First look at the BlackBerry Q10 in white!

A first look at the highly-anticipated and ultra-hot WHITE BlackBerry Q10. The Q10 is the first BlackBerry 10 phone to feature a full qwerty keyboard. The photos were taken at a party in low lighting, but if you're waiting on the Q10 they will get you salivating.

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 12:57 am EST

A few lucky fans attending tonight's New York City BlackBerry 10 fan event received an early sneak peek of the BlackBerry Q10 in white. The white Q10 emerged from the pocket of BlackBerry's new Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben, who was happy to let it pose for a few photos.

There is no debating it. The BlackBerry Q10 in white is SMOKING HOT. I like the look of the Q10 in black too -- be sure to check out our two hands-on videos from earlier today -- but there's something about the Q10 in white that is just oh so right. One more photo below for your viewing pleasure. Check it out!


Reader comments

First look at the BlackBerry Q10 in white!


very nice, still getting a Z10 (can't decide which color though hmmm at least I have till march till decide...)

He just carries that around?!? Everyone from BlackBerry needs to leave the U.S. before I find them and cry to them in person, and beg to just HOLD their phone for one minute! Pictures like this make the wait for us unlucky Americans harder than ever. Keep them coming though.

The Q10 doesn't look good in white IMO, but maybe I need better photos or see it in person. The Z10 looks great in white tho.

Maybe if we start burning down carrier stores throughout the US they might get the point and hurry their lazy butts up. Maybe leave a big sign saying "How many more stores must burn before we get our BB10"

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that Blackberry didn't get phones to the US carriers until just a couple of weeks ago. It takes 6 to 8 weeks for testing, so that clearly falls into this scenario. They DID NOT get the phones for testing last fall (like Blackberry apparently falsely stated). They really, REALLY dropped the ball on this one. The event was in NYC, they've been talking about the extreme importance of LTE for a year and are about to release a $4 million Superbowl commercial - AND THEY SCREW ALL OF THEIR US CUSTOMERS. 2 MONTHS LATE!!! Really inexcusable!

Given the fact that I have to wait until the end of March to get the Z10, which should be available like NEXT WEEK, I'm actually inclined to believe the WSJ report.

You are just spewing nonsense. Both RIM and the carriers confirmed the receipt of the phones in early October. Or was that just some big conspiracy. Final hardware was likely received a couple of weeks ago in accordance with inventory control procedures. I suspect they are holding back in the US market to build up their advertising. It's going to take a bit more than a launch in New York City to sway Americans back to blackberry. Sort of a Duh if you ask me.

Wow, you're just a genius. Try educating yourself and reading a little about this before making idiotic comments.

Dude, the carriers received the Dev alphas for testing last fall, not the final hardware, so chill !!

True. But you can bet if it was an American company it would be in your hands already...



They're made in North America, but somehow the UK and Canada have the devices before the USA?

If US carriers aren't selling the devices until March, it's because that is what US carriers want.

Just like when the original Storm was released far too early. Because Verizon needed it early.

Contrary to what you read in the blogs, the carriers rule the smart phone market - and if they want BlackBerry 10 to be a success it will be. (Barring it being completely useless that is).

Have seen high res photos of the white version and it looks like the back cover is made of different material (dimpled) than the black one.... Can anyone verify this?

Will VZ get an exclusive on this, just like they do the white Z10? If so, that would be terrible. (am on a grandfathered AT&T family plan).

I'm going z10 in black. By summer time I might switch over to this in white though. Depends how the full touch experience settles on me.

Is there any explanation as to why we have to wait until March while the rest of the planet gets it next week?

I'd like to see the Black Q10 with the metal band around it. Since it's stainless steel I'm worried it will have the same problem as the black iphone5. But I love it either way :)

It won't. The iPhone uses the metal band as its antenna. On BlackBerry, the band is just cosmetic, the antennas are internal and signals pass easily through the plastic casing.

rrroooh? Like Scooby Doo...the qwerty wasnt this the one panned by all and sundry when the first leaked pics came out? TOLD YA!!!!! :)

They tried to make it as close as the virtual keyboard looks like as possible.
Me too prefers the old 9900 style layout. But it's time for a change :)

This looks good..from the sound of things the build quality trumps that of the Z10 easily..but I'd hav love if the screen was made bigger, even on this build!

BlackBerry should come out with different colors, girls in particular like pink not to mention it makes them look hotter with a pink phone lol. I personally would like to see red and maybe even a navy blue and silver.

So, why is it that the Z10 has so much black on the front? The white Q10 makes it obvious that the bezel can be white without affecting the gestures. Not that I really care, but I think it's weird that the white Q10 is actually white and the white Z10 has so much black on the front.

I don't get the hype for the white phones. What is it, and iphone?? It looks great in black, and won't get dirty...

white or black i'm buying two. one for the wife and one for myself also getting the white Z10 for myself

BB10 for Life

Oh my goodness. I have not used a BB device since the torch and i really want the q10 when it comes out. Im totally trading in my iPhone 5 to get this sexy beast! Plz tell me verizon will have this in white.. Welcome Back BB!!!