AT&T announces plans to launch BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

BlackBerry Z10 & Q10
By Alicia Erlich on 30 Jan 2013 12:16 pm EST

For all those in the USA who are eagerly anticipating the release of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, AT&T has just officially announced their plans to carry both devices. No information or pricing is available as of yet so make sure you keep your eyes glued to our carrier availability round-up for further details or click the jump below to read their full press release.You can also head over to their signup page to be the first to know when it arrives as US Carriers are expected to start selling in March 2013.


AT&T* today announced plans to offer the new BlackBerry® Z10 and BlackBerry® Q10 smartphones powered by BlackBerry® 10. The new BlackBerry Z10 is the first smartphone to launch with the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10 platform, offering customers a powerful and unique new mobile experience. It is the fastest and most advanced BlackBerry smartphone yet, with a smarter experience that continuously adapts to a customer's needs. The BlackBerry Q10 comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard that BlackBerry fans have loved for years, while the BlackBerry Z10 offers an impressive touchscreen keyboard that provides a modern and easy typing experience.

"BlackBerry is back. AT&T was the first carrier to launch BlackBerry smartphones and services in the U.S. and we are pleased to offer the fully re-designed and modern OS to our customers," said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices and Developer Services, AT&T Mobility. "The new BlackBerry 10 platform is a fresh take on today's smartphones with all the key features BlackBerry fanatics need, including a refreshed version of RIM's unbeatable email solution, a better browser experience and easy access to all their messages in BlackBerry Hub."

"The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone delivers a powerful new platform for BlackBerry customers. Combined with the 4G LTE network and service plans from AT&T, BlackBerry Z10 customers will be delighted with a re-invented communication experience, seamless multitasking, easy access to multiple social networks, and the peace of mind that BlackBerry security gives them," said Carlo Chiarello, EVP, Global Smartphone Business at RIM.

The BlackBerry Z10 will be the first BlackBerry smartphone to run on AT&T 4G LTE, part of the nation's largest 4G network covering 288 million people.**

BlackBerry 10 is a re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry platform that creates a powerful and unique new mobile experience. BlackBerry 10 gives customers a faster and smarter experience that continuously adapts to their needs with advancements such as:

  • Peek and Flow into the BlackBerry Hub - A new mobile computing paradigm where what matters to customers is always only one swipe away
  • Keyboard - Understands and adapts to customers, so they can type faster and more accurately
  • BBMTM (BlackBerry® Messenger) - Allows customers to share things with the people that matter to them in an instant
  • BlackBerry® BalanceTM technology - Protects what is important to customers and the businesses they work for.

With the launch of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 platform, AT&T business and government customers will now have an additional option to choose from when deciding which Mobile Enterprise Mobility Management solution best serves their needs.

AT&T BlackBerry Z10 signup page


Reader comments

AT&T announces plans to launch BlackBerry Z10 and Q10


It's my phone and I want it now!

Quit blowing my $h!t with this "We're excited to offer our customers..blah blah.."

March release?


what's the point of AT&T making the announcement without announcing pricing or availability??? WTF is wrong with US carriers!!!?????@#@###$$$$%%%%%^^&&

ya, I don't want the Z10, I want the Q10 in WHITE AT&T, get on it! I'm a Premier acct holder so we'll see how this plays out.

Let the hype be created where market share is higher...those satisfied users will lead to a better perception of Blackberry as it prepares to launch in US, it's not like the phone was delayed and no one is getting it until March

RIM pisses you off? Um, the phone is ready to go. Carriers are the ones holding it back. Go ahead and be pissed, but know what you are pissed about. This has nothing to do with BlackBerry.

I hate to say this and I hope Crackberry, Blackberry, or some real news outlet looks into this.

To me this seems like US carriers actually have no plans to sell Blackberry Devices in the US. They aren't really taking orders, they haven't announced the price or the date of availability.

In other words they are NOT ordering the devices until they see how they go over in other countries.

As a RIM/Blackberry stockholder I sure as hell am not happy, as a fan and consumer I'm damned angry that I am being lied to by US carriers and RIM.

Think I'm wrong? Prove it. I'd be happy if I am proved wrong. But I'd be willing to be US carriers haven't placed a single order for BB10 phones.

interesting, yet stupid. why would they not want the brand new RIM technology, latest and the greatest. They have a huge blackberry base, you think they are going to ignore all those people and not bring in the new HOT item. :p

For the last 3 months or so the ATT stores I have been to in the malls have been telling me that they are not getting any new BB's. Now how true that is I am not sure but they have all told me the same thing. I hope that this is totally wrong.

I wish I live in Canada or Europe. Pretty disappointing to have to wait until sometime in March. I don't know what is wrong with US carriers. =0(

Well, congratulations to all the people outside the US who can start enjoying their phones as early as tomorrow.

They kind of did with the generic answer of "the phones are still in testing"

Which makes me wonder if US carrier were part of the early testing BlackBerry was conducting????

Did some one wake up this past weekend and say "Oh, by the way we have not gotten any american carriers tested!" Where has the people that are suppose to be working with the carriers been and what have they been doing? Some heads should roll for allowing this blunder. As a stockholder why are you spending money for a Super Bowl ad that will long be forgotten before a single phone is available to be sold in the US. I called RIM's NA number from their website and was told there is no plans to sell direct and that the phone will not be available until some time in March and that they had no date. The stock had so far dropped from a high today of $16.62 to a current price of $14.15. We are heading back toward $6 because of this failure to have at least one US carrier ready and able to sell the phone. Also as an AT&T customer I am extremely disappointment that Verizon will be the only one selling a white model.

I agree. I want the white Z10 and I am also an ATT customer for over 10 years. Not a good thing at all.

Verizon will definitely be carrying both white and black Z10 which is shown on there site but only when typed into search. I spoke with a Verizon rep today and was told they received notice of the Z10 today priced at 199.00 with two year contract. Due to be offered in March. No info. on Q10 sorry; I will be getting a Z10 white.

I too am disappointed to have to wait two more months especially since I've been waiting for awhile already, still using a Storm 2, it works but I desperately need/want a new phone!

There is no conspiracy here folks. EVERY PHONE has a staggered launch first, even Apple. We are just used to the US being the first country instead of the last. Companies launch their products first in their strongest markets. The US is not one of BlackBerry's strongest markets. Nokia did the same thing with its Lumia line. They launched their European phones 5 months prior to their US phones. The carriers can't change their mind on that.

I am so bummed out that it is not releasing on Febuary 5th like the Canadian carriers. None the less, this is a must have.

WTF (Why the. . . .) have this big, hyped-up, send-off in NYC, the last place on earth the phone will actually be available? If you respond, well, the US and NYC is still the epicenter of global commerce and certainly global tech media, it would make sense as an event location, but that would also lead a sentient company to prioritize the US market beyond what your particular market share is right now. A lot of the people in that audience and a lot of the experts are located in the US and what they heard and saw was nice and flashy . . . . and bracketed by the usual RIM (I won't call it Blackberry until they release something here in the US) hemming and hawing about "soon" and "carrier testing". Your target audience, the tech press, needed to be fed their toys plus something that could immediately feed their audience, which is the buying public. Don't worry, the kettle is on the boil and your snack will be ready within 3 or 4 lunar cycles. Stay hungry, my friends! Why blame the carriers, when we all come here to talk about RIM? Is there something I'm missing here, about US carriers? Sure, they are a pita to deal with. Still, a carrier is a handy thing to have if you live in the US and have a phone. Other manufacturers seem to be able to get their products launched.

I am so disappointed that it does not get to the US until march, and the white version won't get to att. So I have resolved to get a white one from Canada. Does anyone know what Canadian carrier works best with att.

This is God awful.

Release dates in March and April? WTFH!@#!@#!@

That is BS! Good luck Blackberry. This is the beginning of the end.

Terrible.. who is leading the charge in the US?

Absolutely EMBARASSING for this release date...

I hope that blackberry does well. That fact is what I think most of us are pissed about. We want blackberry to do well and this is not going to facilitate that. We all want the phone but we have been looking forward to Rim showing everyone in the US how impressive blackberry is and it is not going to happen. I switch platforms today and love the new phone. RIM does not owe me and I do not owe them. It sucks because I really wanted to be right about blackberry. I do own stock, so here is hoping. Good bye for now BB and CB. Good times.

I love the Z10 but why won't AT&T release a white one? How come Verizon gets to have the white one exclusively if AT&T was the first to ever carry Blackberry phones?!

First time it was rim decision cause the phone wasnt ready so all this exciment for nothing. Now usa carriers are planning to make us to wait for another run down for 30 something days are you kidding me.....this bent out of shape everybody seriously!!!! And how the biggest company in the usa need to way that long to satisfy the customers when a product is ready to small companies are ready to sell the devices....COME'ON SPRINT!!!

After 12+ years as a BB only user I am seriously thinking about moving on. Current Torch 9800 is on its last legs and I have been keeping it alive since about August. If it dies I guess I am going to be forced to go Android.

Honestly don't care a bit about color or anything else other than the keyboard. I live on email and SMS and travel outside US frequently. BB has never let me down and always kept me connected.

Now I am not so sure.

Are those the only 2 models they are releasing?
The one is just a newer curve and the other looks like every other droid/iphone...

Are they going to have one similar to the torch 1 & 2?
I love my torch2s and want another!