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Take advantage of the Winter White-Hot event and score a white BlackBerry Z10 from Rogers with up to $100 savings

Rogers Winter White-Hot event
By Michelle Haag on 30 Jan 2013 11:15 pm EST

*UPDATE* - Rogers has reached out about this deal to clarify it further: The White Z10 is part of the Winter White promotion, however $139.99 is the promotional price. The $39.99 posted previously seemed just a little too good to be true.

Hey Canada, for a limited time you can pre-order your white BlackBerry Z10 through Rogers and take advantage of their Winter White-Hot event which will garner you a discount of up to $100 off the price of the phone. While the Winter White-Hot event page on the Rogers website doesn't list the discount for the Z10, Ronan over at BerryReview did get confirmation from a rep that it will qualify for a discount.

Of course, as with any deal, there is fine print. Savings of up to $100 off purchase of select white devices only with new activation before Feb. 19, 2013 on any 3-yr talk, text and internet plan having min. $45 monthly service fee. In the end, the Z10 will start at $139.99 on contract when purchased from Rogers which is a sweet deal.

What do you think CrackBerry nation? Are you going to be taking advantage of this offer and snatching up a white BlackBerry Z10 from Rogers?

Preorder your BlackBerry Z10 from Rogers

Source: Rogers via BerryReview

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Reader comments

Take advantage of the Winter White-Hot event and score a white BlackBerry Z10 from Rogers with up to $100 savings


Pre-Ordered the Black and not a new activation so I will just stick with what I am getting. I like the Black better anyway.

Definitely not getting $100 off.... Read the fine print. And even though the Z10 is in the pic, it's not listed in the devices under the details. Most of them are only $50 off anyway, coupled with a new contract.

"While the Winter White-Hot event page on the Rogers website doesn't list the discount for the Z10, Ronan over at BerryReview did get confirmation from a rep that it will qualify for a discount." Read the article.

Fair enough. I didn't hit the link to the other article, just went to the Rogers site and read the fine print. But hey, even if it's only $40 or $50 off, which is the max I'd expect it to qualify for, it's still a good price.

Just to clarify I contacted Rogers about this. And I am an existing user eligible for an upgrade and they told me that I am able to make use of this promotion, so not just new customers. And the Z10 is absolutely apart of the promotion, and the one person told me it would be the full 100$, sometimes they don't know what they are talking about but I believe it will be. I wanted black but to spend 39.99 on a brand new blackberry device, I can deal with getting white...which looks pretty sweet too!

You could just get the white then buy a Black Gel Skin which i always get.
Does anyone know if the Z10 will have the same specs between Roger,Bell,Telus?

I called Rogers. They said the Z10 was not part of the sale. I directed the rep to the Rogers website where it is shown. She said that it was not listed under the full details tab, and therefore not included. I asked if it would be included on February 5th. She then said (after a 10 minute on hold) that february 5th, the white z10 would be marked down to $139.99, and the black would be $199.99, making a $60 savings. I then said her website showed both colours CURRENT price at $139.99, and then decided to talk to a different rep and ended the conversation.

i just spoke to a rogers rep, who said the Z10 is not included in the deal... hopefully i can find a rep who is more familiar with this promo.
just spoke to a rep, who said, the phone will be listed with this promo when the phone is released on feb 5th.

Rogers really needs to educate their staff, as half the people dont even know about this promotion going on, and the other half who do know about it have no idea what phones can be included and if the white is on the screen I am getting it for cheaper no matter what they say...they advertise it on the promotional page, and they have to honour that...otherwise if the price of black and white are the same I am absolutely cancelling my reservation and getting the black!

I'm gonna be testing and getting to know it better on either Monday or Tuesday. :)
I'm sticking to windmobile for now, not leaving due to the unlimited talk text and data!!