BlackBerry Q10 First Look Video!

CrackBerry's first hands-on with the BlackBerry Q10 - the highly anticipated full qwerty BlackBerry 10 flagship phone.

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jan 2013 12:33 pm EST

Here it is CrackBerry Nation, a first look at the BlackBerry Q10. Q10. Q10. Q10. Q for QWERTY I think. Or Quantum. Either way, it's the BlackBerry Q10 and it's the first BlackBerry 10 phone to feature a physical keyboard. From a hardware standpoint, it's the same specs as the BlackBerry Z10, with the exception that the display is 3.2" at 720x720 pixels and instead of a touchscreen keyboard, it's physical.

Compared to the Bold 9900, which features a smiling keyboard, the Q10's keyboard puts the buttons in a straight row. With no trackpad or menu / back buttons to make room for, there's no need to work with that design. With this design the keys are a little bit bigger, and the straigh row makes for excellent muscle memory. I've played a little bit around on the keyboard, and it definitely FEELS GOOD. It's a little different than the 9900, but the response rate and pressure of the keys is even more dialed in than the 9900. We'll talk a lot more about this later, but in the meantime check out some Q10 sexiness in the video above! 

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BlackBerry Q10 First Look Video!


never thought i would ever say this in my life, but the bezel under the screen seems too small...they could have used half the space above the screen and still had enough room for the symbol, speaker, and bezel.

Of course, sure, it is ZED, not ZEE, because there is no rest of the world outside the US. And you guys would know, you're so well informed and highly educated.
Yawn. Never fails, some dickwad that has never in his life left the farm will explain to us how to pronounce a language that is not even properly HIS (unless he is, in fact, ENGLISH).

On the spec sheet it said that the screen is super AMOLED. On Mobile Syrup, they said the Z10 is LCD and not OLED. Can anyone verify?

Kevin, can you comment on the predictive text/auto correct on the Q10? Just wondering how they're going to implement the "flick" gesture or if it will be present at all.

Device looks good, love that keyboard.


It was nice to hear an explanation for the "smile" keyboard and this straight one, but I'm still disappointed by the look of the Q10. The straight white lines make the face of the phone look flat and 2D. The back looks outdated and old. It just does not look like a modern stylish phone. Plus the very rounded corners remind me of the same roundness on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, whose look I hate. Maybe the look will grow on me but my initial reaction is disappointment. My Bold 9700 looks more stylish than this.

Still don't like it. The open apps look too big on it and only show four running at a time. The screen looks tiny and we won't be able to view pics, movies or the internet in landscape mode. Needless to say I am disappointed, luckily I am getting the Z10 rather than that piece of garbage!

Wow.. they really don't want anyone holding the phone. Looks great though! Doesn't seem like the Flow is disrupted by the presence of the keyboard.

they named it the Q10 instead of the X10 because they are afraid of getting sued by Sony, which used X10 in their xperia line once. Dont want to make the same mistake they did for BBX again

Man.. That sure looks pretty damn nice. So much to consider. Bigger screen vs hardware keyboard.. Guess I'll have to try both out in the store or something to make a really informed decision!

No brainer to me, I've stuck with Blackberry for many years now because I need physical buttons. Flush the Z10 down the toilet with them iphone and galaxy touch screen abortions. Hurry up Blackberry and get this phone to O2 UK asap, VIVA THE Q10!

"And there's the peek gesture . . there's the peek gesture . . c'mon peek gesture . . ah, there it is - there's the peek gesture"

not a good sign :/

"can't tell you what battery is in it" seriously?! what kind of deal is that? trade secret? don't know yet? wow

I hope the orientation of the screen rotates when you turn the phone on its side, like if you were taking a picture and wanted to hold the phone more like a typical camera

I hope they keep some of the keyboard shortcuts. Not to happy that there are a lot less options for sound profiles, notifications, etc.

On the battery I expect it will be bigger and last a lot longer that has been reported for the Z10

This is God awful.

Release dates in March and April? WTFH!@#!@#!@

That is BS! Good luck Blackberry. This is the beginning of the end.

Terrible.. who is leading the charge in the US?

Absolutely EMBARASSING for this release date...

The dude sure seemed over protective of the Q10 - looks like be wouldn't even let crackberrykevin type with it

Anyone can confirm what the keyboard shortcuts are going to be like on the Q10 ? That's the biggest reason I will never leave physical Blackberry keyboard the shortcut keys is just priceless specially when I'm texting and driving all over NY and NJ

It looks nearly identical to my 9930, but I do like it. I may pick up a white one when it's available (if Verizon carries it in white!).

I'm disappointed that the Q10 doesn't have trackpad anymore. It's such a useful button to have when you wanna edit something within a paragraph or want to pin point to a specific spot because a thumb can only be as specific. Sigh... I'll probably get it when it becomes available, but still, what a loss.

What about integration of information from apps like notes, email, calendar, and task using addto or rexconnect. That is my major concern.

It was obvious the rep in this video was nervous. If he didn't push his finger down so hard on the glass to demonstrate the peek feature, things would of gone much smoother with this demo. He really has to improve his knowledge of the Q10 before continuing to demo it.