see on BlackBerry 10?

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Asphalt 7 and a ton of other games headed to BlackBerry 10


while for me, i'll still wait what carrier will bring it (philippines) :(

and i wish imagi will bring their awesome temple run games on BB10 as well!!!

that will let WP loose the 3rd spot!

I feel for you sir, I am also from the Philippines, but I'll not wait for the official announcement of BlackBerry Philippines or our local carrier to release BlackBerry 10, I'll just wait for the BlackBerry 10 on eBay to drop below $800 and I'll buy Z10. I'll just have my postpaid plan upgrade for the Q10.

Amazing,, three heavy games running in the background, all running very smooth and the UI is still very responsive and smooth! how did they do it!!

I was going to say was there really 3 games running at once??? That's dam impressive : ) Tuesday. Can't come fast enough.

On a non game related note about this video. It's cool to see that the microHDMI output will properly show the app menus in portrait mode, but the moment you use a game in landscape it switches to that view. This is good so you don't get the portrait mode showing up in landscape or vice versa. Very well thought out video output.

WOW.. awesome!!!

ummm one thing though... Simon.. the phone is already broadcasted on an amazingly beautiful screen.. we missed the best part (him switching between the games) so why did you have to move your camera.. we would've seen it all since it's connected to the big screen anyways LOL... sorry had to pick on you buddy :P

NBA JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all know I've been the loudest voice for this!!!!!

White Zed 10 Tuesday for me! Sooooooooo pumped!

Oh for the love of God. Why wasn't THIS shown during the launch?!!!!! Your running multiple games and switching between them on the fly without massive delays and load times. How better to showcase the raw power of this phone. Not to mention capture the interest of gaming consumers who still don't believe that you can game on a BB device with the exception of Brick Breaker and Snake.

This would have made the audience actually applause. Heck it might have even made the folks over at Joystiq recognize that BlackBerry can compete with the best of them in terms of providing a solid mobile gaming platform.

Now I want to see BT gamepad API tested. Hope we get a review on how that feature works.

You could tell Thorsten was in complete control of what was said and what wasnt. That being said, he strikes me as a man who doesnt really care about games, and additionally everyone knows the Playbook can multitask games like this, so he didnt include it. Shame as games are a huge part of the market.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Agree, they should have showcased this one during launch. We know that what's HUB, we know the Flow, the Peek etc. We know that the BlackBerry is a multi-tasking device but after seeing this one I was blown away. I didn't realize how powerful BlackBerry 10 is.

I love playing Ashphalt 6 on my Playbook and cant wait to play Ashphalt 7 on BB10.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Yeah! showing up the powerful gaming of Blackberry 10 phone.
"work hard and play hard", this is the correct direction for Blackberry to move on.

Now all those people with there "system" (bb for work iphone for play) are going to have to find another use for there iphone.... Really expensive paper weight anyone?

NOVA3 ??? I AM FLABERGASTED !!! Why was this not showcased at the NYC live event in lieu of the uninspired games they showed on stage instead ??????

I remember when the playbook came out. Apps / Games SUCKED. Today, there are SO MANY kick-*ss games. It's awesome. They've come a LOOOOOONG way!

These games have been advertised and even played by crackberry team members but i have spent an entire day searching the bb world and can only find shark dash,where are all the NOVA3s and asphalts? any links? or are they ported as well?