BlackBerry Z10 reviews - What the tech community is saying about the new device

BlackBerry Z10
By Michelle Haag on 30 Jan 2013 05:23 pm EST

If you haven't already, you're going to want to read Kevin's BlackBerry Z10 review and Simon's BlackBerry 10 OS reviews. When you're done, if you're still curious what other tech blogs and news sites are saying about the brand new BlackBerry Z10, but don't have time to search the web looking for their reviews, you can take a look below and get a peek into what other reviewers are saying.

As you can likely guess, there are some good reviews and some negative reviews, but it seems many of the thoughts on the new device are optimistic, though some note there are still some features and apps lacking compared to other platforms.

You can take a look at some of those thoughts from other sites below, in no particular order. 

BlackBerry Reinvents Itself to Compete With All-Touch Smartphones - WSJ

The Z10 and BB10 represent a radical reinvention of the BlackBerry. The hardware is decent and the user interface is logical and generally easy to use.

Baig: Z10 is a truly modern BlackBerry - USA Today

RIM has produced an excellent cellphone based on what appears to be a solid foundation. I just don't know if it will be enough to turn things around.

BlackBerry Z10 review: a new life, or life support? - The Verge

The Z10 is a good smartphone. Frankly, it's a better smartphone than I expected from RIM at this stage in the game. It does everything a modern phone should do, usually without hesitation. It doesn't do everything perfectly, but it does many things — most things — reasonably well.

BlackBerry Z10 review - Engadget

BlackBerry's BlackBerry Z10 is genuinely a pretty nice phone. Performance, helped by the lightweight QNX-based OS, is more than acceptable. The form factor offers you plenty of screen size in a device that may not feel luxurious, but does at least seem durable. And, bucking the trend, the battery is removable. Camera performance is adequate in most cases and overall there's really a lot to like.

The Blackberry Z10 Is A Solid First Offering For BB10 Hardware, But The App Gap Looms Large - Techcrunch

I can safely report that based on my experience, BlackBerry has come a long way, but BlackBerry still has a very long way to go, and whether or not users will continue to stick around for the remainder of that journey will depend a lot on how fast the app ecosystem can grow.

BlackBerry Z10 review - BGR

It’s very tough to build a phone from scratch, starting with the operating system, crafting the user interface, and picking the right path for app development and support. There were plenty of different paths for Research In Motion to take, and I do kind of question the one that the company ultimately chose.

BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Hardware Review (BlackBerry 10) - BerryReview

The hardware is solid and everything has been optimized and developed for it first before the QWERTY model. The device itself complements the BlackBerry 10 OS, and other than the smudge issue, I think RIM has a solid hardware platform for BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Back From Dead With New Z10: Review - Businessweek

BlackBerry has done a lot right with the Z10, the first smartphone to run its new, bet-the-company operating system. The touch-screen phone -- a version with the traditional BlackBerry physical keyboard is expected, too -- is handsome, intuitive to use and a whiz at multitasking.

BlackBerry 10 and Z10 Review: BlackBerry Catches Up - ABC News

The Z10 is a fully modern BlackBerry. It's fast, has a mobile browser that beats many of the others and an outstanding software keyboard. No, its battery life and camera are not as strong as the competition, but its bigger issue lies with the fact that it runs a brand new operating system.

BB10: BlackBerry Z10 review - Telegraph

And that’s the challenge – in an era when Apple’s iPhone 5 was a slight disappointment because it was a little bit predictable, and when Samsung is packing phones so full of features it’s hard to always find a use for them, the Z10 is merely quite good. It will find its corporate niche, and ‘too little too late’ is too harsh. But it’s not quite enough, not quite soon enough.

BlackBerry Z10 Review: Hands On with the First BlackBerry 10 Smartphone - CIO

Yet the BlackBerry Z10 is a huge step in the right direction for RIM. If you're looking for a high-end, touch-screen smartphone that feels different than the iPhone, Android or any other mobile OS - and you're not too concerned with the lack of quality BlackBerry 10 apps - you'll find a friend in the Z10. But if you want a healthy selection of the most popular mobile apps and the best overall mobile experience available today, you probably want to look elsewhere.

BlackBerry Z10 review - TechRadar

The Z10 is a decent smartphone offering up a strong range of features and a fancy new operating system which may catch the eye of the technologically adventurous. It does pretty much everything we'd expect from a high-end device and there are no major flaws to go running to the presses about.

Hands-on: BlackBerry Z10 review - Pocket-lint

For some the Z10 will be amazing, but for most, it just won't cut it against the incredibly strong competition already out there.

RIM BlackBerry Z10 Review - tbreak

All in all, RIM has laid out a great foundation to build upon with BlackBerry 10. There are some great elements to it but then again there are places where work is needed. It’s definitely a must-have upgrade for current BlackBerry owners as long as their favorite applications make it to the new OS.

BlackBerry Z10 Hardware Review (video) - MobileSyrup

The BlackBerry Z10 makes an excellent first impression, and is one of the most impressive pieces of hardware for a platform debut in recent memory. BlackBerry 10′s ability to consolidate troves of data into a usable space, the Hub, its powerful development tools and a growing community of loyal developers, along with excellent first-party and launch apps, bodes well for its entry into the Canadian market.
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BlackBerry Z10 reviews - What the tech community is saying about the new device


Read that bgr review and I was digusted but I'm excited to the a degree about what the overall concensus is on the phone but upset about release dates that I know have nothing to with Blackberry themselves.

+1 about the BGR review

Had to stop at

"As far the display, it’s a 4.2-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. It looks good, but not great compared to other high-end smartphones that are packing a boatload more pixels than the Z10."



Jonathan S. Geller, oughtta take his head out of his a$$; NO credibility when it's BLATANTLY OBVIOUS he has ab-so-fliggin-lutely NO CLUE what he's talking about
... knocking the Z10's 1280 x 768 display vs. the Fruitphone5 (quoting DIRECTLY from said company's Website! at display that:
"And as stunning as the Retina display is on the iPhone 4S, this one gives you 18 percent more pixels for an impressive 1136-by-640 resolution."
THAT'S a HUGE difference!!

Now, Z10 vs. the Galaxy S III, ( Samsung lists it at "720 x 1280" resolution, ALSO LOWER(fine, just 'slightly' but "still!") than the Z10.

Next time J.S.Geller wants to show off his "comparison" prowess, let's ask him to do his F-N Research first; THEN explain to him what the numbers really mean as well as the concepts of "higher vs. lower" and "better vs. worse."

Now, send him back to his sandbox to play with his shovel and tonka-trucks ... but let's check his diaper first: something stinks!
What a moron!

Geller has *always* hated BlackBerries, from pre-BB6 days, and it's always shown. His reviews are rarely based on the device itself, and generally degenerate into long-winded rants. And it got a lot worse once RIM gave up on BGR and started shutting them out of press events.

I'm curious to see what Ashley Esqueda has to say on the Monday Brief.

There are 1080p smartphones out there...and a boatload of others shown off at CES that will come out in weeks. There's nothing really false about what BGR said.

Yes, but he doesn't make the same complaints about the iPhone 5, SGS3, HTC One X, etc., that all have great screens (with 720p horizontal, maximum), but when it comes to blackberry, 768p horizontal is instantly terrible.

BGR had issues with the their community in the past for deliberately bashing RIM with distasteful reports and comments. Very much so that at one point that Jonathan Geller had to combat commenters on his site questioning what came off as unnecessary bashing with the RIM relate news and a few others struggling companies at that time. I didn't have much respect for some of his view in his reviews, as they came off a bit biased, but I stopped using his site during the time he addressed the "bad comments" because of how he handled that situation.

I remember when he did that. One of the biggest cop outs I ever so a website do. Pretty much instead of actually managing his site and getting people to at least be civil. He went to a facebook sign in so people would supposedly have to use their real names instead of hiding behind an anonymous screen name. Still hasn't changed anything over there.

Steve Wozniak is one of BGR's "advisers" (read investors).

Getting a balanced view from BGR is therefore tough. And it shows in the drop in their readership over the past few years.

Truth is many of the apparently unbiased blogs out there are either owned by, invested in or otherwise tied to manufacturers. (Engadget? Ex-Google). If you rely on advertising revenue somewhere there is almost bound to be editorial influence.

At least with the brand specific blogs you know what you're getting.

The Woz is great though, he buys like every flagship phone there is just to play with it because he's a nerd. He's not an Apple fanboi, amazingly.

I agree. I was sick too. Same thing about the pixels part saying out loud, "really?!?". I've stopped looking there for almost 2 years. And I remember some of his posts about the community and how its his view so either like it or deal with it cuz he isn't going to change.

On a slightly different note the cnet review was pretty gross too. Not as bad but maybe equal in a different way? I have come to distrust cnet over the years as well. They seem to be political and choose companies. A lot of their reviews might give something 3 stars (I hate a 5 star scale but I've learned to deal) when the consumers give it 4.75. And something they give 4.5 stars the users give a 2.5. What is wrong with tech sites? Can't they be happy with technology evolving and advancing and not be so harsh? I've had my share of bashing but only in deffense. When does CB ever go hating on everyone or even anyone really?

only TECH RADAR is sounding unbiased, rest all suck!! They sound like they dont know what they are talking about...


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

Ultimately the success or otherwise of BB10 will depend on whether the carriers push the device.

Hence the delays until March in the US. But most of the rest of the world is far more price sensitive and less brand loyal. So in Europe, Asia etc, BB10 should receive a more balanced view and even though the US is a large market, it's still only about 20% of the global market.

Verizon already has 'info' sign-up offered on their website. ATT looks to be behind again.

Long time ATT fan that may have to change!

But carrier may not make a difference since I really want White.

Overall I think the media was generally positive, which can only be a good thing since usually they talk like no good thing could ever come from BlackBerry.

I find the reporting generally somewhat uneven. I think to put the Z10 up against the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 is difficult (gen 1 product v. gen 3 product).

I think it's fair. That's what is currently available on the market. That's what consumers will compare it against. Those are BlackBerry's competitors.

By the time the US can actually buy these phones, Samaung will be on Gen 4. And gen 5 will be a few months away. I like BlackBerry, used to be a fan, but the business model can not compete with open source model as far as technology goes. With this release, I will be expecting improved keyboards for my SG3, with open source, it's only a matter of time.

Google generally licenses Android using ASL. That means any additions from carriers are not "open source". Unlike with GPL when typically they would have to be truly open.

So if Samsung decide to enhance the keyboard - and assuming they're not violating patents - you may well see an improved keyboard. I doubt it though.

Apart from the number of apps (which will grow quickly) BB10 is superior in every respect to Android.

The problem is most bloggers wouldn't know an operating system if it slapped them in the face. They do know and like user interfaces - but those are not OS.

"BlackBerry" needs to continue to push development of apps, but focus on quality, and they'll soon push their way to the top.

Open source is not always good, that is the main reason why Android devices are so insecure. Any person can add a small bit of code to get any information for someone who downloads their apps. I am even hesitant to run Linux/Unix because they are open source too, too much risk.

Don't worry about that.

When you, for the start, put the highly reliable, highly efficient, yet highly lightweight QNX on a device, it will beat the hell out of the competitor's 3. and 4th gen devices.

Now add to that the best in class high resolution screen (1280x768, 356 PPI) so that haters completely loose it (like BGR p i s s i n g in the wind).

No need to talk about security, balance, mobile payment on a secure device, peak, flow, hub, innovative keypad, ...

I enjoy, seeing the 1st gen BB product, suddenly gets (fair or even unfair) comparison with the devices who currently have the highest market share.

I just call it a damn good start.

I also just read Geller's BGR review and it's written to seem balanced but is really a total bash. He says things like the camera is really cool but confusing to use...the OS is really smooth but then it stuttered when a lot of apps are opened....We also are going to hear a lot about a new "defect"....the oily screen. Seems other phones (especially iPhone) handle oily fingers better.

It's like he wanted to hate it and tried really hard to hate it and with a lot of perseverance eventually got there.

Yeah, I agree. There were a few inaccuracies in there. He is unaware of bb protect for backup, and claims IMAP push is not supported.

it isn't, at least not for gmail. same thing on the crackberry review, and addressed by google themselves on their blog

The thing that worries me from all these reviews is this idea of "too late" or just caught up but not a game changer. I don't know if they want the company to succeed or have the OS bought out by like Samsung or Apple

the tech reviewers all seem to want to say bad things about the Z10 but find so little bad stuff to say that they resort to complaining about none issues and move away from reviewing the device to trying to predict the fate of blackberry...

they make me sick!!!

It is a brand new OS, who knows what the first update will add or update. Lets use the device for more than an hour before we come to conclusions.

There's obviously no way of pleasing everyone, though it seems as if everyone is putting BB up against 1 and 2 when everyone used to assume they were struggling for 3rd. Oh well, I am still happy to be getting one

Ultimately it comes down to how BB markets this. Think of all the iOS users who bought their device without knowing how to use it but Apple made them think they needed it.

Even though I really wanted the Q10 I just pre-ordered the Z10! Can't wait to get it on February 5th!

Bit of a worry that one reviewer said the battery often ran out at 6pm. Sounds like the early days of the 9900.

Bold 9000
Playbook 16MB

Same as every 1. OS on BB´s? :-)
My Experience is, that every new BB that i have owned has a "short" Battery Life. But after a few fast OS Updates its getting better and better. For me its not a big surprise and nothing to mention about. Lets wait 2 Month and we can talk about Battery Life. :-)

That is the first thought that came to my mind as well. While some others had troubles the 9000 was the toughest to get right in my memory. I hope BB can figure this out, though I wonder how they balance constant running apps with battery life. Will be interesting to watch the development - if you watch the presentation again - you will see the battery on the demo unit get used pretty quickly.

EXACTLY! - let us all remember that iPhone5 also didn't get the greatest reviews.... These tech reviewers are 90% garbage reporters... If they're not bashing it like they did the pb, then its a positive review. Seems most the reviews I read didn't have a creditable complaint... Which is a positive for me. I see it like this.... Most phones (and OS') are rated a 9/10 on some things, but a 3/10 on others... But the Z10 seems to be rated at about 8/10 on 'most' things... With a few exceptions which are understandable (lack of apps), etc.

It will more interesting to see how it sells and what real users think. All the Tech RVs seem to come with an angle; don't feel particularly objective.

Complaining that we shouldn't compare 1.0 BB10 with more mature operating systems like android or IOS is specious at best; that is EXACTLY what real people will do when the go to buy a new phone.

Fair enough but on the other hand when people go to get a new phone, often they can't tell the difference between the latest version of Android/iOS. But comparing a new operating system to an established one is what tech sites should do. a lot of people read up on mobile phones before they buy them nowdays as they cost so much. Using iOS6 as a comparision is a bit unfair and quite funny. Moaning about the map's app in BB10 with the Maps on iOS? At least BB aren't telling customers to go download map apps from other places until they fix theirs. That dosn't get reported about in the comparison. If they are going to compare then they as long as it's warts and all I'm fine with it.

Yea, nothing we can do about that, we're victims of our own HYPE. But the thing is, BB10 IS BETTER, it's really just a matter of Apps & getting in people's hands. The month wait in the US doesn't help the Consumer Impulse Advantage. Anxious to see how Blackberry (Love saying Blackberry instead of RIM) handles its marketing for the next month.

They keep saying it needs to be a gamechanger. WP8 is not a gamechanger. (Lumia has great camera and diff colours). TBH WP8 just look like another app launcher to me yet the reviews all say oh its so cool and its gonna take off. The Z10 reviews say oh its the best BlackBerry but its not that great. As well I just don't understand the Iphone has a horrible battery and its not removable. As well it is boring. Apple has stopped innovating a lot and yet sites still give it 9/10 stars. Did apple really invent anything anyway? Tablets were around for a while before the Ipad and so were touch screens!! I do not know if reviewers really hate BlackBerry or they are being paid by the other companies? Honestly I wish they would do a write up about what they were expecting from a 1st gen operating system that had to be built from the ground up and I am really serious about that? Now I really want BlackBerry to make 10.1 blow the competition out the water. Sorry for the rant but the media are really annoying me.

As a Blackberry Community we have to understand that we weren't going to blow them away...the "NEXT BIG THING" will come in the form of HARDWARE. BB10 is the software that will drive that new hardware. The key is getting people to focus on the software, which is what Thor has been consistently trying to do. It's why I've heard comments today like, "Blackberry's take on iPhone." People look at the hardware and think iPhone, not, let's see what this can do. With that said, as a Blackberry Community we have to become an EXTENSION of Blackberry, by TRULY KNOWING our Blackberries and taking on ALL challengers in our day to day lives, because the best marketing is word of mouth. If not, they'll just look at it and say knock off iPhone.

I feel your frustration. Personally I think these so called tech reviewers were once BB users. Then they left the platform, and now out of arrogance, they want toslate it because they think coming back to BB is like crawling through a cat flap.
They just need to admit its a great OS and they need to do their research before they post their empty arguements.

This is a big deal. I scanned the others and didn't see anyone say anything about it but bgr did.

Is this an accurate statment? Or speculation??

It seems many of these initial reviews carry some residual accents from the "we-want-rim-to-die-now" media bandwagon/circus, so an unfair sense of "underwhelmed" is getting projected.

The pundits are going through something akin to the 5 stages of grief. Stage 1: Denial. We've passed that stage already and are now at Stage 2: Grudging acceptance. I suspect things will improve as people get to see how revolutionary BB10 really is, and eventually the stage of Love will be reached!

This is why the month hurts the US so bad, because it gives the haters time to spread their lives and the consumers time to buy into them.

i was almost convinced to switch to bb10 (currently galaxy nexus android user), but i think it still doesn't catch up or offer something worth switching. Fewer apps, worse battery life (1 day) compared to old phones, no push email support for non corporate email accounts (bad google), no drop down notifications like all other platforms...

Still, for blackberry diehard fans, i guess it's an improvement.

I think it will support push for certain IMAP accounts. The playbook supports push for my non gmail imap account.

Blackberry Balance is FAR more secure than the ever ailing Android Work/Play system. The Z10 has a removable battery, just by two Day/Night problem solved, plus that just depends on use anyway. It does support Push. Don't need a Drop Down Menu, it's called the Hub & the infamous Blackberry Spark will let u know when. It's NOT "other platforms," it's's Blackberry 10. So what was your question?

One of the reviews on Cnet I believe went a bit overboard with the comparison to the iPhone 5. I agree it will be compared to all, but the review mostly just seemed like "but the iPhone does this" review. I like most of the optimism, and am currently interested in seeing sales now.

I've read each one I could find in their entirety. The device and the OS are 100X better than any current generation BB. For BB users a B+. Loosing so many options to tweak the OS, the loss of all push email except for Exchange and the crowded and inconsistant Hub, lose it the A. But measured against the latest hardware and software on IOS and Android, we'll, its just a C+. Removeable battery, sd card, and Flash help, but lack of Gorilla Glass, the Maps/ navigator which is the same as the one still getting beaten up in the Beta Zone, a barely functioning voice assistant and lack of key apps hurt the grade. This is consistent from Crackbery Kevin, down to BGR. Seriously when Kevin has to make a half dozen inquiries to RIM on a device release, there are some issues. This device and this OS have been in production for.more than 2 years. Since before the Playbook. So for many who have been waiting and hoping RIM would hit it out of the park, you can understand their dissapointment in a Ground Rule Double.

Not everyone loved the iPhone 5 either.

RIM should have launched in the U.S. next week also and should have had the Q10 ready also. April would kill me - going all touch.

Instead of comparing the Z & Q10's to the flagship Apple and Android devices how about comparing them to the WP 8 phones from Nokia & HTC. Does BB10 have what it takes to be a 3rd option,instead of Windows Phone?

I have a question. For the past 2yrs I've heard nothing but blackberry is dead and need to sale. Critics have been pouring dirt on this company for as long as I can remember. So how did they go from being dead to being compared to the number 1 and 2 SEASONED platforms on the market???!!! Last I checked, all the critics were saying that BB10 will compete for the number 3 spot against windows @ best. Now they're comparing it to iphone5 and android just to bash it. BGR said the display couldn't compete with iphone's res while the Z10 has a higher res and the highest ppi to date! This is just straight hating to me. In my opinion, BB10 is not only on par with todays top platforms but it goes beyond with its new features. They've completely changed the conventional way of operating a smartphone with gestured based navigation eliminating the tiresome "in and out" of apps while intergrating all of your apps to every feature of the phone. But it can't compete because it lacks the hundred of thousads of USELESS apps? Give me a break already.

You're right.
If Apple had have released this exact device as the next iOS platform it would have been considered by many to be the greatest thing to ever grace the smartphone world.

I agree - to many people drinking Apple Juice!! People are not looking at the phone for the functionality of it. They are looking at it to see how it can help kill time with using useless apps! I find it ironic that iPhone users say BB sucks but then never offer up WHY the iPhone is far surperior - what functions does the iPhone have that is a "can't live without feature" ? Someone mentioned the iPhone has a better resolution and gorilla glass ... seriously ? That's the best you can come up with ? Who give's a crap ... I think the resolution on my 9900 is just as good as my ipad 2 resolution. And I have never broken the glass on any cell phone I have ever owned and I have owned probably 20 in my life. iPhone users are afraid the admit that iPhone sucks when it comes to function - email, typing, switching between applications, editing, PDF's, etc... I am more on board with BB than ever before and beginning to despise iPhone users as totally clueless.

And sadly I'd bet that if this phone was coming from a brand new company without the name "blackberry" on it, they'd be so ecstatic and enthused about it. Reviews would be the likes of "this new innovative os will give apple and samsung a run for the number 1 spot in mobile communication". I GARUNTEE that's what we would see if "blackberry" wasn't stamped on this product. Nevertheless, the os ui ecosystem etc will eventually speak for itself in time....

Little off the line, but does anyone know what language it supports?
Browsed around some sites, but couldn't find the answer. I would like to know if it supports input of Japanese. The playbook I love still does not support Japanese input which sucks:-(

Instagram and Japanese input, once these are set, my iPhone is history! The number of apps isn't an issue. The quality is. But I know the mass market won't think like this...

"It’s the BlackBerry Z10, and guess what? It’s lovely, fast and efficient, bristling with fresh, useful ideas. And here’s the shocker — it’s complete. The iPhone, Android and Windows Phone all entered life missing important features. Not this one; BlackBerry couldn’t risk building a lifeboat with leaks. So it’s all here: a well-stocked app store, a music and movie store, Mac and Windows software for loading files, speech recognition, turn-by-turn navigation, parental controls, copy and paste, Find My Phone (with remote-control lock and erase) and on and on."

This, from David Pogue! No BB fan, he.

What they should be comparing it too, if they wanted to be fair, is the first gen OS devices that iOS and Android brought out. Tech sites are comparing a brand new OS against OS's that have been out for 6+ years. How can that be a fair comparison? Also when they bang on about how many apps other platforms have, do they remember the days when the iPhone had none at launch and Android phones had what?, less then a hundred? Comparing the hardware is fair enough as blackberry has to build a phone that stacks up against others tech wise but the OS is new and should be reviewed as such.

Most reviews reference the "lack" of apps. What apps are missing - Netflix? Instagram? Or is it just that they Blackberry can't stake claim to the high number of apps that other mobile OS' have? I want a smartphone that helps me work, not watch movies, post pictures, or translate Kilngon. Surely I'm not alone here. Or are there other apps that truly are missing that I'm not considering?

Nope. You're right. You clearly exist outside of our dumbed down culture. LoL The thing about BB10 is that it's so powerful, it doesn't need apps! You can just open up your actual Instagram webpage, but people don't think like that.

Al Sacco does a good job explaining what apps are missing for him in the CIO review. The app part is near the end. Check it out.

Thanks for that. I did read that part of the review, but I've got to say this doesn't change my opinion: "Twitter; Foursquare; Instagram; Google+; Untappd; Facebook; Google Maps; Google Music; Amazon MP3; Amazon Kindle; Netflix; Dropbox; Kik Messenger; Spotify; Fitbit; Dunkin' Donuts payment app; and NBA Game Time" Some of these are already available, like FB & Twitter. Other than Dropbox, none of those make my list of apps I use to work. I do recognize how this will keep some from switching to Blackberry, but none of these make my list of "must-haves".

Exactly.I think BB took the road that needed traveled. The apps thy have is what I need because I need my phone to do, not play.

Am I the only one who is wondering if all of these writers in the centre of the public eye are simply too chicken to go against the Apple/Android sheep and dare to say that they like the device?

And enough with the App whining already! I've had my PlayBook for 3 months, coming from iOS, and I totally don't miss any of it. In fact, I picked up my iTouch the other day to prep it for selling, and it felt totally alien. Alien in a bad way.

I think that what it takes is marketing. The product is obviously there. Talking to a few people who work for Sprint and Verizon, people walk in and ask for x phone or want a cheap phone. They don't care about specs, performance, whatever. They want a brand name or something their friends have. BB needs to get on that, or this won't go over any better than the last few models have.

I was complaining to my wife earlier about the release schedule for Verizon and she asked me what other phone I might want. I looked into the Galaxy SIII but when I saw that the hardware was almost EXACTLY the same as the Z10 I said I would rather wait.
I'm not into iOS and Android bores me. If I could never get a BB10 device I'd be happier with my 9930 running 7.1 than anything else out there. I am not, by any means, a fanboy, but Blackberry is in my blood at this point. It just makes sense and does exactly what I need 110% of the time.

I'm fine with every review but the BGR one just really burns me up. I'm so glad i stopped visiting their site nearly 2 years ago, they're so biased it's ridiculous. I really don't know how people can stand to read their articles.

Are people really that app happy ? For pete sakes - how many apps can one person use anyways ? I guarentee you BB10 has the most popular apps that everyone uses. So what if they don't have 50,000 apps. Who needs all that garbage anyways? I use maybe 4 on a consistant basis - Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Shazam and Untapped. BB10 users are not into Games!!! BB10 is a business phone still with the added bonus of like iPhone toys! #BB10 ROCKS!!

Read the review on BGR...

How come they didnt use gorilla glass? That's a bit worring..but what's really worrying is no push mail?!? I hope BGR got it wrong otherwise rim (sorry BlackBerry) is done and dusted.

I had a bb for a while and now made the move to android. I am lured in by blackberry. I like the company, o koke the software I like the top notch messaging. The apps are overrated imho. Not because I don't use them, cause I do. The problem for me is with any game I have had on my droid since I got it in June I play for a month. I have not had a game I play for more than a month until I get tired of it. So for that I believe blackberry doesn't need apps the likes of apple / android.

As far as the reviews outside of glitches or things they love or pike about the phone comparing it to apple or droidis silly. At this point a large number of the people writing these reviews probably have an apple or a droid. So they are used to the software as oppsed to bb10. So they are biased. It doesn't make ios better it just makes it familiar.

Well said man, well said! If you take BB10's 70,000 apps (like that's a small feat and if you cut out all the USELESS apps iOS/Android would fall around 70 as well) and just run those apps on each device, BB10 would win hands down.

Kevin, Can you make us a video that features the new BB10 sounds and alerts? I hope that doesnt seem petty, but this is an important function for my daily use. Thank you

Watching Josh Topolsky's review on the Verge was hilarious. I think it physically hurts him to say something good about BlackBerry. I think someone was offscreen pinching him.

I used to be a BlackBerry addict. I had a PB and 9780.

Bailed out at OS7 because the 9900 had no autofocus and the PB had no apps. I was fed up of endless debates on the forum about how apps weren't important or they were "coming".

Looks like the same debates happening today.

People just can't wait anymore. These phones are being compared to Android and Apple because that is what you can buy for the same price. My HTC One X is awsome. My Nexus 7 is awsome.

Android, Samsung and Apple aren going to stand still whilst BB catches up.


Oh and because people like to be loyal to BB, I will now be accused of being a troll for saying otherwise.

Nah, just uninformed. Blackberry wasn't aiming at Apple or Android. But now that's all it's being compared to. We already won ;)

Nothing new from blackberry since the first time they talked about Blackberry 10 3 month ago.

Same Demo, Same Videos.

Flash Support?
What Accounts types will the Native Email Client support?
I did not see any actual demo of the browser (Is it really faster?)
Wireless Hot spot Demo?
Possible release date?
Price range?
Possible battery life on each device?

That is why Apple is still on the top. when they do a announcement or launch they provide information. Why Blackberry cannot do the same?

There's a little something called YouTube, that you can actually just type in "Blackberry 10 versus" and see countless comparison videos. In which by the way the Browser blows ALL OTHER BROWSERS, DESKTOP, TABLET OR MOBILE OUT OF THE WATER.

Really??? Did you just crawl from under a rock or were you in a coma? Has to be 1 of the 2 for u to actually post what you just said. Lol

The only review that currently matters to me is from a couple of our IT reps who got the chance to demo Z10. Both had good things to say and that's good enough for me. One was more complimentary then the other but over all was more positive then negative.

So I popped into the Bell World store on the way home and pre purchased my new Black, Shiny Z10.. Can't wait to pick it up on Tuesday, regardless of what these "tech experts" have to say.

I think people need to understand that there is very little "objective" media left....sponsors/advertisers purchase the good news reported about them. There is hesitancy by the major media to report anything negative about major advertisers....which is why you see constant praise about Apple.

And these same outlets are put under major pressure by advertisers like Apple to criticize their competition or they take their money else where....they have the leverage to do that. Especially in this media outlet can afford to lose millions of dollars from a major advertiser like Apple.

Blackberry does not currently have the marketing budget like Apple, which makes it difficult to compete with the behemoths like Apple and Google. Apple is going to use every leverage possible with their media allies to crush the competition...thus their lap dogs are doing their best to gloss over Apple's short comings while accentuating Blackberry's "negatives". That is called business....the only thing Blackberry can do is to fight fire with fire. And that takes money....hopefully they can overcome the biased reports against them and the consumers will be their savior after seeing their product in person.

My new slogan: "Piss off the a Blackberry!"

I really hope push is there. Really, really hope. Or I can have the same native email clients as on my 9900

All I really want is crossplatform videochat, my traditional email experience, and a watchespn app or functionality either on the z10 or the playbook.

Is that too much to ask?

The New York Times actually had a pretty decent article on the Z10. Total reversal of what she was expecting.

It seems they haven't really understood all that BB10 has to offer, and base their opinion on that. The launch left out quite a few important and amazing things, but that's not what people saw so they are not commented on.

Again, the apps deal is not as big as everyone makes it seem. Having the most powerful mobile browser on the market cuts down the amount of apps needed. I'd rather not have an app for my bank, the browser is quick and clear. I'm not saying all apps are redundant, but the whole aspect is blown out of proportion.

If these journalists took a couple weeks to really use the device, they will see how innovative it really is, especially when they return to their S3's and iPhone 5's and start swiping the screen haha

PS. If Apple had released the Remember app, every web site would claim they have innovated/revolutionised something great, like passbook...

When the Playbook came out, this site was awash with poeple saying "Yeah but the browser is great so the apps don't matter". Then RIM slashed prices and wrote off a load of stock, losing millions. It seems apps DO matter and history is repeating itself.

BlackBerry got it right. It's aimed at business, corporate. The security is something that will be attractive to companies and this security is offered by no one else. The ability to wipe the business side and keep your personal stuff is a very practical issue and this WILL factor in when companies are choosing who to go with. I predict success for BlackBerry. Once the business folks jump on, others will too just so they can look like they're someone. BlackBerry has hit a home run and nobody knows it yet. Wait and see.

BlackBerry here in the UK (on National Radio) said they WEREN'T aiming at business- that will be a slow trickle effect. They are aiming at consumers primarily.

Most consumers in the UK who are commenting on these reviews all seem to agree. It is just too expensive. You can only compete with a Galaxy S3 on price if your phone is as good as that. Even the HTC One X is struggling to compete and that has very few shortcomings compared to the BlackBerry Z10. No wonder BB shares dropped 12 points yesterday.

As I have mentioned I really do like BlackBerry and want them to dominate. That being said they do have a problem, although I think this phone is the BEST Blackberry by far, I would say that most people would consider it to be (at best) equal with the Iphone or the SGIII. Thats a problem, it will take more than that to sway to public back.

The bigger problem that may be out there, isn't so much about what this phone is capable to do, but what the NEXT one does. If the Z10 brings Blackberry even to compitition, what happens when the SG4 comes out? Or the next well done phone, it will put BB on the back burner.

The guys at BlackBerry better already be working on their next big device. The rumored Artisto phone would be that next phone. However at some point instead of catching up to the compitition you need to surpass them.

BB's biggest problem is going to be getting people back. Even if their phone is superior to the iphone and droids it needs to be so much better that people leave their phone because of what BBs can do that their phones cant. I just don't know that BB, or any company really can put that much distance between themselves at this point.

Think about it, the iphone changed the came completely, it was something blackberrys COULDN'T do, then droids came out with things BBs couldn't do. Looking at this current BB what can it do that the iphones or droids cant? Not too much.

Yes the OS may be better, some features are better / easier, but is it something that you absolutely must have and will cause you to drop what you currently have?

That will be the tipping point for BlackBerry.

I would have to agree, the BGR review was something of a shock. But again i don't follow BGR so there is something to say about that.

I will also agree that it will take some time for BB to get their customers back. There are some key feature which i don't understand why they left out. BIS? for those company's that don't use exchange BIS is just as crucial. I hope they continue to work on their end and release an update to improve the OS. The device itself i think is great. I clear distinction from all the other devices out there. I will have to hold one to see exactly how it feels. I think for a new device with a new platform they have done great. It will help them to stay above the water and not drown. I can see them only gaining users.

Great Job BB!

The BGR review sounds really biased.. But is it true that there's no Push mail for the likes of Yahoo mail/Google Mail? Those are my main email, so I'm a bit concern about it.

Also.. Does Z10 doesn't need need BIS/BES to work? Will BBM still work with no BIS./BES?

SHAME on the negative whacking reviews. I guess they didn't do any researching before even writing them. Lazy bratts.